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  1. Rata could literally sell a game about watching paint dry and these suckers would bend over and take it because they get their effortless five minute plats they can stack ten of. If these games only had ten bronze trophies nobody would give it a second look. Why Sony allows this garbage is beyond me. At the very least people should have to at least beat the game and do some extra stuff.
  2. Hence why I literally said it's fine if you actually have to put effort into it. I Am The Hero, I and Me, Stay and Devious Dungeon were solid games. The rest is basically "play this for thirty minutes and you get the plat" and people just bend over and take it. If this game only had ten trophies nobody would give it a second look.
  3. I knew from the trophy list it was Trashalaikagames. I don't know why Sony allows this garbage. They took down 100 Top Rated or whatever the hell it's called, and for good reason too, but allow them to basically sell ten minute plats. It's one thing if you have to actually, you know, beat the game but they rarely do. They're more or less admitting the games are trash but hey it comes with a plat so that'll make you forget it right?
  4. I've collected all the dots and the trophy hasn't popped. I even tried completing a full level in which I had one dot missing and still nothing. I don't really feel like playing through the game again. Edit: I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it popped on the menu. Hope this helps anyone having the same issue.
  5. I'm kinda hesitant to pick this up since I fee like rogue-like games are so overdone now. It was neat when first introduced a few years back but now you can't go more than a few weeks at most without one being released. So is this worth it or no?
  6. So glad they got rid of the Full Set trophy. That's pretty much the only thing keeping me from getting the plat and I've tried at least twice and the workaround didn't work either. Don't like the online trophies but figured they'd come back since the last few didn't have them. Hopefully there is a way to boost it. Otherwise looks like the copy-paste trophy list.
  7. I'd rather have a trophy like that instead of the speed run trophies. Speed runs are just trial and error and takes the fun away. If you like speed runs that's fine but it shouldn't be forced with trophies.
  8. So glad there aren't any online trophies. I was worried we were going to get some BS trophies like "win 100 games online" or "don't use any powerups in an online race and win." It will still be challenging no doubt but this is good news.
  9. I don't really care about the trophies so much as the servers shutting down. I'm not usually much of an online person but I've had so much fun with co-op over the years and it's easily my favorite of any game with online. I still play co-op online through PS Now but the community is dead. Three games in a row I ran into the same person. It's mostly new players now (or those that are a decent level) but don't know how to play. They don't care about the treasure in gold rush, melee the enemy when I'm down so I die and run around like idiots during late survival rounds. It's fine in early rounds but after round 7 you kinda need to huddle together.
  10. Are there any missable trophies besides the ones from the PS3 list? The two I'm wondering most about are "With All Due Respect" and "Sneaky Sneaky"
  11. For once Rata makes a game that actually requires effort to get the plat and people are mad? How pathetic lol. Granted there was I Am The Hero and I and me but for every game that requires effort they make ten more that you can get in five minutes. Sad that people won't jump all over this because they can't get the plat with no effort.
  12. Agents of Mayhem- For the most part it was easy but the trophy for the contracts was grindy af plus you had to rely on others. Getting the shards was a pain too because even with the map it was hard to find. FFXV La Noire - Getting five stars and all the collectables was a pain. All three Uncharted games- Crushing was a nightmare at times especially in the first game.
  13. Red Dead Revolver TWD season 2 Valiant Hearts Costume Quest 1 and 2 Castle of Illusion Dragon Fantasy Book 1 (I know it's getting released again with a plat but no idea when that is) Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Runner 2 Deathspank
  14. How is it ironic?