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  1. I don't really care for survival games especially with random elements but this is solid and addicting Worth the money even with the current glitch
  2. *sigh* Rata is starting to rub off on other devs now😠 I don't mind an easy plat but 10-20 minutes is abysmal and to make matters worse there are multiple stacks If you're going to make a pathetically easy game like that Sony should only allow one stack across all regions You should be required to at least finish a game and do some extra stuff for a plat Hell even if you don't have to finish a game it should take an hour minimum Sadly it's getting to the point where I have to research games with plats before I buy them to make sure I don't have the stain of a ten minute plat on my profile
  3. This looks like a bottom of the barrel app store game I doubt even the most hardcore trophy hunters will care to buy this unless it's like $1 on a flash sale or something
  4. Why should it be forbidden? One of the points of rest mode is so you can keep the game running so taking that away would sorta defeat the purpose
  5. Wish I would've read this before starting last night I found it odd how after an hour or so of gameplay I hadn't unlocked a single trophy Thankfully I only did the first few missions and some side stuff so I won't lose too much progress I was worried I was having the same issue I had late last year where trophies weren't popping for some games but when I did the requirement I got an error pop up. I ended up having to do a factory reset but thankfully a huge bulk of my games were on an external HDD so I didn't have to reinstall too much
  6. 7-10 hours is average for an independent title This as well
  7. Does the day one patch fix these issues or is it better to wait for another one?
  8. For the most part the graphics are fine for me but the audio is abysmal The opening cutscene was as if I had the volume on max but the cutscene with Joe at the bar the audio only comes out one side of the speaker Also I don't know if it's just me but I had issues with the gameplay in the first chapter You couldn't get in cover right away despite pressing the button a few times and I wasn't able to pick up the machine gun on the roof right away either I'll probably just shelve this for now and wait for a patch but is it even possible to fix audio issues in a patch? Now I'm nervous on how the Saint's Row 3 remaster is going to turn out but will have to wait and see
  9. Anything missable?
  10. I ran into the glitches for winning and saving mashes yesterday so I'll probably just shelve this for a bit and wait for a patch (hopefully it gets one) I loved this game at the start but it's slowly starting to lose it's appeal as others have said It'd be one thing if you only had to get all the dev cards from one genre for the trophy but hundreds of them is overkill It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't get duplicates but I've ran into the same cards for stealth genre dozens and dozens of times I doubt they'll do it but it'd be neat if they patched it so you can't get duplicates all the time
  11. Kinda sucks that some of these have to be done in one sitting like eliminate your mark ten times The objectives are completely random from what I've noticed so doing that in one sitting is bs I wonder if winning and saving the same level 27 times in a row will net you the trophy or if they have to be all different In either case it doesn't seem too bad as you could choose short and easy for JRPG (I've found these to be the quickest) in one sitting Question I have for others is does difficulty/length make a difference in how many rewards you get at the end of a level or is it random?
  12. Yup they're randomized and often times you'll run into duplicates of ones you already have which is lame and it doesn't help that there are hundreds of them split between all the genres For example JRPG genre has 86 cards whereas stealth genre has 30 The (sort of) easiest way to get through the cards is to specifically play that genre like only stealth and stealth but again it's random What I'm wondering however is if you have to have every card in your possession at once for the trophy to pop You can use the dev cards to customize your mashes but once you use it it's gone unless you have duplicates or a "foil version" with rainbows around the edge Right now I'm not using any of my cards unless they're infinite
  13. Glitches aren't the only issue though A few times now I've ran into unwinnable levels In the platforming genre you have ten minutes or so to rescue someone at the end I absolutely scoured the level and it wasn't there, reset it and same issue On a stealth level I got stuck in the wall These issues aside I'm really loving this game so far
  14. List looks pretty straightforward and simple Only tricky trophies could be winning hard mashes with requirements not only because of difficulty (obviously) but from what I understand every time you generate a mash it randomly gives you either a good glitch that you can exploit or a bad glitch making it harder and sometimes said glitch can make it unwinnable and break the game
  15. Most of the list looks easy enough but getting a three star ratings on challenges could be tricky unless upgrades help