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  1. I suppose just learn the steps , get a good team and practice. I would like to learn to steps to each easter egg since my team did most of the work for origins, Should be fun though.
  2. I just completed the Origins easter egg and was curious how it compares against the other easter eggs in terms of difficulty. My guess is it was one of the easier easter eggs in comparison to the others.
  3. Seems like an great idea. Might be annoying to find your accounts and boost it but in comparison to losing games because of your defenders not tracking the run, it seems l obvious decision.
  4. Besides the obvious which is get good and practice has anyone got any advice for winning games in FUT rivals and in particular defending? It seems to me that despite having decent center backs (Laporte (84) and Alderweireld (87)) the opponents forwards run past them easily when I am not controlling them, costing me a lot of wins and draws and therefore points as a result. I mean losing wins to better players and by making mistakes is one thing but when you lose this way is another and I do not understand it.
  5. You are probably right, but you never know.
  6. I want the Sonic and Midway Arcade to complete the set
  7. Single player trophies should have one way of unlocking and multiplayer trophies should have one way of unlocking until the servers are down. Then they should have another way of unlocking. Computer enemies in multiplayer wouldn't hurt. It would help servers stay alive longer(easier to find games on dead servers means that players will stay longer) and make all multiplayer trophies possible forever. I think everyone is with me in saying death to impossible server based trophies.
  8. So it still works?
  9. Hi just wondering if anyone has a spare account on the final and could do me a favor and loss it because I really want the 🏆. Thanks TheHarryGamer99.
  10. So you can confirm it is still glitched and only possible through hacking?
  11. Hero of Aventia was recently unlock by a gamer meaning it is now possible to get the platinum.
  12. 0.1% percentage of players has the Hero Of Avantia trophy as of 11/01/2019, meaning it is now possible. Happy trophy hunting.