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  1. (Update) it looks like it wont me download the PS5 Version it comes up the price on PSNstore., it says on the front of the physical PS5 Upgrade available i don't have the twitter to message the developers but idk any solution ?
  2. I wish it included the update What's new feed activities to see your friends achive trophies like PS4 has right now hopefully someday in a future
  3. i got the game and i can confirmed it does have PS5 upgrades so it's nice
  4. Yeah i saw the digital PSNStore has it, but idk i will look into at monday i will update when i get it.
  5. Hi everyone i bought physical version Necromunda: Hired Gun PS4 wont get unil monday.. I've been trying to find info about the free upgrade to PS5 but i can't find it i was hoping someone here knows the answer?
  6. It (kinda) works for me now slowly (Sweden)
  7. I'm truly happy to see the news i just woke up 😁 but I hope they still fix online status as PS4/PS5 can't see PS3 and PSVita friends list while online. But other that I'm very happy 😊
  8. i bought a week ago the DLC on PS3 console. As right now i'm playing the game work ok and it's from EU PSN store i bought
  9. I will give a try other games it was The Walking Dead Onslaught that didn't pop out the icon trophy. i message you back later and the update 5.00 i think it has to do the PS5 will work with PSVR backwards compatible games
  10. I noticed the in-game trophy notifications did not appear anymore, instead I get the notification once I go back to the main system interface. I was confused the trophies were not popping. and it worked perfectly before the new update, anyone got the issues to?
  11. Been searching the game at thestore while i was in the work lol. It's bummer but it worth to wait 2 days
  12. So far it looks like it work perfect i liking the game and the music but some bosses can be tricky at Perfect Parry mode as you get hit out of nowhere sometimes
  13. Awesome will look at it after work thanks 😁
  14. It took a while for me to beat DK West after few hours but Yinu and DJ Supernova on Perfect Parry Mode is a joke they kicking me ass 1 hit as soon i start the mission lol
  15. So far i beated Tatiana and 1010 i can still see Perfect Parry Mode all of them unlocked but exept not Sayu 😟 we probably just wait for the new patch update 😟