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  1. hi, I just downloaded the recent update and realized that all my weapons are at a 4-Star rating… I loaded up a campaign mission, abandoned it and now it still tells me that all my weapons are maxed out. I wouldn‘t complain, if the trophy popped lol, however it did not. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Cannot wait to see you bitching around when you arrive at the harder no death runs😂🥰
  3. Fully agree. Why do all developers remaster some bs games, however they don‘t remaster some good stuff like Silent Hill 2&3 🥲…
  4. Have you tried changing your nat type to 2? or has it been set to 2 before unity anyway?
  5. No offense meant, but what makes this special?
  6. I just read about the glitch, went straight to that mystery location and I cannot interact with that stupid priest either.. and I‘m 84 hours in so I guess we need to wait for a patch.
  7. You definitely deserve this. You helped out so many people getting this hell of a trophy called Mein Leben, including myself, so gz man!
  8. Lmao. It‘s a great game, I might as well consider it! I can only recommend this gorgeous masterpiece to you! Would make your trophy list a lot more handsome
  9. Sweet Christ. The game I‘m most ashamed of on my list gets a DLC, which means it will maneuver itself up on my list, not being burried under a pile of great games any longer..
  10. GOW 3! A great game, one if the best ever made imo 😇
  11. Judging by the current rarity of the plat (0%!!!) this has to be a really hard game. As someone who loves challenges this is a must buy for me
  12. Nice! Really looking forward to this. I really love this series.
  13. Hopefully we will see a new trophy list, I doubt it though. Wouldn‘t mind going through CMM again however.
  14. The game itself is not too bad to be honest. I would say it is a 7 difficulty wise. I found the eye surgeries to be the hardest and most random, because you can be very consistent and still sometimes your poor patient loses blood like crazy 😂 Definitely doable and easier than I am Bread in myopinion. Good luck to everyone and make sure to check out @Bushido_Cyphers great guide on youtube. He guides you through every mission with a very soothing voice!
  15. Thx for the response. I‘ve got the trophy now. Some of the sources I was looking at had wrong cars listed actually, thus I wasn‘t able to sell them to Derek. To anyone else having issues: You can turn on an option in the game settings called hint text or somethibg like that. A small message will appear in the top left corner telling you stuff where you know exactly, if Derek is interested in your car actually.