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  1. I did it the hard way, but I can assure you that I am not pissed, I am glad to see that more people can now „easily“ pick up this sexy plat 😁 This feature should have been included a long time ago though.
  2. There is a trophy where you have to sell a product that cures Alzheimer‘s , HIV and prevents cancer development... If you know the molecular basis behind these diseases then you also know what a big BS this game seems to be lol
  3. I used to prefer guides made by PowerPyx, but nowadays I rather stick to Brian from PS4Trophies just because his voice is soothing and he usually gives you a verbal explanation after which event in the game the respective collectible needs to be collected. I missed a couple watching PP collectible guides simply due to the fact that there is no voice added. Nevertheless, PP does an amazing job! Thanks @ARH65512 for sharing the yt channel of @Lawless_Llama. I really like the idea behind that channel so I will definitely check this out
  4. Sekiro all the way.
  5. resident evil 3 dbz kakarot zomby army 4 TLOU 2
  6. A more experienced gamer that has just recently created a fresh account? 😁 and you are a completionist as well.
  7. Currently working on DBZ fighterZ and super meat boy, however I considered buying bloodborne since it is on sale right now, I platinumed Sekiro, so can anyone that played both, bloodborne and sekiro tell me if BB is worth it? thank you in advance
  8. 3 unearned plats One of them is wolfenstein 2, I will start practicing for „mein leben“ when I have more time. The other 2 are super meat boy and dbz fighterZ, currently working on both in parallel, but man are those no death runs hard in super meat boy
  9. You have these kind of people in every game, while I was grinding through the TLOU MP part there were some crazy people being level 999... and when I had a look at their profile, I realized that some of them have not earned a trophy since 2016, so basically all they were playing the last years is the mp of the last of us, I cannot understand it either, but neither do I want to judge anyone based on these pieces of information.
  10. max payne 3 all the way and manhunt 2 and the punisher lol
  11. The most annoying thing was actually that the 2 player run does not change with respect to difficulty, you get the same amount of enemies as in the 3 or 4 player runs lmao
  12. Hey people, I decided to create this topic in order for you to not make the same mistake as I did. FYI: In order to get the gold trophy "last transmission" you will have to pick up a battery in the last chapter of the game and insert it into a radio in the bunker on a new playthrough. This is exactly what I was trying to do, however on my second playthrough I did not have the battery in my inventory. I thought it was glitched so I tried again and guess what? battery was missing again on the next playthrough. I realized now what the reason was. If, after finishing the game (and picking up the battery obviously) you do the same as I did, i.e. close the application (because you are obviously burnt out and need a break after this long last chapter) and start your next playthrough later on, then the game for some reason does not register that you have finished the first playthrough (where you picked up the battery). Therefore you have the "continue" option available as well. If you start the new game now, you will not have the battery in your inventory. Therefore, in order to avoid this, start a new game immediately after finishing your first playthrough. You will realize that the battery is in your inventory under the snacks for bullet I believe. Now simply rush towards the bunker, enter the code and insert the battery for the gold trophy. Hopefully this will save people some time (and playthroughs lol).
  13. Try using the search function. Type in blair witch and it should be there. It does not show for me either anymore, but I just typed the name into the search function and it showed up
  14. ^this 100% the CMM challenges were great fun imo so I welcome new trophies as well
  15. Max Payne 3 !!!! And probably fear 2 and any of the good old silent hill games
  16. hi people. If anyone can help me get the two trophies tied to this certified item on a veteran level thing, please add me : Jasko_SOA I will give back the item immediately thank you in advance
  17. I got all the bozak horde trophies solo (except for the one where you need at least one more person) and I was at ~ legend level 200. Idk at what legend level one can say "now you can beat the bozak dlc solo" , I just wanted to make sure that that is the case lol, that´s why I waited until I reached a decent level. Moreover, I have seen a couple youtubers showing some "strategies" for the last wave of this dlc, however if you are at a high legend level and your weapons do a lot of damage, particularly the shotgun if I remember correctly, then you do not really need "strategies", just a good aim. Of course, do not expect you to beat it first try, you have to remember which wave comes after which, so you already get into the respective place for the challenge. Good luck anyway, it is not that hard once you get the hang out of it
  18. Collectibles on a RACING GAME???? srsly: fu EA lol
  19. I voted for SMB. Reason is: I know that you are a talented gamer, so I would like to know how you feel about that annoyingly hard piece of meat game
  20. thanks! I was confused by the fact that in the psn store the international version as well states "the regime"
  21. Does anyone know if the Wolfenstein 2 title features nazi symbols (international version) ? or is the european version censored as well like the german one?
  22. Is that the state of arrows having no money?
  23. The smartest thing to do for Sony would be a deal (behind closed doors obviously) with Rockstar games so that both companies release their product at the same date , i.e. Ps5 for Sony and Gta VI for R*. I would be a day 1 buyer and many others too I believe.