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  1. fun fact: when I bought the Dead Island games, each of them were on sale for 4.99 € each, while the bundle, containing DI and DI Riptide was on sale for 11.99€ So by bying each of them separately, you save yourself approximately 2€... which is not much but also not following any logic lol
  2. pretty sure it will become a common item. If not, this would probably one of the biggest a$$hole moves in gaming history (trophywise) lol
  3. oh jesus if that´s true.. I don´t know which trophy is worse, the 50 escapes through the hatch or "taking one for the team"
  4. splatterhouse :-D
  5. marvel´s spiderman
  6. definitely wolfenstein 2! I´m having it installed already but I´m kind of afraid to start it because of Mein Leben lmao. How the hell did you manage to get it in such a short amount of time? huge respect
  7. Hey guys, I was thinking about something, since the new DLC was out for quite some time for the PC version of the game before it got released for us. We got the same trophy list as they have, I think this applies to all DLCs. My big question now is: Do you think we will as well have these stupid trophies included at some point where you have to reach rank 1 with survivor/killer? (I hope not!) You can have a look here at the achievements : https://deadbydaylight.gamepedia.com/Achievements
  8. Does anyone know if this might be a mistake? I think that there was another trophy which had a misleading description, even though it followed the PC achievement description. I am pretty sure it was the one from the Freddy DLC, where the killer had to miss his hit and you have to vault shortly afterwards, I could be wrong though. So is it near a hook or near the survivor or both of these? Also, what does recently in terms of the trophy description mean? 5 seconds? 10 seconds? I was awarded with the + 100 points protection "award" today while taking a hit near a survivor that was unhooked 40 seconds ago approximately. So I am really confused right now. I thought the +100 points protection thing is a save count towards the trophy, but now I am doubting it, unless they increased the time, maybe the devs consider one minute as being "recently unhooked", who knows.. Any help would be much appreciated
  9. I think the bad thing about this trophy is that your team has to be good enough to repair almost all gens, while on the same side they have to be bad enough to get killed lol It is very situational unfortunately, luckily I got this one already
  10. Hey there, private messaging the killer was the thing I meant, besides doing it legit. I have read somewhere that people on the PC (the DLC has been out for ages there) use urban evasion perk to sneak immediately behind a killer while he is going to hook somebody and as soon as he hooks the survivor they go for the rescue, but IDK lol the amount of times you have to do this is just BS
  11. how are you guys attempting the 250 hit trophy? Just playing it legit?
  12. jesus... this will just increase the amount of survivors unhooking other survivors in front of the killer´s eyes I guess, but whatever gets the job done, lol At this point I wonder, with all these dlc trophies being out right now: How many % game completion does one have, if he only got the main game´s trophies? Must be something like 30% now lmao