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  1. I was about to write you on psnmessages in order to recommend it to you, but I did not because I know how much concentration Wolfenstein 2 requires😅. thanks to @Bushido_Cyphers guide it is very doable! some levels can be a bit challenging, most of them are easy and only one is extremely hard. Definitely go for it! It is nowhere near as hard as Wolfenstein 2 or Super Meat Boy, will do the surgeon simulator as well, can‘t wait to do some brain surgery lol. Edit: Life is Strange
  2. Days gone; is this game any good?😅
  3. thank you! I would go with crysis 2, good job on that one.
  4. AC3 remastered, got it installed but too lazy to play rn 😅.
  5. Got the plat thanks to @Bushido_Cypher! cheese hunt garden was a pain, failed 300+ times but the attempt I was successful I actually beat it in 1:47 lol. Thanks again @Bushido_Cypher, your guide could not have been better, all the best on paternity leave and hopefully many others will appreciate your hard work as much as I do. Cheers!
  6. A full guide is definitely more useful, will use yours for surgeon simulator as well. Cannot wait to see your Witcher 3 guide btw, keep on doing the great work, I really hope that you get the views that you deserve!
  7. As many others already mentioned: You sir are a true legend! I started this game a couple of days ago and did not even go super crazy/fast with respect to playing it. Nevertheless I am already at 83% and the only thing left are the cheese hunt levels. Amazing guide so far and a very soothing voice #nohomo lol
  8. lmao you killed it with that comment 😂😂👌
  9. Yeah I hated it as well, same goes for playing as killer in dead by daylight, it is always a more stressful situation than just playing the survivor. I was able to get all the mastermind trophies in 1-2 days though, so it is not too bad, might be a bit harder now that everyone knows how to play the game lol. I will take your Black Ops 3 plat as well btw
  10. thx bro! I will have to pass though, had the plat on my previous account and with MP3, GTA IV and MK9 done, that´s all I wanted to finish from the PS3 era. If you in turn plan on plating RDR2 (or wolfenstein youngblood after wolfenstein 2 (got that in my backlog as well), lmk so I can help you. @dark69knight: Doom Ethernal
  11. untitled goose game
  12. Red Dead Redemption 1 😏