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  1. I get what you're saying but you also realize this is a trophy website right? Topics like this are bound to happen Agree'd 100% I love getting plats just as much as everyone else but devs like Rata and EastAsiaSoft have ruined the system with their weekly games that have multiple stacks of 15 minute plats It wouldn't be nearly as bad if both published a game once a month or even required you to beat the game but they insist on catering to the masses who want their quick and easy plats This year I've gotten around thirty plats so far yet someone can achieve that in less than a month by buying Rata games every week What's sad is Rata has published some good games in the past like I And Me and I Am The Hero but for every decent game they have you have ten more that you only have to play 1/4 of the game to get the plat and it's annoying af Sony will never stop it because it's all about the $$$$ The only time they stepped in was taking down 1000 Top Rated because it was advertising a plat yet Rata is basically selling plats at this point and Sony just allows it
  2. First Final fantasy and now this? Laaaaame How is it cheap $2 games get plats but not this? Ah well, wasn't planning to get this unless reviews are really good Now I'm worried about the lists for Mafia 1 remaster, Crash 4 and Dragon Quest 11 S
  3. While there isn't an official guide yet I'd wager that there is nothing missable. Aside from the Asdivine series with multiple endings Kemco games never have missables so you'll get your standard story trophies including one for the normal end and the true ending (post-game) The rest of the trophies seem like they'll be achieved naturally as you progress during the story run and post-game grind I'm still in the beginning but I'd guess around 20-25 hours because it's very similar to Revenant Saga in terms of gameplay/trophies and that took around 20-25 hours to plat Edit- If you're still worried about missables take advantage of the multiple save files Kemco games always offer. Usually what I do is slot one is the main, slot 2 is just before the final boss (normal end), slot 3 is just before the final boss in true ending path
  4. Nothing is missable
  5. The $40 price tag for what looks like a $15 game at best was a huge red flag Def going to avoid this until a really deep sale or if it drops on Now one day
  6. Agree'd but this one seems doable and isn't as bad as trophies requiring you to beat games in under an hour or less $40? For real? The game looks fun but not $40 fun Like you said it should be a $15 at max Will be waiting on a deep sale for sure
  7. Enjoyed the first one and will get this one as well Hoping for a plat this time too!
  8. Better snag this before Nintendo claims copyright or some bs like they did with Dreams and made them take down Mario levels
  9. I grew up playing games during that time and did just fine Also why are you on a trophy website and making this argument? I'll play the game eventually but the trophy list is pretty damn lazy considering the grind
  10. Looks like a pretty standard list Beating levels with a full chain might be a headache and not sure what COM battles entail If it's online hopefully it can be boosted and hope the top rank is similar to a level/prestige and not actual ranking in the world or this could be unobtainable for most
  11. To the end of the line this goes for my backlog Like others have said it's stupid how on a weekly basis you have a few games where you can earn the plat in thirty minutes or less (and stack them too) but a SE game has a lazy list Every other FF game (except for Dissidia free version) had plats so not sure why this doesn't SE knows (as most devs/publishers do) that a plat can make or break a game Look at the recent release of Rode Bustle for example It looks like a crappy flash game but probably sold very well because it has a ten minute plat I could understand if this was last-gen as plats weren't nearly as common as they are now but 95% of PS4 games have them
  12. Only nine trophies is pretty damn lazy for a AAA game What's more every other FF game has a plat but why not this? That said until the official list is revealed or we get screenshots I'm assuming this is fake or for the lite version of the game Dissidia did the same thing with their free version too
  13. Technically it's the devs that put effort into their game but Rata undermines their work by publishing it with 10-30 minute plats
  14. Even if it had the old style of PS3 lists with 9 bronze, 2 silver and one gold nobody would give it a second look but you can get three garbage plats in a half hour so people eat it up Trashalaika has ruined the trophy system and other devs like this are starting to copy that
  15. This game would be a lot better without team rounds No matter how well you do your odds of winning are based on your teammates Case and point the jinxed game I can go almost the entire round without getting jinxed but it doesn't really matter when everyone else on the team is failing That aside the game is fun but can get a bit repetitive Hopefully they add some more games as time goes on otherwise I don't see the community lasting that long