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  1. :platinum: #112 Epic Word Search Collection


    As I had to work from mornings until late night these days and I usually feel myself very tired, I thought I should find a relaxing game to play instead the ones I use to. I didn't know this one is so easy to plat (because I didn't look it up before purchasing), although if you had to find all the worlds in all these seas of letters that would be way too much. So it's perfect as it is.

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  2. Ouch! There are 116 games in my backlog. I should stop gathering more and start playing the ones I already have.

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    2. visighost


      If you have the disposable income, some (cough, me, cough) also find it relaxing to shop these sales, read reviews, and add to the backlog. 116 isn't that bad, especially if you count the PS+ games you might have accumulated over time. Mine it 10 times larger and I keep buying. It doesn't make sense, but... fun + money for smaller studios!

    3. NERVergoproxy


      I wish I got that little.

    4. Leanthil


      @visighost You are right. This amount of money is really not much for me, but could help those companies. Anyway I should take a break until I finish some games I already have (although I know I will buy more again if there is a sale 😀 ).

  3. :gold: ... This Journey Ends trophy earned in Gems of War. Not a big achievement, but it took 10 consecutive weeks of playing and doing all the tasks of the campaign. 

  4. :platinum: #111: Zombi


    It took me 4.5 years to finish, as I fucked up my first playthrough not long before the ending. At one point I died and I lost all my stuff in a place where I should use all my just-lost-stuff to get all back. So I had no chance but to leave the game until I get myself back in the mood to continue. Recently, after finishing Steep I wanted to do some cleaning up (and immediately started two new games :D ) and chose this one from my device. I deleted my previous, messed up save file to start a new one in chicken mode (another silly decision)...and the rest is history. Three complete run from start to finish, chicken--survivor--standard, lots of hours, some swearing (ah, those beautiful one hit kills...), annoying inventory management as usual, and here I am.


    Now it's time to choose another old game to finish for good.

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    2. Cravinovv


      I just recently went back to try and knock this game out of my backlog.

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. Leanthil


      Thanks guys!

      @Cravinovv Good luck! This three complete run can be very boring in the end.

  5. Typed in a long status update then lost itt all. I won't write it down again, so a

    'Horror Stories 100%-ed'

    will be enough for now 😀

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats... will be enough for now. 🙃

  6. Does anybody know how to do multiple dashes in a row? In a video of finding the secret switches the guy does at least 4 dashes without touching any surface and I'm wondering if it's an upgrade like the crosshair or you have to defeat the last enemy or something I haven't done yet. So what did I miss?
  7. Platinum #110: Steep. And 100% as well.


    Time to clean up some long left games on my device.

    1. ihadalifeb4this




      I want new SSX game 😟

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Leanthil




  8. First of all I've finished Clicker Heroes this morning. Reached zone 3600, got the last trophy, then deleted it immediately. It took me 6 months and 4 days in my pace and I know I could do it faster if I read tips or more content about the game, but i didn't. It was good this way, enjoyed it almost the whole time, but it's time to move on now.


    And Steep... I was alone for the whole weekend so I could shout and rage without annoying other people around me, and for sure I had to shout at times because of frustration. I got the necessary 115 gold medals but it was a real struggle because only the hardest ones left. As you don't need to get ALL the medals, you can skip 3 of them, so I chose La Fieuse, Fallen Rocks and Secret Challenge. I tried the former two a few times, then fastly said 'Nope this won't happen!' and focused on the remaining dozen. If those were much easier than the above three...

    Anybody who finished the game knows well these names (others should be aware of these): Vallec Village, Boardsleigh, Flying Squirrel, GoPro Catch Me, Lumberjack or Faction Under Control. I'm not kidding, it took me at least 400 tries to complete GoPro Catch me alone, but the others were time consuming too (sometimes 200-300 tries). Interesetingly Vallec Village, that is considered to be one of the hardest challenges in the game was not as bad for me as the others mentioned above. When I was going for Lumberjack or Catch me I felt no joy in the game and wondered how could anybody think that these could be fun at the slightest. These are not challenges but trolling with players as you have to race with full speed without being able to get anything that is happening around you at this pace. You have to evade trees and snow humps, time every move precisely with inhuman skills because one simple mistake and you f*ck up your run and have to start over. And again, and again, and again... but it's the past now.


