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  1. Yea a lot of the drives I have seen that are expensiive (excluding solid state) your paying for a name or a gimmick. Its really all about the formatting, and as long as PS4 sees it it will do that for you.
  2. u can get a secondary drive pretty cheap nowadays. I think I got my 4 TB for about 60 bucks online.
  3. So with the upcoming update and the PSN Name changes I am curious if there will be any issues accessing the game once somebody does this. I hope not. Wondering everybody's thoughts on this?
  4. Yea that was my thoughts. I just started this game last week, and psn account. So twenty bucks to purchase the game for me prob wouldn't hurt. I haven't heard from square enix on there main site yet about it. Prob wont say nothing until Sony fully goes public with the update.