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  1. There are only two triphies left to finish Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the time limited, practice course ones. I hope the hardest one will still be easier than the ...Becomes the Master was in Titanfall 2, because I don't want to waste hours of my playtime with countless retries. 

    1. SKiL_Clash


      I remember doing The Gauntlet in TF2. I literally worked on it while my game was still downloading. So I had nothing else to do but rage at that course lmao. Good luck on mw2

  2. It's hard to concentrate on anything when you have 38+Celsius fever from AstraZeneca's vaccine for two days in a row. :/ 

    1. StrickenBiged


      That sucks, hope you feel better soon. 

    2. MidnightDragon


      I’m sorry

    3. Leanthil


      Thanks guys! I'm okay already.

  3. :platinum: #162 and 100%: Darksiders III

    I don't understand why it was considered as a bad game. It's totally okay in my opinion. Somewhat hard (apocalypse mode) here and there, a bit grindy at the end but okay.


    The other game I worked on recently is Subnautica. Now that's an awesome title! The first game in long time that kept me awake for hours when I should have gone to sleep already. I still need to progress through the rest of the story (I'm around half way), and already discovered most of the stuff the game could provide, but I'm still enjoying it.

  4. :platinum: #160: Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

    :platinum: #161: Deponia

    And Killing Floor 2 is 100% again. At least the newest trophy wasn't a multiplayer level again, just the usual "find 10 collectibles' one.


  5. :platinum: #156 + 100%: Goat Simulator 

    The base game with all its DLC-s was a bit much altogether I think, but the countless miscallenous trophies eased it a bit. I liked the game but in the end I really wanted to finish it for good. And ah that infamous :silver: Flapmaster trophy... Okay, it's hard and annoying that's for sure but how can people struggle with it for 8 hours straight (and so)? I don't want to brag, but it took only 25 minutes for me to get the hang of it, feel the rhythm and pass that 10 gates in the Flappy Goat game.


    :platinum: #157: Birdcakes

    For the first half hour this game looks hard. Then you start to feel it and think that it's rather easy just to realize at wave 12 that it's indeed hard. There are 20 waves but the most difficult is the 12th I think because of that boss. If you don't kill it in 10-15 secs your chances drop immediately with radical amounts. I died idk how many times at that point, and when I passed it, the next 7 waves felt like a breeze. Then came wave 20 with the double bosses, and I'm very lucky that I could kill them for the 3rd try (I mean the 3rd time I could reached wave 20 at all). Lucky because the game turned into such a bullett hell I could barely know what happened on the screen :) and lucky because if I had to start over the whole game again from scratch I would have been very annoyed and bored.


    :platinum: #158: Memory Lane

    Seriously, what was that? I wouldn't let these kind of games to have a platinum.


    Human Fall Flat 100% again, that means I went through the latest two levels.


    :platinum: #159: Epic Dumpster Bear

    Okay. If you don't like hard platformers, or you tend to rage quit and/or throw your controller into the screen (or just simply break it) then avoid this game. It's hard and frustrating, you have to memorize every level, every jump, every move and you will die so many various deaths in every level that you can't even count it. Of course when I got the platinum I wondered if I should continue with Epic Dumpster Bear 2, but in the end I made up my mind. If I wanted to struggle with a game I still have to finish Entwined's last challenge or the two remaining challenges in I Want to Be Human.


    And now: hello Darksiders 3 apocalyptic mode! 😤😂

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. starcrunch061




      I too don't understand the "flappy goat" problems. 8 hours feels like...hyperbole, even when people insist.

    3. MossyOakRcn42
  6. I was so afraid of this trophy but took me only 25 minutes without any help, trick or cheat. Maybe I'm just lucky but I could feel the progression by attempt after attempt. So nobody should give up. It's totally doable.
  7. :platinum: #154: Chickens On The Road

    :platinum: #155: Road Bustle


    When I buy a new game I make a quick check if all trophies are obtainable but that's all. So when I started to play Chickens On The Road I suddenly realized that the stuff I experienced in the first minute is the game itself and nothing more. Same for Road Bustle.


    So technically I've bought two platinums.  :D


  8. :platinum: #153 Middle Earth: Shadow of War


    Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I can't enjoy AAA games recently. Just Cause 4 was boring as hell, Shadow of the Tomb Raider was boring as well and I almost hated the time runs in the DLC-s on top of that, and now this... I read the LotR books twice in my life (once as a kid, then again as a grown man), but the story of this game was totally meh for me. I just wanted to go through the story quests as fast as I could.


    Only one trophy caused me problems, the one called :bronze:Trolling (Kill a captain while riding an olog), because it took me at least 5 hours to do. I tried every suggested method I found on the Internet but there always were something wrong with them. In the end I succeeded with the fifth method, so I could delete the game in the next second :)


     To be honest there was one enjoyable aspect of the game: the timed run in the second DLC. I usually hate time runs, but it turned out that I love even more the randomness of the enemy captains and their dropped loot. I don't know if it was fortunate or unfortunate but I could do this for my first try (in 44 mins).

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    2. MossyOakRcn42



    3. ihadalifeb4this




      In Tomb Raider i wasn't crazy about time attack either, but score attack was definitely my kind of fun.





    4. Leanthil


      @its_ArchroniX thank you for the info. Maybe next time when I have to chose my next game to play I won't scroll over Rise of the Tomb Raider so fast :) 


      @nyarLOLhotep is it a thing? 😆 If it is then you may be right. 


      @ihadalifeb4this score attack was definitely enjoyable for me, too.

  9. :gold: Star of the Show (Fall Guys)


    This is my 1000th gold trophy. 

  10. :platinum: #151: Suicide Guy

    :platinum: #152: Suicide Guy: Sleepin' Deeply


    I thought after Shadow of the Tomb Raider I deserve something faster and easier so I chose these cheap games to play next. With a guide both could be finished without much effort in a few hours.

    Also finished the DLC of Worms Battlegrounds with all its trophies, and got the :gold: Head Turner trophy in Fall Guys.


  11. Thank you for the tip. You saved my day.
  12. Badland, because A.) It's really hard B.) You need a very skilled and patient partner
  13. 520 trophies in 31 games.
  14. :platinum: #150: Shadow of the Tomb Raider


    Sorry to say that, but it was boring.

  15. Got rid of another DLC in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Only two time attacks and two score attacks left. Made some progression in replaying the main story (hardest difficulty) as well. I hope it won't take much time to finish this game for good.