    So I bought the season pass that contains two DLCs with trophies. The first one (Winterfest) was really easy. Only the last trial was hard and it was hard indeed with the fastly appearing poles in your way. 100%-ed it in a few hours and moved on to the Extreme Pack. Now this is a challenge again! Most of the trophies are history now, but there is one where you need to get gold medal in 10 extreme pack challenges. I'm not sure if these can be any challenges in this DLC or only the eXtreme ones count. I'm afraid the latter one is true because these are harder again (although I need to do only 4 more). Here I stand now.



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    2. IntroPhenom


      I really enjoyed playing Clicker Heroes.  It was a game I could set up and walk away from, letting it play itself while I worked or whatever.  I look forward to a sequel.  Hopefully it finds its way to the PS4.



    3. Leanthil


      @ihadalifeb4this Thanks :D


      @IntroPhenom So tehere is a second one? As I see it's much more complex.

    4. IntroPhenom


      From the look of things, the graphics and gameplay have advanced, but the mechanics seem to remain the same: attack a never-ending string of monsters while leveling up along the way.

  9. In Steep I've found all the drop zones and most of the points of interests, did all the mountain stories and progressed with challenges as well. There are only 18 such points left to find (that will be a breeze using a guide), and 14 gold medals. I have to find out soon which 4 challenges I should leave alone to preserve my mental health, because all others must be done. :)


    It was so annoying in Clicker Heroes that two of my mercenaries died 1 and 2 minutes before finishing their 8-hours gold quests this morning. I could have gone up another 5-10 zones with the gold, but now I have to spend another 8 hours with two other mercenaries just to find new ones to replace the dead ones. And these will be total noobs with minimal quest rewards. Such pathetic finale. 



  10. Earned only one trophy in the past two days, the one in Steep when you have to hit a church bell with your body while flying in a wingsuit. I haven't got much time to play but still could finish at least a dozen of challenges (including that insane Flying Squirrel), found 8-10 drop zones and 20-25 points of interest, so I'm definitely at the threshold of the platinum. There will be a rain of trophies in the next few days.


    In Clicker Heroes I'm at zone 3544, 56 away from getting the last trophy. I still don't know if I should start a new ascension or keep up this one, but until a can't see any chance to finish this way, I will stay and take these constantly shrinking steps. Wish me luck! 

    1. mako-heart


      In Clicker Heroes, do you have the Rubies to do a quick ascension? That's all I can think of. 


      Good luck ;_;

    2. Leanthil


      Yay! That would be a really good tip. But I spent my rubies for timelapses (when I thought it will help enough). Thanks anyway!

  11. A few things happened since my last update. 

    On Friday evening I got a fever. 38,5 celsius from nowhere. No other symptoms of any illnes just fever with it's accompanying bad sensations. I had to go home from a little party with my friends and had to take a long walk in the night until I could catch a taxi eventually. Saturday was better but still had higher body temperature than normal (37,4 celsius for the whole day), then it went away completely. In this condition I hadn't got the mood for anything except to lay in my bed and play games. 


    So I made a great progression towards the platinum in Steep. Found lots of points of interest and drop zones (rocket wingsuit helped a lot), completed lots of challenges and mountain stories, although I am convinced that the latter ones weren't always registered at first. Really, I knew for sure that some of them were completed before, but the game offered them as new ones and these were marked on the map as uncompleted as well. Strange. Then I started to check the in game counter every time I've completed one, to be sure I can go on. 

    Meanwhile I reached 30 reputation and earned some miscallenous trophies of course, but the fun part ended here. 

    The remaining challenges are all in the HARD category or considered as to be MEDIUM, but in fact they are either hard or simply insane. Like the 'Lumberjack' challenge that is considered to be medium, but it's (in my opinion) not even hard. It's extremely fucking sick and nonsense. After hours of trying I tried to look up some advise on the net and I found that everyone else was ranting about it. I felt their pain... but of course I still have to do it. And there is the 'Flying Squirrel' challenge that is another sick one, or the one where you have to slide in an old, long and ruined concrete tube, or the wingsuit challenges that are all hard as shit... So I'm expecting some rage quits (although I'm a very calm and patient person).


    To help myself in calming down after Steeps rage-inducing moments I've started to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It's a phenomenon right now so why not dive in when everybody else does and not months/years later? Yes, it's very fun indeed. I played only 10-12 times and of course never won, but I'm starting to get familiar with the levels. Earned a few trophies here and there as well, but there are more to come. I will definitely play every day, because it's fun.


