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  1. first of all: thank you for your dedication with respect to the gta IV online part! huge respect 😇 answer to your question: No My question: Do you think there will be a max payne 4 in the future?
  2. RE3 Daymare 1998 One piece pirate warriors 4 (can‘t wait for that one in particular)
  3. I would hide it and due to activision making such a snitch move with no prior warning of shutting down the servers as far as I know I would as well make sure to not buy their games anymore.
  4. Absolutely hates bioshock!
  5. Clearly from a different planet because he has achieved the super meat boy platinum that fast! 😁
  6. I agree with the guy above that mentioned your great profile! keep on doing the amazing work But don‘t we both agree that achieving platinum in dead rising 4 was a much worse process than man of medan?😂
  7. good job man, congratz! just be aware of levels 5,15 and 20 the rest is somewhat doable in a consistent way. And don‘t forget to use pink night in level 13 😁
  8. Hey there, Basically I don‘t care whether or not people cheat their way to a platinum, but I was just curious if there could be any legit way of achieving the plat of SMB in 24 seconds? (That is literally the time the guy being the fastest achiever needed)
  9. thx for the info. Maybe you can get more if the difficulty is set to hard? Or are the 2.5K a fixed value?
  10. They should have named "Rapture" "Hell" instead of world 4. Getting the zombie boy trophy was definitely hell on earth. Took me 15-20 hours of repeating the levels over and over again.
  11. A little hint for dark rapture level 9: In case these zombies don´t want to "cooperate": Carefully approach them and when you see that you got their attention you can change your character. Doing this, the game remembers that you got their attention and they will now cooperate. I was dumb enough to leave level 9 as my last level for the zombie boy trophy, had to change the character 4 times since these damn bas***ds did not want to chase me. Luckily everything turned out fine in the end.
  12. This. Only downside of this is the fact that you can only win with exactly having 21. if you, after getting three more cards, get to 20, you cannot say „hold“. Nevertheless an easier way compared to actively playing it, I did it the same way
  13. Injustice 1
  14. Wow! That game is exactly what we needed! I am hyped as hell ! lol
  15. Don‘t expect too much! I think you should be satisfied if the money is sufficient to change the colour
  16. Yeah zombie boy for sure is intimidating.. I will start practicing for that one this weekend, might be a good idea if we tackle that in parallel while sharing some strategies, thanks for the offer regarding girl boy and impossible boy! I will leave you a message within the next days 😁
  17. Good job! you are for sure keeping the pressure high lol. what no death run are you planing next?
  18. congratz! Now delete it and you will have 500 MB free space again 😂
  19. Try to reset the roster you are fighting against in case you have to deal with deathstroke or green lantern (what a piece of sh** these guys are on the max.. -.-)
  20. I guess the only good thing about these sales is the fact that you can focus on your current games, since, for me at least, none of these games being on sale are tempting -.-
  21. @OP I wonder what you will say about TBOGT dlc where you need to 100% every mission lol. There was one (cannot remember the name) where you have to stick close to two sports cars while navigating through extremely narrow docks & avoiding the police and all these tiny little barrels that will more than once make you want to throw the controller against the wall. Oh and dont forget about the water (easy to fall into it resulting in mission failure). If that does not sound hard enough: Even if you did all of the above perfectly, the game sometimes does not register the „close behind“ thing properly, so good luck on that one.
  22. CMM for me I guess GTA3 100% GTA VC 100% GTA SA 100% GTA IV 100% GTA V 100% This picture from the very first post (@OP) looks incredible btw.
  23. gz my man! With that trophy out of the way nothing can stop you now from getting the plat 😁 👌
  24. As pretty much all of the previous people already mentioned: Go for it! Nothing more satisfying than killing bosses in souls borne games, especially when considering the fact how many easy platinums and ratalaika games come out these days. FYI: I played Sekiro and got the platinum, In the beginning you will die a lot , but every death increases your experience and you will reach a point in the game where you think to yourself: Why didn‘t I start this game earlier? When I found out that Sekiro was developed by the same developers as the dark souls games /bloodborne I decided to move on to DS1. Got the plat for that as well, currently I am playing DS2 and won‘t stop until I get the plats for the whole trilogy as well as bloodborne. So go for it and enjoy