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  1. Can anyone confirm if there are missable trophies?
  2. How would you rate the difficulty? Only 0.3% of players have the plat so far so either it's difficult or not a lot of people have the game
  3. Depends on what goals mode entails My guess would be maybe 15 at absolute max
  4. Never would've thought it'd get a remaster It's cool that they added some stuff too like goals mode and the gameplay itself looks updated too Thankfully they ditched that awful time trial trophy, it's my last trophy for the original and unlocking it is dependent entirely on luck
  5. It's hard to believe indie devs when they say how hard it is to get their game published through Sony when literal bottom of the barrel garbage gets the green light It's pretty pathetic that indie gaming has been taken over with literally selling plats instead of an actual game If this had like an entire list of mostly bronze trophies and one gold nobody would look twice at it Sony really needs to come up with some sort of rarity/ranking system exclusively for plats to cut down on this garbage Like maybe a common plat like this will net you less points as opposed to one that's very or ultra rare which will get you more Maybe has a separate category on your profile which just lists plats and how rare they are Guarantee that'd deter some of the trophy hunters For example I recently got the plat for YesterMorrow (a really good game btw) which is currently sitting at 12.7 (very rare) which should net me more points than someone stacking ten of this crap Not necessarily a hard game but without any good guides at the moment getting all the collectibles was a pain I actually felt a sense of accomplishment when it popped There is no sense of accomplishment with this at all
  6. Do you remember which region it was (forest, ice, desert)? I have 43/44 and scouring every inch of the regions is getting beyond tedious It would've been nice if they had some checklist of how many are left in each area Edit- Never mind I finally found the missing one Turns out it was in the mountain area in the desert region It felt really satisfying to get the plat finally Not that the game is really hard by any means but getting all the animals was a headache at times considering there was no fast travel, a good map or checklist of what pets you have left in any given area If they ever plan some sort of sequel I really hope they fix some of those issues at the very least fast travel
  7. The concept sorta reminds me of Everything except it has a story
  8. A few questions 1- Do you eventually get fast travel, back tracking is a bit tedious 2- How are you supposed to purchase the large pouch for 4,000 when you're capped at 2000? 3- I know you have to select the right emote to activate the white squares on the ground but how come some are blank? For reference I'm in the first village and heading to the temple
  9. Exactly Tonight I got the trophies for fully experiencing every peril and completing the crisis log (I recommend backing up a save just in case it doesn't pop) but can't get the boatman ending after dozens of attempts I've tried a handful of times to delete the save data and reattempt it with a new save so it'll pop up in the in-game achievements too thinking that'll trigger it but still no luck This is my very last trophy too and it's getting really frustrating at this point If anyone sees this that has Twitter (I don't) try contacting the devs again and see if they're making any progress Edit: As of last night I finally got the plat. What finally worked is deleting/reinstalling the game and deleting the save file. It failed to unlock on the first attempt but restarted and it finally popped! Still I feel like you shouldn't have to do a workaround numerous times to get the plat, hopefully the devs patch it soon for those who are still having trouble
  10. Nearly a month later and still no patch yet but I notice the plat trophy percentage is going up so maybe I'm just unlucky I've tried the ending with the captain dozens of times but no luck
  11. I've always wanted to check out Ghostrunner so that's cool Already have Nier and don't really care about Undertale Overall this selection blows Plus out of the water, same with last month too because I was able to get Judgement For the most part Now is leagues ahead of Plus
  12. Congrats on the plat! But what I'm asking is is there a trick to time trials? I notice you can unlock arcade mode when you complete the game which says it has higher speeds so is that it?
  13. I'm about midway through stage 4 and so far have all the cheese, heart pieces and no death run As you said it's much easier to focus on one at a time, glad there isn't anything trophy-related for doing it all in one go Do you get some sort of upgrade for a speed boost or something? Without it time trials seem impossible even on the early levels unless there are shortcuts I'm missing or completely overlooking the controls Have the trophies not synced with the servers yet? You say you have the plat but so far it shows 0.0 obtained for it.
  14. Have you gotten the plat yet and if so what's the estimated time? It looks like a really fun game but I hope it's not one of those thirty minutes or less plats
  15. What's the trophy list look like? Does it have a plat?