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  1. Any help with this trophy? on first playthrough I ended up on 870 bullets ;/ from which previous chapter I can stack up many bullets? Is there glitch or smth? Don't want to playthrough the whole game again.
  2. Thanks! it worked!
  3. ok will try
  4. Any help please?
  5. US region, US game
  6. Anybody? :/
  7. Is it me or this trophy is not working for me? I told some of my friends with US region, to send the tower challenges and I didn't even got an alert or something like that, whenever I go to check Tower Challenger List, it's always empty. I even tried, creating an alternate account and sending a challenge to myself, but still nothing. It's so annoying. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Any advice?
  8. Thanks! and one more quick question, in one of the opt. honor mission which requires good honor rank 4, I have so far lowest rank and is there a possibility that I will miss that opt. honor mission? (in chapter 6)
  9. thanks everyone. And I assume this cant be done after finishing the story right?
  10. Does this glitch still work?
  11. Thanks, that's what I thought too. Will keep playing story then.
  12. Hey everyone, got a quick question about this trophy. So far so good, my honor rank looks like this: so, is it me or is that trophy really grindy? I mean it doesn't change after that, no matter how much people I rob and kill etc., does it advance after some portion of the story or? I remember in the first one it was sort of easy to achieve lowest honor rank
  13. Hey everyone, I got a quick question about the said trophy, does the bear from story mission - (mission where you go hunting with Hosea), the legendary grizzly count or not? Thanks!
  14. I see. That sucks. Seems like, I must finish all collectibles and perk/upgrade trophies first before doing that. Thanks!
  15. Hey, got a quick question regarding Wolf 2 Save. Thing is, I have EU copy for PS4 and my question is - If I replace it with US copy, can I still load up those saves made from EU copy of the game? Are the saves region locked? Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance!