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  1. outlast 2
  2. So if I die, I can quit to map as well without losing progress towards the trophy? Sorry, if the question may sound stupid, I haven´t started playing it yet, but I will soon though.
  3. Will this have a platinum? Or don´t we know it yet? I´m wondering that the prize is not very high! So this game might be very short and thus I thought it might not come with a plat
  4. Hey guys, did I understand this correctly: You can do the "chapters" of one world in whatever order you want for the impossible runs? So basically you start of with the difficult ones rather than repeating the easier ones only to get rekt by the more difficult ones?
  5. RDR2: The horse scene towards the end Heavy Rain: Right at the beginning when one of Ethan´s sons gets hit by a car. And way back on the PS2: When I found out Ryder and Big Smoke are traitors, man that was hard for me to accept.
  6. You can do something like 10-15 levels if you play quite casually / day. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays you can do even more (one rep level approximately) / day, provided you are a good player and have good team mates, which unfortunately is not always the case. So it might take you one week Btw: These numbers are just from my personal experience. Generally speaking: The lower your overall rep level is, the faster you will get these trophies because you will be more likely to get into "noob lobbies"
  7. Go for it man! It is definitely doable (all of them) but in particular regarding GTA IV and FIFA I would hurry up ... one never knows in terms of server shut downs. I wonder if developers must inform the gamers prior to such a thing or if they just do not give a damn and close them, anyway I would go for BF 4
  8. if I was living in the UK, we would definitely have a beer rn! cheers
  9. thx sir, but I don´t even own HKM 😂
  10. does anyone know why there are (regarding wolfenstein 2) always two different versions? even for the season pass? and how do I know which one to take lol
  11. I would be more hyped for Max Payne 3 remastered!!!
  12. jesus the "left for dead" trophy looks pretty random and annoying
  13. one of these street fighter games! good job on plating those lol, also marvel vs. capcom You seem to enjoy these notoriously hard ones
  14. injustice 1, max payne 3, the evil within, ... soon wolfenstein 2 and super meat boy aaaaaaaand outlast 2 will be on the list as well.. why am I doing this to myself 😂
  15. It (the plat and 100%) is way harder than it used to be. This is mainly because of the increased skill/toxicity/rate of DC when you play against survivors. Moreover, they changed the way the "adept killer" trophies work. There are 4 categories in which you have to score a certain amount of points, e.g. for getting the maximum amount of points in the "hooking survivors" category, you have to hook a total of 9 times as far as I remember. So imagine one of the survivors quitting the game very early, then you have to hook the other 3 guys even more often to get to the desired amount (9) of hooks. This is just one category btw. Another one is where you have to make sure that they do not make progress in terms of generator repairing and ALL this is useless, if one of them escapes. Long story short: you have to kill all of them, while "pipping up" twice. Previously it was sufficient to "just" kill all 4 survivors, which ALREADY was a pain, in particular when playing as the nurse. Also: If you plan to 100% this game, there is one trophy where you have to kill all 4 survivors with michael myers (literally killing them with your knife, not hooking them until they die) and people nowadays just DC when they realize that you have the perk which allows you to kill them. So it is way harder than it used to be 1-2 years ago. It is doable nevertheless
  16. Dead by Daylight: Because now the requirements for getting the "adept" killer trophies changed and some of them were a pain in the ass even beforehand (nurse e.g.), but now with all the DC from people that cannot handle a loss it is almost impossible if you have not completed the main game before. Other than that: DR2 & DR2 Off the record due to blue screens, DR4 due to stupid glitches, F13 The game due to 1000 games as jason. Lol
  17. I would go for Max Payne 3. It has a very depressive atmosphere (Max´wife and child died) and you can clearly see how tired he is with respect to continue his life. The reason why I outline the depressive atmosphere is, because back when I platinumed the game in 2012 I was having quite a hard time as well in terms of private life, but almost at the same time when I finished the story, I solved all these private problems as well, so Max´ life was getting better at the same time that mine did lol. This game will always be my most favorite PS3 game, because I have some kind of emotional relationship to it, as weird it might sound. That´s why I platinumed it once again on my current account
  18. according to PSNP its Injustice 1, but personally I think that I struggled most with CoD- Infinite Warfare.
  19. 100% agree I vote vor GTA IV and Injustice 2
  20. gta 5 - doomsday heist
  21. The Evil Within 2 definitely! It did many things better than the first game and I really enjoyed it, as one of the previous guys mentioned, I really hope that a third part will be coming.
  22. People can do whatever they want 😉