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  1. thanks
  2. So it seems we have to wait.. I changed my old PSN ID from "GenoGi_32" to "Kaldunaa"
  3. Sooo..I changed my name recently, like few days ago, but I still see my old ID and account name respectively (on the right side, top, next to "Go Premium" button), so will this be fixed or?
  4. Thanks guys, I redownloaded the old save I made yesterday and got another body, after I left the krypt, trophy popped up. Such a relief
  5. I grabbed like 66 bodies already and still no trophy will this be forever glitched? any fix or tip at least?
  6. is this game still buggy and glitchy?
  7. how are the servers? are they pretty much dead?
  8. Hey can anyone help me getting Hell on Earth difficulty out of the way? need 5 people at least. My PSN ID - GenoGi_32
  9. servers are pretty much dead by now
  10. Hey everyone, first of a lot of thanks to Akrioz for an amazing D2 trophy guide. I would also like to add, that make sure to abuse quick save/quick load function. It helped a lot in different situations and also earned some trophies while going for - Shadow/Clean Hands trophies. I even managed to get - Bullet reflection related and sliding marksman trophy, simply using quick save/quick load trick and still managed to finish the game without any kills. Same thing applies to target kills. Killed Duke in mission 8, got trophy, reloaded quick save and I eliminated him in non-lethal way for low chaos. Also same thing for Acrobat and Rogue. Some of the miscelanous trophies can be earned during low chaos playthrough without a problem. Even using chapter select. But sadly Mission+ mode disables trophies at some point. Anyways wanted to write this for anyone who reads this. Thanks and bye!
  11. Any help with this trophy? on first playthrough I ended up on 870 bullets ;/ from which previous chapter I can stack up many bullets? Is there glitch or smth? Don't want to playthrough the whole game again.
  12. Thanks! it worked!
  13. ok will try
  14. Any help please?
  15. US region, US game