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  1. Bookworm still didn't unlock for me I read every single book on all the shelves even some more than once but nothing *edit* I unlocked it last night, turned out I was missing just one book right after the ghosts appear
  2. It wasn't but if I recall it was still fairly cheap, around $10 or so Granted prices have increased a lot for indie games since then but I don't this one being more than $15 at the most
  3. True but the list looks mostly story-related so it shouldn't be too terrible unless the misc ones require a higher difficulty Either way so hyped for this next week I'm hoping we get some avatars and themes with it too, the themes were great for the first one especially keyboard cats
  4. Would've never expected a sequel to Aqua Kitty but am pleasantly surprised! And as a bonus this has a plat too! Trophies seem really straightforward and should be a fairly easy plat Tikipod is such an underrated dev
  5. Wait is this 90 days in game or real world time? If in game time I'm wondering if it's cumulative and doesn't have to be in one sitting
  6. Thank God there is no speed run trophies I'm sure there will be time trials but hopefully there is some sort of chapter select so you can attempt them after you beat the story and not have to worry about it too much No deaths shouldn't be too terrible if you back up your save once in awhile
  7. For anyone who has the plat how doable is the speedrun trophy? Is it just the normal levels or bonus ones too? Does it have to be in one sitting?
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself I too love an easy plat but this is beyond ridiculous... It's getting to the point where trophy hunters are essentially paying to get a plat and not the game itself If this had the old style of 9 bronze, two silver and one gold trophy nobody would consider buying it Mark my words by the end of the year there will be a game with trophies like this... - Launch the game - Go the the options - Adjust the volume - Adjust the brightness - Look at the controls - Save your changes - Revert your changes - Start the first level - Move character in both directions - Jump - Defeat the first enemy Platinum unlocked
  9. Yay another trash platinum because we don't get enough of those on a weekly basis Why delay the inevitable and just give a platinum at the main menu already
  10. How do some people on here already have the game (including one who has the plat already) I've looked on the NA store and can't find it Hopefully it drops this week
  11. "Up to four players simultaneously" Let's hope this statement it true for online this time instead of couch co-op SoR 4 only having two players online was a huge disappointment
  12. About damn time this gets a release! The Asdivine series is my favorite of all the Kemco games Cross is a standalone entry just like Asdivine Kamura was As for games that are connected it's Asdivine Hearts and then Asdivine Hearts 2 Asdivine Dios should be played before Menace (both are loosely connected to 1 and 2) I recommend playing all of them if you get the chance If it's anything like the other Asdivine games a bulk of the endings are missable unless you manage the trust well which was kinda annoying
  13. So for those who have played it already is it just me or is the volume way too loud? Like I can hear it perfectly with my tv volume set at one You can take damage but if you die once you have to restart You can play on easy but it's still pretty challenging if you're going for a perfect
  14. Good to know we can still play it Was worried they'll put a Silent Hill PT where if you deleted it it's gone forever
  15. I figured this was the case as James said they'd release info on the PS4 version soon so I snatched it asap