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  1. Thought it was just for me, I ended up in a 12/11/13/10 when i completed one suit without checking the enemy group before going in the fight
  2. It only brings you "Revolution is coming" and 4/6 maps for "endured the winter"
  3. Thank you Mate. Thought I have to do the Seasonal Manhunt. Saved me a lot of time and headache's 👍
  4. Is there a schedule or something? Don't want to download the game every 2 weeks just to see what operations are featured, Need the Red Tide one. :I
  5. For the fish jokes you have to interact with the fish trophy left handed from the fireplace in "The Lodge", just re-enter the area 25 times (there are more than this but I can't remember where) For the Echo's you can use this Link its no video guide but you should find them all with this link Echo's: For the rare spawns it seems this video is the key, I didn't try this out, but I will post my result maybe later when I went for it. Rare Spawns: Cheers!
  6. Thanks worked for me! Unfortunately there was no calls like "Immortal" "Annihilation" etc (maybe I changed something in the settings) just killed a Moji on a Streak of 32 eliminations in the last Moment of the Match.
  7. They don't changed something in the World list. So i think the trophies of World pop at the regular point.