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  1. Yea a lot of the drives I have seen that are expensiive (excluding solid state) your paying for a name or a gimmick. Its really all about the formatting, and as long as PS4 sees it it will do that for you.
  2. u can get a secondary drive pretty cheap nowadays. I think I got my 4 TB for about 60 bucks online.
  3. Yea that was my thoughts. I just started this game last week, and psn account. So twenty bucks to purchase the game for me prob wouldn't hurt. I haven't heard from square enix on there main site yet about it. Prob wont say nothing until Sony fully goes public with the update.
  4. So with the upcoming update and the PSN Name changes I am curious if there will be any issues accessing the game once somebody does this. I hope not. Wondering everybody's thoughts on this?