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  1. Personally I would even recommend to use the quickplay option. I tried to gather a decent team of people that are dedicated enough to go through nightmare, without success. Then I decided to give quickplay a try and it was the best decision ever, since, sometimes you get lucky and spawn into the exact level that you still need to complete. Moreover you don´t need to play through the levels again that you´ve completed already. If you don´t need the level, simply back out and search again.
  2. This topic has almost as many entries as the "Mein Leben" trophy on Wolfenstein 2 lol.
  3. What a shame it comes out in 2023... I thought it will be 2022 Cannot wait honestly!
  4. Is this really worth it? Do we know anything in terms of the games available with regards to PS1/PS2 era? thx in advance guys
  5. WTF? never see that happen lol. ^this I had the most trouble with that Panzerhund ride. I have never seen a stealthy approach on youtube, but I decided to figure one out and that´s what worked for me for instance. Many ways lead to Rome
  6. Oh man, this game is so tedious. Hope this DLC is one of the last, want to leave it behind finally.
  7. Hi mate, it would definitely be of use. I really like your guides and the way they are set up in order to maximize efficiency. In terms of games like these (Man of Medan, House of Ashes, The Quarry...) it is definitely useful to decide on the trophies in terms of what to do first. If you plan it right, you then don´t have to complete full playthroughs afterwards, but there is only the need to start from a certain chapter and play until the end of the game. To give you an example: If you finish playthrough 1 while going for the "all characters survive" trophy, then you decide to let only person xy survive, you can reload the save file e.g. from chapter 7 onwards, because you still have the opportunity to kill everybody from chapter 7 onwards. However, in this case you let person xy survive and you get credit for the trophy, even though you didn´t finish a whole playthrough. Hope it´s understandable Kind regards
  8. Count me in sir @Symudtry
  9. Haha good stuff man, she's very easy imo as well. Definitely the boss looking like General Grievous from Star Wars is the hardest for me😂
  10. Hi, I am reloading the weapon altars, until I get the sword. I am pretty sure you have to unlock the level of weapon altar which gives you a 10% chance to spawn a cursed weapon. If you restored some altars as well, then you have an even higher chance to make it spawn. I have unlocked 3 weapon altars and it pretty much spawns within the first 3-4 tries reloading the altars. In addition, you can lock other weapons that you have unlocked, so they don´t spawn in the altar
  11. Does anyone know what the last page in the bestiary is? it says ??? For me, does it have to do something with the hard mode?
  12. Just started the game yesterday and man it is fun! Definitely one of the better PS+ games one question though: Is there any way I can check how many times I've beaten a boss without taking damage? I've beaten the first boss now without taking a hit, I had a curse active though which depletes my health until it reaches 1 HP, so idk if that counted nevertheless. thx in advance and @Copanelegreat vids mate💪🏻.
  13. Quickplay is better, trust me. It might take a bit longer to find some of the more professional players, however you get more blood points since the last update for simply playing through missions on quickplay. I tried hosting a session on PSNP and messaged a couple of people on my PSN friend list, however the motivation was not really there, so I decided to clean it up via quickplay. Luckily, with crossplay enabled, you will find a lot of dedicated PC gamers out there. Wish you good luck
  14. I've seen this post of yours numerous times by now lol.
  15. Looks fair enough. At least no "complete this and that on nightmare difficulty". Thanks for sharing the achievements!