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  1. Can confirm daily challenges are live.
  2. my copy is arriving soon, hopefully I will make it in time.
  3. oh that sucks. I ordered a copy on ebay, hopefully will get those trophies soon
  4. Oh wow so platinum is obtainable now at last?
  5. so still need to play ranked then?
  6. So just wanted to make sure, if I will join a room in MK online and play versus against a person, will I still be able to get "Turtle" and 10 wins in a row trophy? or should it be actually ranked? Because not sure if ranked works and if so, those trophies are like more luck based IMO
  7. I just started main story, finished 2 segments, but if you can help me through 10 sync kills and 10 revives, I'd appreciate it mate.
  8. Gotcha. Thanks!
  9. OK, so I can just delete the game data, don't install the update (1.03) and do the DH glitch, right?
  10. OK so, if I remember correctly, the latest patch (which I already installed) is 1.03, so kinda confused, is DH glitch still doable or am I out of luck? I don't have the DLC tho, just regular physical copy. Thanks
  11. does it need some sort of online pass or something? Or do I pop in the disc and play online right away?
  12. Thanks, guess I will buy a digital version then. It comes with online pass right?
  13. Soo is the plat still doable? are the servers still up? Do I need an online pass to play in co-op? or can it be done via split-screen? (if it has any) Thanks!
  14. I just got the game, are the collectibles well hidden or you can grab them without a problem?
  15. any help for this move? it's almost impossible to do, even with 2 controllers. Any tips? this is my last trophy to platinum