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  1. Once you complete the game can you do chapter select to speedrun each individual level or do you have to start a new game and do it all in one go?
  2. Ugh speedrun trophies are the bane of my existence. I don't think trophy lists should have them. It takes away from the enjoyment of it to be honest. It makes sense for old-school games like Sonic (I think one of the ports on PS3 had one) but in today's gaming it doesn't. I'd honestly take missable trophies over speedrun trophies. Are the controls intentionally terrible like I Am Bread or Surgeon Simulator?
  3. I'm loving it so far. It's like warping back in time to playing Streets of Rage when I was a kid. Only problem is I can tell it's going to be way way too grindy if you want to get all the extras so I'll likely play it a few times and move on. It's also a shame there isn't online co-op but seeing as how this is a really small indie dev they get a pass.
  4. Can you still get the trophy even though it automatically equips you with the items? I figured I'd do three runs of the game. One on beginner to get undefeated and unchanging armor, a second one for proud mode and a third if needed for a speedrun. RikuAnsem isn't bad at all by the way. He seems easier in final mix no matter the difficulty. I had trouble with him when I was younger but upon playing final mix when it was on PS3 he was a pushover.
  5. Gotta cash in and take advantage of the people who essentially pay for a platinum and not the game.
  6. I've been wanting to go back to this game for a long time but it's a shame it's still glitched even with patches. Unless you can pause the game in rest mode and continue at a later time beating it in one sitting seems stupid. I hate games that do that.
  7. It's odd how there are no story-related trophies. How long is the game?
  8. This
  9. I think trophies should be disabled for review copies. They did it with the early release of Madden 20 so why don't other games follow suit? They also do it with demos too at least when they had them on PS3. I remember some games saying something like "If you bought the game you would have earned a trophy just now." Not fair that people get a head start on stuff like that.
  10. I'm all for a lengthy platinum (got the plat for FFXV and will work towards the plat for DQX1 and Ni No Kuni) but not if it feels like a chore. Disappointed with all the reviews on this so far. I was looking forward to it but the hype has died down a bit. That said I'll finish the story at least and maybe some side quests but likely won't play much afterwards.
  11. May check this out depending on price. I'd take sim games over the sudden influx of five minute plats Rata is responsible for. They have a small handful of decent games but the most popular ones are the five minute plats with five or six stacks each that are common within the span of a few days. It's one thing if plats become common over time but in a few days is awful. They're what's wrong with the gaming industry more than anything else.
  12. Agree with this one. I bought it on the sales that are going on for $3. Thought it looked like a halfway decent platformer but it was awful. No menu/options, jumping is broken, the levels feel like a drag in the second half of the game, combat is a chore, stealth is useless outside of getting past searchlights, lives/continues are basically pointless since you can start off on the exact same spot where you died but maybe that's a good thing since gameplay feels broken. I only finished it for the plat to be honest. I feel bad for anyone who bought this at full price.
  13. It does devalue the plat though. For every one person who gets the plat legit there are dozens more who will cheat their way through to get it. It'll be common within the next week or less because of this.
  14. Disagree Only AAA games would have plats then. The one thing that annoys me is you have devs like Rata polluting the store with thirty minute plats. For every decent game like I Am The Hero or I and Me you have some garbage you can plat in thirty minutes each with five stacks. I average 20 plats a year if that. Someone else could get that in a month with Rata games.
  15. Horizon Zero Dawn- Boring and bland open-world gameplay, characters are dull and sound like they're reading straight from a teleprompter. A Hat in Time- Boring af and not sure why people like it