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  1. Yeah, I love brawlhalla, a lot of people sum it up as "freeware smash bros", which isn't necessarily false, but the controls are a lot tighter and smoother IMO. going back to smash after brawlhalla was a really weird experience.
  2. Granted, your whole body grows, moves, and recovers in a noticeably faster rate, which will inevitably cause you to die sooner. I wish the games I really wanted would actually go on sale.
  3. Sanitarium maybe? A sentient robot breaks into your apartment and you save the world from facebook
  4. Playroom VR It's really fun, and I'm surprised the plat is so rare, I don't remember it being that difficult when I went through it
  5. Gonna go with dreams on this one XCOM 2 or Disgaea 5?
  6. As mentioned before, quest is at the camp by dragonspine. Unlock frostbearing tree, go around dragonspine and do what you did to the frostbearing tree with other spots around the mountain. After you've done those 3 areas, you have the center of dragonspine, which you'll need to do break the ice a couple more times to raise the pillar. After you're done and it's raised, make sure to talk to the lady who gave you the quest to actually get the achievement. If you're lost at any point, there's guides everywhere, since it's a bit of a hassle of a quest. Good luck!
  7. I watched Let's Game It Out play this game a while back, and it looked like it could be a fun game to trophy hunt and actually play correctly. My question is, has the state of the game changed since then? I'm 90% sure it was released in early access way back then, and I would like to imagine that it has received some bug fixes by now. However, I've seen like 0 news about any bug fixes or anything since 2 years, so I don't know. How is this game nowadays, any better, or still just as buggy?
  8. UPDATE: Went to do a Battle VS AI for shits and giggles, just got the Ensign trophy. Turns out that singleplayer level and multiplayer ranked share the same titles I guess. Go figure.
  9. Alright guys, my turn, complaining usually makes RNG pity me, so here we go, fuck the kamurocho one. Been trying for half an hour now, going around activating every honk-honk i can find, been through maybe 8 honk-honks now, still no kamurocho honk-honk. WML guys Edit: Finally got it, took 3 more honk-honks before she spawned. Thank you RNGesus
  10. Awesome, thanks for the replies guys! And Pic-a-pix series looks awesome, I played some similar stuff way back in like 2010ish on Conceptis, so this can be a fun little nostalgia trip haha.
  11. So, I know POWGI is a series of word puzzles with super easy trophy lists. But, without using guides or anything to cheat on the puzzles, how are the games? Are they good/fun puzzles? How many puzzles are in each game, a little or a lot? I recently have had my kick of these kinds of puzzles revived, and it makes me wonder if the games would be up my alley. (recently went and bought 3 variety puzzle books from pennypress/dell when on a date with my girlfriend lol) Thanks in advance!
  12. alto collection or going under IMHO played alto a shit ton on my phone, and going under looks super fun i just wish alto went on sale like ever
  13. Alright, thanks for the info
  14. Huh, interesting, good to know
  15. Noticed this in one of the trophies and I'm not sure if it's a country-spelling thing (like color vs colour, organize vs organise, etc), or if it's just a really weird typo. Gotta satiate the curiosity, so does anyone know?