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  1. I love the game, played it minimum 50 hours, but yeah at some point the trophy hunter speaks for me and on Ps4 the game is crashing at least one time per hour, also you get logged out of the server often what reset the medals for the Safecracker and World Traveler trophies. I gave up trying get my last trophy for now, and prepared everything for the World Traveler Traveler. and will try it again when they fix the reset of the medals. Friend of mine had no crash for now he play it on ps5, but he get`s logged out pretty often as well. So decide on your own if you want to play the game and have it with 90-95% stuck in your list
  2. Thought it was just for me, I ended up in a 12/11/13/10 when i completed one suit without checking the enemy group before going in the fight
  3. It only brings you "Revolution is coming" and 4/6 maps for "endured the winter"
  4. Thank you Mate. Thought I have to do the Seasonal Manhunt. Saved me a lot of time and headache's 👍
  5. Is there a schedule or something? Don't want to download the game every 2 weeks just to see what operations are featured, Need the Red Tide one. :I
  6. For the fish jokes you have to interact with the fish trophy left handed from the fireplace in "The Lodge", just re-enter the area 25 times (there are more than this but I can't remember where) For the Echo's you can use this Link its no video guide but you should find them all with this link Echo's: For the rare spawns it seems this video is the key, I didn't try this out, but I will post my result maybe later when I went for it. Rare Spawns: Cheers!
  7. Thanks worked for me! Unfortunately there was no calls like "Immortal" "Annihilation" etc (maybe I changed something in the settings) just killed a Moji on a Streak of 32 eliminations in the last Moment of the Match.
  8. They don't changed something in the World list. So i think the trophies of World pop at the regular point.