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  1. i was looking forward both of them but better wait and see if it comes by few weeks from now on
  2. Yeah PSN Store Scandinavian always as usual late for the releases game few of them 😟
  3. Has the game yet released? as right now i can't seem find it at EU PSN store 😟
  4. i haven't heard any update the Complete Edition without playing VR mode as it says release at Summer 2019 but still not playable 😟
  5. Thank you so much buddy yeah better focus the upgrade to i completely forgot that trophy to lol. You should give a try it should definitely help for more people
  6. I'm confused do they mean get the Heatlth and attack boost items or all item material on missions?
  7. Alright now i know ty 😁
  8. idk if the same game but it has already released on Eu version and it's on sale now
  9. Can't get away from you can I MooMoo ;) 

    1. Mo-Fresh18


      Haha well you have me as a homie ;)


    2. TheLoneliestPanda


      Get the like spam going boi!

  10. How long did took for ya? So far i been doing this 3 hours now and still not pop out trophy :/
  11. EA just tweeted it's there servers i been playing BF2, It's been 2 hours now since they tweet and no update yet.
  12. When ever i start a new game it get stuck at PS3 & Vita Hidden Games and the games are hidding it's still has a bug i hope Sony fix it any soon as i cannot still see my friends activites and mine :/
  13. Haha well hello there funny you here to but yeah i hope they fix it any soon as for now i see few people have been fixed the hidden games but the activites What's new feed still doesn't work Here's hoping PSN picks up on this and fixes it asap
  14. Game list is showing as hidden from other players.and trophies doesn't show up on activites But I tick or untick boxes nut it will not let me confirm A load of my friends from US EU and JP are having same issue. it's been happening since 4.0 Anyone know what is causing this and how to fix?
  15. I'm from Sweden but i can see now on UK Store but not on Scandinavia i hope they release this week it's one of my fav games