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  1. Nothing to lose but everything to gain
  2. Is it more expensive to replace the laser or to replace the console?
  3. Any suggestions for obscure children's games (probably a plat former or two) which would make a fun and nostalgic platinum?
  4. Hi fellow psnprofiles users. I am looking for help with my ps3. I have tried the following: 1) Turning the machine on and off. 2) Eject and Inserting the disc again. 3) Trying a different disc. 4) Eject and Inserting the disc again while holding the ps3. 5) Placing a Cd into my ps3. Number 5 was read by my ps3 so I think it is a issue with my PlayStation reading blurays. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Making a Name For Yourself is name impossible due to there being no more weekend league
  6. So it is just an expensive platinum. Good to know if I ever feel like buying a expensive exercise bike for a few trophies
  7. Answered my own question but if anyone else is having trouble go to download list and download the dlc individually from the ps app. It appears searching directly for the dlc will only give you the Vita versions of the dlc.
  8. Where are you getting that information form?
  9. Anyone got the answer for downloading all the DLC? I can only download some of the dlc packs online and the store only gives the ps vita versions.
  10. At least the ps5 is backwards compatible. So we can probably enjoy these games for a while after the ps4 store is no longer supported.
  11. Will digital only games eventually become unplayable in the future when they eventually get delisted from the ps store, unless they have the game installed already? It is not as if the user can download a game if it is not on the store, even if they paid for it. Have anyone got a solution for this? Maybe have the games installed on a hard drive or a seperate ps achieve where you can access them or are we destined to lose games as time passes.
  12. Thanks it worked.
  13. Can anybody help download this game for ps3? I have tried downloading all the ps4 version for both the website, ps store and app and all I am getting the ps vita version of the game which I have already got all the trophies in. Also, the links the ps3 only version of the game will not work because the url does not match the region.
  14. Could be both impossibly hard and impossibly expensive.