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  1. Number nine of tier two: Switching Override: Mech City Brawl for Fifa 15. It's a 3.25% platimun. Only Fifa 17 on the ps3 left
  2. Yet another update: Number eight of tier two complete: Tier 2: Nova 111
  3. Another update for games six and seven of this tier. Tier 2 : Obliteracers Pure Chess Switching Pure Chess for That's You.
  4. Forgot to update this for ages Tier 2: Divekick Drawful 2 Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days And switching Tetris Ultimate (ps vita) for Super Dungeon Bros, which I also finished. These are games 2-5 on the second tier.
  5. Next games: Obliteracers Fifa 15 Super Dungeon Bros Divekick (ps3/ps vita) Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Nova 111 That's You Drawful 2 Fifa 17 (ps3)
  6. The featured playlist for the next 18 hours is Team Brawl and consists of the modes Team Instagib and Team One In The Chamber. For Team Instagib it is a Railgun only mode where the gun almost instantly fires without the need to charge or find the gun on the map as is the case with Team Deathmatch. Much less likely to be shot from behind compared to Free For All Brawl. So yeah, you want the trophy for a multi kill with the same shot, this mode is the one for you. Also, if the mode is back post it here for others.
  7. Tier two: Game 1/10: Team Sonic Racing.
  8. Tier 1 is done: Capcom Arcade Stadium Secret Ponchos Switch Galaxy Ultra
  9. Been a long time since my last update. I have done: Overwatch Planetside 2 Tetris Effect Divekick (ps4) Brings my total games to seven UR game completions this year and games I played on doing at the start of this event to a grand total of zero.
  10. More UR games done. Those being, Super Bomberman R Online and Hyper Scape. Thanks to those who helped.
  11. First, ultra-rare game done. That being Tetraminos at 3.18% for the 100%. Pretty simple, will need to change a game from my initial ur list at some point.
  12. As the title says do they work? Find it unusual to have a 2021 game with hundreds of owners would have no trophy earners in a month (at time of typing).
  13. I'd agree that flagging would be unfair. It is probably a slippy slope for flagging. The onus is the prove guilt and not prove innocence. That can not be done in this case. If every game with one acheiver was suspect then there must be hundreds of accounts are called into question, Txk included. Only difference is the amount of owners on the site. Plenty of games with less than one-hundred owners in the same position.
  14. Interesting, that the only one person got the trophy in the entire EU region and they were added to this site months after the servers were down. The trophy could be unlocked and was by numerous casual NA players thoughout the games life and is it was closing but the description was clearly wrong. BritishBaron, me and several others did meet the win requirements. Perhaps, they just played it enough. Looking at the NA trophy earners people unlocked it at random points in time, so I don't think it was buggy. The mystery of if EU had specific issues and what pops the trophy remains.
  15. I'll sign up again. Still got dozens of easy ur cleanups to do from the following on my list: Brutal Legend: 2.76% (platinum) + 1.55% (100%) on 17% Call of Duty: Black Ops III -PS3: 0.51% (platinum) + 0.30% (100%) on 70% Driver: San Francisco: 2.65% (platinum) on 30% Medal Of Honor: 3.36% (platinum) on 71% MX vs ATV Alive: 2.88% (platinum) on 83% Racket Sports: 0.82% (platinum) on 40% Racquet Sports: 0.86% (platinum) on 28% Rugby World Cup 2011: 3.14% (platinum) on 40% The Fight: 0.40% (platinum) on 36% Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Future Soldier: 0.66% (platinum) + 0.36% (100%) on 71%