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  1. For the Aiming For Perfection trophy this site says play every trail in the description but the Psn description says to play every category of trail. With Psn's description giving the trophy. There is no need to complete each type of trail multiple times. Only to do fourteen trails with one being from each category as the guide stats.
  2. Hey look, more games. Game 24: Nidhogg Game 25: Offroad Racing Game 26: Not Not: A Brain Buster
  3. Well that is something. That just leaves the other trophies.
  4. Just saw your update. For Time Crisis Razing Storm; the arcade trophies are online. There is a leaderboard which needs to be connected for access not to appear as grayed out and unavailable. I wish you best with it.
  5. Game 23: ATV Drift & Tricks. More speedy speedy, racey racey.
  6. Game 22 (and second in tier 5) with Moto Racer 4. I have not only the need for speed but the need to clean up more games.
  7. Tier 5 and its first update is the game In Space We Brawl done. Plenty more great games where that came from. True fun is obtaining the trophy for 500,000 shots; followed in a close second for the trophy for killing 2,000 players. Game 21 of the cleanup and a game ultra-rare trophy hunters are likely to seek out.
  8. Since I had swaps left I used them. I swapped the following: MX vs ATV Alive for Screencheat Drawful 2 for the digital trophy stack of Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine Star Wars Bounty Hunter for Smash Cars So tier four is now finished and now that I have unlimited swaps it seems like a great time to finish more games on my out of control backlog and raise the pot. Sounds like a win-win to me. 1) Fifa 20 (0.94%) 2) Dragon Ball FighterZ (2.70%) 3) Screencheat (3.70%) 4) Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine (2.89%) 5) Smash Cars (0.40%)
  9. Been a busy few days earning trophies for me. I have completed Starwhal and tier 3 and Dragon Ball FigtherZ in the next tier. I will also swap Smash Cars for Fifa 20 which I just finished. So tier four is now looking like: 1) Fifa 20 (0.94%) 2) Dragon Ball FighterZ (2.70%) 3) MX vs ATV Alive (2.92%) currently at 73% 4) Drawful 2 (1.18%) currently at 47% 5) Star Wars Bounty Hunter (0.73%) currently at 14%
  10. Can confirm that the mode is indeed still working as of time of posting this. Unlocked Divisive Figure (for playing a game after reaching division four) after a few evenings of boosting. Between the hours of approximately 23:00 and 2:00 the game is very inactive and I only found a couple of boosters. This was self-boosted with approximate local matchmaking set to yes for each account. Just beware that each account seems to be able to play each other once and also, the amount of losses on an account in rivals placement does not effect its ability to find the alt. So if one account has a record of three wins and a loss it can indeed connect to an account with zero defeats and three victories. Here is hoping that it stays obtainable for a while longer.
  11. An late update for me: Completed my fourth game which was Infinite Minigolf on the 8th of September; so now my third tier looks like the following: 1) Brawlout (0.28%) currently at 92% 2) It's Quiz Time (1.68%) currently at 58% 3) Modern Warfare 3 (0.47%) currently at 93% 4) Infinite Minigolf (0.31%) currently at 92% 5) Medal Of Honor (3.39%) currently at 71% Since I should have the North American version of Starwhal (0.94%) completed by the end of the day I would like to swap it for Medal Of Honor, thus finishing the tier. The trophies for Starwhal are 78% done. As for tier four here are the games: 1) Drawful 2 (1.18%) currently at 21% 2) Star Wars Bounty Hunter (0.74%) currently at 14% 3) Dragon Ball FighterZ (2.69%) currently at 75% 4) MX vs ATV Alive (2.92%) currently at 52% 5) Smash Cars (0.39%) currently at 22%
  12. A quick update on how my progress for tier three has been going. I have completed the first three games from this tier which were Brawlout, It's Quiz Time and Modern Warfare 3, only leaving Infinite Minigolf and Medal Of Honor. The percentage completion I have for these games are the same as when I started the tier (92% and 71%) respectively. As for some thoughts on the games trophies I have completed so far: Brawlout - Towers, the only trophies that require a degree of skill. Fortunately for me it was easy to use the cheap method for it for those trophies, cleaning them up in a day. The very dull grind for the brawlers is done and I have the platinum bring on the next dull grind. It's Quiz Time - As is the case with most party games, very quick and easy to achieve all the trophies with the only drawback being the trophy for an eight player game. Separate devices to use and controllers do not count, well that is a little awkward. If only emulators existed. Or you could "borrow" every local device you find. Modern Warfare 3 - Reached wave 15 and used all of the weapons; I certainly managed to speed run the completion with a lighting fast time of one year and seven months. In case anybody cares, my aim is to finish up with the online for Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4 before finishing this tier and adding more money to the cause. No shortage of options for next tier on my side so should be quick. Then again I could have said that for the previous tiers.
  13. Tier 2 completed: 1) Swtichblade (2.70%) currently at 100%. 2) Super Star Wars (2.50%) currently at 100%. 3) Ark: Survival Evolved (0.81%) currently at 100%. 4) MX vs ATV All Out (2.38%) currently at 100%. 5) Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed -PS3 currently at 100%. Tier 3 will be the following: 1) Brawlout (0.28%) currently at 92% 2) It's Quiz Time (1.68%) currently at 58% 3) Modern Warfare 3 (0.47%) currently at 93% 4) Infinite Minigolf (0.31%) currently at 92% 5) Medal Of Honor (3.39%) currently at 71%
  14. Could it be that multiple PlayStations on the same network is the issue or would this still be the same across multiple people trying to connect? It would have be very specific and if multiple people can connect and survive until the end then I would say it is possible in battle royale, however is the game's current state active? I would expect it to be inactive but this could act as a bigger roadblock for the Phoenix trophy for the sixty minutes and thirty minutes trophy which is called Pigeon. As for the one-thousand hours (Granny) and the one-hundred hours (Veteran) trophy, if it can be done in battle royale then I would question especially the Granny trophy. According to the exophase two people have played the game for over that amount of hours. Those being ChieF_OF_DeatH56 ( and square-shock5 ( So, they may well have spend amount two thirds of there time in game and met the requirements without the trophy unlocking. More trophies that are questionable in top of the Destroyer for five multiplayer kills and Ace for five fighter kills. People have been unlocking these trophies as early as last month so I would expect the trophies to pop in battle royale ( Maybe the kills have to be on other people also, which would explain the rarity to an extent. The thirty items of Jabeol is bugged aswell and nobody has unlocked the trophy in two years of time of post, so that may be game over for the one-hundred percent if none of the other trophies is. There is some hope, considering that the game has changed multiple times since launch but I highly doubt that we will see the day that someone will obtain all the trophies in the game.