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  1. I've been playing Infamous 2 for the past two weeks, usually in the evening EST time and the UGC servers have only been down once so that might be a good time to go for the online trophies if you can
  2. I was able to get this done. The servers seemed a bit more stable during Sunday afternoon. It only took a couple of hours with the servers working
  3. Is there a specific time of day/day of the week when the servers aren't so spotty? I've been trying to get this going a few times now and there's never any options available in the multiplayer menu.
  4. This method worked perfectly for me. And I even fucked up by advancing time a few times too early. This was giving me a lot of trouble. Thanks for the tips!
  5. This worked perfectly for me! After getting nothing but Epic Runes for hours on end I had the bodyguards kill the warchief and got a level 26 rune on the first try. Thanks for the tip!
  6. I got all of the trophies from the PS4 version, transferred back to PS3, and redid the bar brawl mission in the Torgue DLC and the trophy popped for doing all of the missions in that DLC but neither of the other two popped.
  7. I'd prioritize getting the two Scrap Crew challenges. It'll only take a few hours to unlock all 4 of the hideouts. You should be good with getting those challenges before the servers are taken off depending on how quickly you unlock them. I think it took me a bit more than a week to get them. It took me about 60 hrs altogether to get the plat so you might not get the plat by shutdown but as long as you have those two challenges you should be fine.
  8. Any challenges you get without any visual indication still count as well. I did the challenge for destroying 3 vehicles with the buggy and nothing popped but I checked the completed challenges afterwards and it was listed there.
  9. Havoc Point glitched for me too but I was able to complete it with this method. I started a new autosave just before attempting it. I only got 2 of the 3 pumps the first time so I just reloaded the previous save and tried again. I was able to get all three in one shot this time and luckily never lost any progress
  10. Yeah, this happened to me too. I was worried that it was going to stop tracking the scavenging spots properly but I haven't noticed anything off since and the 100% looted notification came back when I started up the game again the next day
  11. I just got this yesterday using Blitz in Casual. I tried for a while using stun grenades but I guess my kills didn't count as stunned. I got it pretty quickly using Blitz though
  12. I wonder if those changes to The Doctor will fix the glitch that causes the Mad House trophy not to unlock.