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  1. I say none. Leave em be. It already takes Square long enough with 5 to 10 year development cycles being common now for them. They have their hands full with FFVII. We'll be lucky to even get that by 2023. I truly believe they haven't built out the rest of the world like that. 7 was originally a tech demo that completely took place in Midgar, so they just had to expand upon it. Having the whole world of Gaia is a completely different story. (I'm certain pieces will use similar aspects of FF15's map). Plus a lot of charm would be taken away. Personally I think the only reason why anyone is really cool with FFVII's remake is because of Advent Children already giving them voices and lifelike models, and then further being used in popular culture, more games like Kingdom Hearts, Crisis Core, etc. And again, there was hype and groundwork already laid from the tech demo. For the rest of the FF's there's too much that would have to be done, or too much that it would take away, or both. FFVI would be perfect story wise, but the voice acting could be terrible especially Kefka. FFVI would also require them to completely build the world out, pre and post destruction. FFVIII would be fantastic character and world wise, but also has the voice acting issue. FFIV and FFIX's charm is already there in how they were done. Messing with them would take away from it and in turn, new IP's or Final Fantasy's. FF I, FFII and FFIII aren't nearly popular enough. Well, FFIII is but in a roundabout way so there wouldn't be much of a point. However, I'll say this, I know it's not considered a classic FF, but FFX could be redone in a great way due to it being easier to expand as well as the Sin/Yu Yevon storyline matching so much of what is actually going on in the world today (environment problems, something wiping people out that they have no answer for, using tech and not caring about how it affects the world, religion being a lie, people taking advantage over "followers", etc). It was also very popular, and there are backstories that were never explored that could be, plus they could redo the trash that is X-2 and the ridiculous audio book thing after that. Anyway, I'll stick to my original point. Let's get FFVII over with and get on something new...... that will take another decade to release.
  2. PSN: OneSkillPoint Feel free to add me, especially during these times. I play a lot of single player games, but also play certain multiplayer games depending on. Every now and again I go for a platinum. Let me know that you're from here.
  3. Honestly it's a bad idea for the reason you stat, unless it's the meaningful to you, which it may seem like at first but you may hate it later. I created a new account but I did it for very specific reasons that have little to do with platinums or trying to show off my profile. I own the OneSkillPoint name for just about everything and wanted to for my gaming profiles as well. It did help that my last profile didn't have any platinums and my new one has 9 and counting. But it's all games I want to play, all platinum that are fun to get. Gaming needs to be enjoyable and I'm just not sure you'll find the process enjoyable, but who knows.
  4. Interesting.... I'll bite. January 2020 Ace Combat 7: $29.99 Kingdom Hearts 3: $14.99 Outer Worlds: $39.99 Yakuza 0: $9.99 Tropico 5: $7.49 Total: $102.45 But I was gifted $45 dollars worth of PSN funds. So in reality my total was $57.45. Outside of CyberPunk I most likely won't buy another game this year due to my backlog that has another 8 games in addition to these on it, and just general life. So if I buy that new (although I'll most likely get a discount) that will be less than 100 bucks on gaming in a year. Not bad for the wallet.
  5. Thank god I didn't buy SE4. That game had sale after sale. Wipeout is a classic so definitely down for that.
  6. I'm just mad Jon Snow didn't get that one on one battle. I don't care that Arya killed him. I care that they built up a Jon vs Night King 1v1 for years and just dropped it. Also, I hope Cersei wins, but they'll probably have a happy ending to appease people.
  7. If Smackdown really wants to get interesting they should have Ceasaro fued with Kofi for the title, with E, Woods and Sheamus acting as support. You get two guys that have worked their @sses off, even though they've faced off multiple times, it's fresh in terms of storyline, it doesn't break up New Day or the Bar and it gives all 5 men something to do.
  8. Once I get platinum I'm done. Unless it's something specific I want to play or I get DLC that has trophies attached I'm out.
  9. He's going to be like a Lebron of the wrestling world come free agency. Everyone is going to be gunning for him.
  10. Kind of sucks that how they've ruined Kofi's build up. That being said he'll win (I think), but make no mistake, the company still sees him as a B+ player. He'll get his lifetime achievement award championship, similar to how they did with Kane and they'll snatch it from him, within the month probably, by Big E heel turn, who is seen as an A+ player, has everything Vince likes and he's black which helps with the diversity thing.
  11. Due to gaming trends and 2k's overall greed, I have little faith to be honest.
  12. At this point I'm hate playing this game and I usually don't do things like that, but I've always had a special place for Final Fantasy games.
  13. Keeping with the rules of one game per series and also knowing my list of the top as it hasn't changed for over a decade outside of the most recent Uncharted 4 and Witcher 3: 1. Final Fantasy IX 2. Chrono Cross 3. Uncharted 2 4. Mass Effect 2 5. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 6. The Witcher 3 7. Uncharted 4 8. Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner 9. Phantasy Star Online 1 + 2 10. Shadow of the Colossus There have been some close calls like Horizon, Last of Us, Spider-Man and Halo 3 nearly cracking it, but I doubt it changes for quite some time.
  14. Only play games I enjoy then find that I'm willing to platinum them if they are possible for me to do without giving tons of time (which usually means 1 playthrough). That being said, official answer would be Hitman 2 as you can't even platinum that one.
  15. Honestly, it was a good match though. The Shield as a unit have such varying styles that it creates matches full of spots and momentum shifts, imo. Most of their 3 on 3 matches have been good. Evolution, Wyatts, (maybe not so much the Bar and Miz) but in general.