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  1. Shame I do not know anyone for this. I am out of luck.
  2. No. Do you have more games in the backlog or played?
  3. SteinsGate 0, Root Letter Last Answer (I have the originals for both), Star Ocean The Last Hope, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games and Danganropa 1/2 Reload to buy. Okami HD, Gravity Rush Remastered, Rogue Galaxy and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Song of Memories and Gal Gun 2 in the backlog. Life is tough.
  4. What are standards?
  5. Time to stock up on visual novels and become a Japan only gamer.
  6. Cheers it worked. Got everything done. I just ignored the line and killed the skeletons like you said and it worked after a few attempts. I think you need to not talk to the person that gives the quest after intially speaking to him. It appeared to change the quest from active(gold marker on minimap) to just other villager(green marker on minimap). The travel line was of no help. It only appeared in the Northern Mountains for some reason.
  7. This seems to be the case in both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game. I will shed a tear for let other server based trophy which is now impossible.
  8. Oh yeah the vita version. You could always get the trophies though cheating. It makes your list look amazing.
  9. Thanks I hope this works. I will let you know if it does.
  10. I have once quest left in which I need to get four crystals from skeletons. However, the map and it yellow line is going in circles and is not any help. Do you know what I need to do?
  11. Maybe but I dont see EA fixing the game. No one has the trophy since January and the game is no longer supported by EA. There was a forum about it on the ps4 version on this website.
  12. The servers were closed for FUT seasons, making it impossible to get the Class of 16 trophy and to play the game mode as a result. The real question is why only close the servers the seasons and not the whole of online?
  13. An ridiculous trophy no doubt and a tedious grind but I am just curious to what extend. 500 hours or 2000 hours if you do not open the wallet?
  14. I was playing the game and this happened. The information regarding this interesting discovery is in the info of the video. Has anyone any answers?
  15. It lacks polish or depth but I am still having fun with it. I rate it a 5/10.