    Then I wanted to put together a good team in Gems of War to get faster explore runs. I found a recommended one on the net but first I had to Get Urskaya Shield for it. That meant 250 wins and it took a few days for me to do. Now I got the shield, tried out the team and is really good indeed. But with it I'll still need hundreds of hours of play to get the :gold: Try this one, Geoff trophy. It's sick.


    I've reached 31th level with these new trophies.


    Lastly I thought after hundreds of hours and after months of daily play I could earn the last trophy in Clicker Heroes, but no, I still couldn't reach zone 3600. Started another ascension, reached zone 3500 and still hoping that it will be 3600 eventually. But I'm afraid I can't gather enough DPS even this time and with my current momentum it would take another days if not weeks to reach that high. I'm considering another (a very-very last) ascension, but I don't want to transcend again. If I did that, a had to start a fresh run that could take another two months 😓 No way!

    1. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      That is a high fever. I've been 104.1 before, which is 40.05 celsius, I think. That was back when I was a kid, though. I feel your pain with the long and drawn out games. I've been working on Resident Evil 2 for WAY longer than I should have been and it's been because of illness. I missed my treatment for my mental health for two months when I'm supposed to have it every two weeks, so I was not feeling well at all and ended up sleeping all day for like five days straight during time that I had set aside to play. I'm better now, though, and hope you are, too!

    2. Leanthil


      Glad to hear you fell better, and thanks, I'm well now too. 

      40,05 is not fun. I had such high temperature only once in my life, when I was a teenager, but fortunately only for one night. My parents had to put me in cold water then wrap me in wet blankets as no medicine could help keep my fever down. Then on the next morning everything was fine, like if nothing happened. 


      Everytime I see that you progressed in the actual RE game reminds me that I still had to play Resident Evil remake, but I don't know when will I have the mood to play through it six times :)


    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I actually found the REmake to be a breeze to get through. I made it easy on myself and didn't worry too much about stacking. I think I ended up with 8 playthroughs when I was done. If I can make a recommendation, play RE0 for the Platinum first. The Hard mode on that one will train you very well for Real Survival mode on RE1. It was easy to get through after platting RE0.

  12. Did a run in Erica and got a few rophies but I'm afraid I have to redo the whole run because I made two mistakes. So after two whole runs I'm nowhere near the platinum (the first one was just casual without using any guides) :/ 


    Also started to play Steep. I thought after finishing Pumped BMX+, but still not feeling the strenght in myself to go back to OlliOlli 2 Olliworld it would be a good choice if I want to stay at this kind of sportsgames. I've already earned most of the easy trophies and I enjoy the game, but I don't have illusions: this will be a hard platinum.

    1. MarcusPunisher


      Where did you made a mistake? I platinum the game recently so maybe I can help. 

    2. Leanthil



      I used my controller instead of the Erica app, and that has worse controls. That was the reason of my first mistake. It happened when you go back to Erica's apartment and you have to decide if you follow the detective or stay in your flat. I wanted to follow him, but somehow the controls detected the opposite choice. I've found that corpse in my first run, so I already have the :silver: I see dead people trophy, but there is an oleander petal and a document too, and I don't remember if I found those earlier. The second mistake was under Delphi House when you have to interact with the altar. I've mistaken the altar with a door frame, because there was too much light in my room when I played the game and it reflected on the TV :) Although I think I got this spy location before I'm a bit worried.


      Anyway there are still 4 other playthroughs. I try to correct these if possible and if not, then I'll have to play through the game an additional time. 

  13. With :bronze: Impulsive in Erica I've earned my 6000th trophy.

  14. Finished Pumped BMX+. Okay, it doesn't have a platinum, but it was fun, so I don't feel my time wasted.


    Next I'd like to finish a few games that are just a few trophies away from completion.

  15. Not much was accomplished in the last two days.

    Just earned the :bronze: I have many Leather-Bound books trophy in Gems of War, and I think it's the last one in this game for months. Everything else needs lots of grinding even if I play on a daily basis.

    The rest of my time was spent on doing the challenges in Pumped BMX+. I think tehere is only 115 left, but these are much tougher than the ones before. Yesterday I've spent 2 hours for just one level (10 challenges) :/