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  1. Going to swap Fifa 15 and Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 in my tier one for Bellator (90%) and NFL Blitz(23%).
  2. Figures. Well I am not going to start that game now unless it gets fixed.
  3. Is this why nobody got the A World of Challengers (Beat 10 higher ranked players in ranked matches.) trophy, due to everyone being at the same rank? The online appears to still be up so just wondering if anyone has attempted different things to unlock this trophy and get it the trophy to poppy. It looks impossible but you never know.
  4. May I be scanned?
  5. The PS4 version of Fifa 15 has this trophy unobtainable
  6. If anyone has coins for this game that they are not using, it would be appreciated. I would not mind starting this game myself but 240,000 coins to boost the draft once is not someone worth grinding out of paying for. Same with Fifa 18 on the ps3.
  7. If anyone has coins for this game that they are not using, it would be appreciated. I would not mind starting this game myself but 240,000 coins to boost to draft once is not someone worth grinding out of paying for. Same with Fifa 17 on the ps3.
  8. It would be nice to have an official leaderboard for the total amount of ultra-rare trophies. Considering that a number of people go mainly for if not only for ultra-rares it would probably be a welcomed addition to the site. To me, it is a case of why not have that feature as oppose to why include it. The rarity leaderboard already assigns a point value to all rarities of trophy (common, uncommon, rare, very-rare and ultra-rare) and gives an score output so why not just do that with ultra-rares only?
  9. It is potentially just a visual error. I had something similar where on the Games of Glory website it said I played around thirty games and around one-thousand games in the game itself. Despite this I got the Arkashan trophy for five-hundred games. Hopefully it is just a visual issue and some of you get the trophy soon.
  10. I just returned to it and managed to finish. Thanks for the advice kevao97 on the replay trick but somehow the servers managed to stay online for thirty minutes like you said. Not sure it was worth keeping an eye on for around fifteen hours for an hour or active gaming but a trophy is a trophy and I hope the other people going for it can unlock the trophies in the online.
  11. So was it a view outcome you watched then or the entire game including that play? Also, did you leave the game entire by quitting the application or did you just quit the game you were watching a replay and then you went to the main menu? So I have been trying to watch a replay after I view outcome the amount of kills does increase by two, but if I go back to the multiplayer menu it will move onto the next move. Quitting the game does not seem to save my progress. How can I repeat this for the kills?
  12. In case anyone wants to try and get help to look at the servers before they close.
  13. This website says it can be done offline ( and PS trophies ( say it will become unobtainable on the 11th of March. One of them is wrong.
  14. I am not one-percent sure on that. Both guides say that it is an online trophy so I'll go with them but if it works in campaign then great. If someone could confirm it can be done in the campaign then that would be awesome. If this is the case then I only need the server up for a few minutes.
  15. Could be worth a try but DoubleEleven have probably been aware of the server issues for years and done nothing about it. I am hoping certain times that people unlocked some of the online trophies are the times where the server is more stable. In the meantime I am going to keep restarting the game on the ps3. If what kevao97 said about watching replays is correct. Then it is only a four matches for the modes that I want (one mode I have already done).
  16. Waited in the game for two hours and nothing happened. Still can't click on quick matches or the create match option. I'll try deleting my saves and reinstalling the game and try again with waiting for two hours .
  17. That makes sense. I was just looking to confirm, so thanks. Now I play the waiting game.
  18. So if the game needs to re-authenticate you, are the servers actually working most of the time or not? I am guessing the options are unavailable to select if you need to be authenticated and you can't create match when the severs are not working. I was unable to play yesterday but that would explain why. You should be able to avoid randoms. The servers are inactive and even if they were active you can just found the match you want to be in with the options. It is an open lobby but you should have no issues there. For the trophy you could try not syncing until the online is done and if you don't get the trophies then delete the account from your PlayStation after backing up the saves to the cloud or a USB. You would lost everything not synced to the network if you were to do that.
  19. Good to know I really only need to wins a few games and watch replays for the kills. Hopefully the servers are working later and I can finish that.
  20. How long do you have to wait approximately for it to work and not have each opinion unavailable?
  21. Again, I know that the servers are different and the code is by extension. My inquiry was that has anybody has attempted to create code for a custom server for Modnation Racers: Road Trip and connecting to that server? It appears nobody has at the time of posting.
  22. I am aware that the servers are not the same. I am just wondering if anyone has looked to having servers back online for Road Trip as is the case with Modnation Racers or has even done it. I did not find anything on it by searching for details myself but that does not mean no-one has tried it.
  23. RedHotChiliFan1 asked and grimydawg___ responded but can anyone confirm one-hundred percent that the PlayStation vita version of the game does not work using this method?
  24. How long would this take to complete? Wondering if the online is still up and the leaderboards not hacked?