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  1. I may already need to do a second playthrough for the cubes as I picked one up but it fell into the water and didn't respawn What I may do for the speedrun playthrough is back up my save after every few rooms and if I feel like I took too long to get through the next one just redownload the previous save, one thing I've noticed so far is sometimes the controls and mechanics work against you. For example with the mobility laser sometimes you'll completely miss a jump despite great timing but make the jump the next time, maybe it's just me
  2. Should be a pretty simple plat depending on the requirements for S ranks Getting all the various items could be a bit grindy depending on the cost of unlocking them and how you earn coins My only issue with the trophies is the artwork and names are pretty lazy but it is what it is Don't forget gold trophies for jumping ten times, getting ten rings, activating your first checkpoint, falling in the water, etc etc
  3. How generous is the amount of time given to obtain the speed run? I'll probably save it for a second playthrough but do they give you plenty of time or is it pretty tight with little to no room for errors?
  4. The multiplayer trophies don't seem too bad and should be easy enough assuming you can do it locally with a second controller It could be a little tricky if you do it solo but I'm assuming you can just play it on the easiest difficulty and also assuming there are unlimited continues
  5. I really hope the MP trophies, if any, are really simple like "play a game in local co-op" and/or "play a game with 6 players online" I don't have anyone to play with locally and nobody knows how stable the servers will be so finishing a game online might be tricky and that doesn't include people dropping out before the finish thus voiding the trophies
  6. So just to confirm you CAN'T buy any armor upgrades or new armor from the shop but CAN get upgrades found throughout the world? Just wanna make sure since I think I bought a small upgrade to the base armor so I may have to start over but thankfully I'm not too far Also once you clear the game and pop the trophy I'm assuming you can reload the save and buy the armor upgrades to pop the other trophies while cleaning up other various trophies as well
  7. I'll have to keep an eye out for that item. I did get some heart item shortly before the first boss and used it which popped a trophy but I hope I don't wind up needing that down the road I've been pretty good about searching every nook and cranny in all the areas I've been to so far so hopefully I haven't missed anything Is there a quick way to earn gold in fights? At most I get maybe 12 per battle, hoping acquiring the trophies for gold is cumulative and you don't have to hoard it all at once Without spoiling it if possible aside from the two separate trophies for banishing and exorcising a demon do the choices have an effect on the ending ie if you banish every demon that'll get ending A and if you exorcise them it gets ending B
  8. I'm about an hour into the game and it seems pretty straightfoward but wondering if there is anything missable?
  9. Hard pass on this one If it had been a year that would've been fine as there are plenty of games on my backlog that I haven't touched in a long time but ten is way past overkill Who knows is Sony's severs will still be up by then and if your save file will still be functional by then and you'll be able to transfer it over whether through cloud severs or USB Leaving the game running for 24 hours is stupid too "Hey guys if you want this trophy you'll have to waste electricity and risk possible damage to your console by letting it idle for 24 hours!"
  10. Are there any missables?
  11. Can't wait to play this one but let's hope they don't include the five year or speedrun trophy/achievement There is also one for leaving the game running for an entire day on Tue but I'm assuming you'd be able to leave the game suspended in rest mode because there is no way someone will let their console run for 24 hours
  12. I can't seem to find any info on Moonstruck What's required to unlock it? Is it early on or later in the game? For reference I'm in chapter two and just met the fox
  13. Does anyone know if there are any missables or anything to keep in mind to avoid tons of grinding post game?
  14. I'm wondering if side quests affect the good or bad ending too There's only two choices I've made so far Hopefully there is a guide soon so you know which choices to make for future playthroughs
  15. Yeah I cleared the first boss and am currently working towards the second This game is a blast and hard to put down, it's challenging for sure but you can grind exp and gold by going back and forth and beating respawning enemies so it's not too bad especially once you learn the enemy and boss patterns My only issue with the game so far is there doesn't seem to be any indication of what the good or evil choices are nor does there seem to be any way to tell how good or evil you are