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  1. Thank god I didn't buy SE4. That game had sale after sale. Wipeout is a classic so definitely down for that.
  2. I'm just mad Jon Snow didn't get that one on one battle. I don't care that Arya killed him. I care that they built up a Jon vs Night King 1v1 for years and just dropped it. Also, I hope Cersei wins, but they'll probably have a happy ending to appease people.
  3. If Smackdown really wants to get interesting they should have Ceasaro fued with Kofi for the title, with E, Woods and Sheamus acting as support. You get two guys that have worked their @sses off, even though they've faced off multiple times, it's fresh in terms of storyline, it doesn't break up New Day or the Bar and it gives all 5 men something to do.
  4. Once I get platinum I'm done. Unless it's something specific I want to play or I get DLC that has trophies attached I'm out.
  5. He's going to be like a Lebron of the wrestling world come free agency. Everyone is going to be gunning for him.
  6. Kind of sucks that how they've ruined Kofi's build up. That being said he'll win (I think), but make no mistake, the company still sees him as a B+ player. He'll get his lifetime achievement award championship, similar to how they did with Kane and they'll snatch it from him, within the month probably, by Big E heel turn, who is seen as an A+ player, has everything Vince likes and he's black which helps with the diversity thing.
  7. Due to gaming trends and 2k's overall greed, I have little faith to be honest.
  8. At this point I'm hate playing this game and I usually don't do things like that, but I've always had a special place for Final Fantasy games.
  9. Keeping with the rules of one game per series and also knowing my list of the top as it hasn't changed for over a decade outside of the most recent Uncharted 4 and Witcher 3: 1. Final Fantasy IX 2. Chrono Cross 3. Uncharted 2 4. Mass Effect 2 5. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 6. The Witcher 3 7. Uncharted 4 8. Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner 9. Phantasy Star Online 1 + 2 10. Shadow of the Colossus There have been some close calls like Horizon, Last of Us, Spider-Man and Halo 3 nearly cracking it, but I doubt it changes for quite some time.
  10. Only play games I enjoy then find that I'm willing to platinum them if they are possible for me to do without giving tons of time (which usually means 1 playthrough). That being said, official answer would be Hitman 2 as you can't even platinum that one.
  11. Honestly, it was a good match though. The Shield as a unit have such varying styles that it creates matches full of spots and momentum shifts, imo. Most of their 3 on 3 matches have been good. Evolution, Wyatts, (maybe not so much the Bar and Miz) but in general.
  12. Whenever they do these specific publisher sales I always see games I forgot about. Here we go again.
  13. I mean the Shield has always been better together. Putting them together was both a gift and a curse as they are forever tied. But WWE missed the boat. They could have easily never let them reunite and instead have had them maybe do run in's every now and again, or interfere with a match here or there or even maybe unite for a specific point in a match that would call for it, like all of them being in an Elimination Chamber or something. I would have kept them separated for years until a specific situation called for it but it would have to be a major situation (not the Miz and the Bar) but something crazy, like some new team running rampant (Sanity would have been perfect) or a major old team getting together (Wyatts). But money doesn't allow that. Merch and viewership are too good when they're together and WWE has always been about profit first.
  14. Feel free to add. A low-level trophy hunter, willing to help out in other games if needed. Giant backlog due to the creation of a new profile. Like checking out other peoples statuses and what people are playing. Just mention you're from PSN!
  15. Hard to leave that life when you've literally had it that way, all your life. Plus his family has money and he made a little under 5 million while in the NFL, (not counting sponsors and other leagues he played for) so he'll be fine. But he'll never make the league again.