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  1. 1 hour ago, bdias10 said:

    Awesome feedback man, appreciate that a lot!! I am more encouraged to try now, maybe next month haha

    Fuck yeah man, that is exactly what i was thinking, i did max payne eight years ago and i never forgot the sensation of destroying that plane and seeing shadows rushed me trophy popping on my screen, i was so happy and excited, that game is still my favorite of all time to this day!!! Wolfenstein looks so dope, i loved the gameplay videos, i really might go for it, thanks a lot for all of you encouraging me

    Awesome, keep us updated and in case you need any advice just write a message :) 


  2. Max Payne 3 plat is the little brother of Wolfenstein II plat imo.

    Nevertheless, I believe that if you can do one, you can do the other one as well.

    I did Max Payne 3 on my first attempt, whereas for Wolfenstein it took me 50 or so.

    Wolfenstein enemies are just brutal and one slight mistake can result in death.

    The amount of randomness included is the worst and that is imo the most annoying thing about Wolfenstein.

    You can do it though and I recommend everyone to go for the plat.

    It will be one of your most satisfying gaming moments ever upon completion of this notorious challenge :).


  3. 3 hours ago, Ghost-TeamX said:

    These are the most important part to practice from my point of view:

    * Chapter 5 final bulletcam on the boat (Everything before is too early to explicitly practice and you will know the first 5 chapter in and out after the first two attempts :D

    * Chapter 6 Part 2: Make sure you can do this part 100% safe. Also watch out not to stand still in any way while walking through the fire, it might trigger an instant kill. The first part of chapter 6 is not too bad and if the game wants to kill the IT guy with a granade, there's nothing you can do about it.

    * Chapter 7: The hardest part is the beginning and the end with the Molotovs. Practice those sections. This chapter has a lot of painkillers so you shouldn't have too many problems in the middle section. Also make sure to never kill the guys with flares as that might trigger a bug where enemies won't spawn anymore

    * Chapter 8: The entire chapter is tight on painkillers and hugely dangerous. At least practive the part up to the shovel scene.

    * Chapter 9: This chapter is not really difficult and very short, but you can die easily at the beginning, where you're being rushed. Also make sure to know the QTE button for the final scene. Pressing a wrong button and even pressing the correct one twice is an instant game over, so make sure to never mash any button!

    * Chapter 10: Practice the scene at the gas station to get into an offensive rhythm, where they cannot corner you with grenades. The final defense part in the bus is also worth practicing.

    * Chapter 11: Make sure to know this chapter very well and develop a strat where you can safely snipe the guys when having to go up stairs.

    * Chapter 12: I found this one to be rather easy. Only the final MG dude is risky, to practice that part.

    * Chapter 13: I played this chapter multiple times in it's entirety. The most dangerous parts are the very beginning(blindfire the first guy and then kill the other two with bullettime), then the APC scene. Get a feeling for the timing and get comfortable with leaving cover rather late here. Don't make the same mistake as I did and get out of cover to early. There is a lot of time in his fire pause, so better be a bit late here than too early!

    And not to mention, the Bachmeyer fight is also extremely dangerous as you will not have a final stand when he kills you

    * Chapter 14: Practice the shit out of the Becker fight of course and also the final vehicle scene.

    Very good pieces of advice.

    I would like to add something VERY important with regard to chapter 13 and that APC part

    The APC fires a fixed amount of times, cannot remember the exact amount but I believe it was somewhere between 20 and 25 shots.

    Just count and once it has fired the last shot : Get out of cover and nail the rest of the chapter as well :)


  4. It would only be logical, if they added new trophies with the update.

    New trophies=more people will play it.

    The more people play it the more people they reach with their advertisement for free GTA 5 on PS5 and in the end they would make more money by doing so.

    Personally, I wouldn‘t mind new trophies. I enjoyed the difficulty of the DD heist and I‘m ready for a new challenge😈


  5. 32 minutes ago, ThatGuyPBG said:

    I simply cannot do 7-19x. All the other levels are mostly fine, I just can't do this one. I've turned off game sounds, count my jumps etc. but it takes me about 20 tries to beat the level and then there's a 1 in 4 chance I die on 7-9x afterwards which means another 20 tries. I don't think there's any tips that will help me. It's quite literally "get good".

    I assume that you are having issues with the notorious part on top of the level with all these tiny saw blades?

    If you are struggling with the first as well, i.e. getting on top of the level: I would recommend to pause in between the platforms. I have seen youtube videos where people jump "in one go", however I had issues with this approach, since the game sometimes would not register that I pressed the X button so I died every now and then on my way to the top. I would definitely recommend to stop for a short amount of time in between. The "unlocking" part takes some time anyway.

    Regarding the notorious saw blades on top of the level: Try to remember the pattern, more specifically the rythm in which you pressed the X button once you succeed once, even if it takes you 20 times to get it right one time. Try to ask yourself: What have I done in order to succeed right now?

    I did it this way and figured out exactly how much time needs to pass in between me pressing X. Obviously, we are talking about split seconds, but you will figure it out eventually.

    Another tip, and this is in my opinion the most important one: Try to remember EXACTLY where you start jumping (where girl boy´s head bumps on the sealing in order to move past the first saw blade). You can use the share button to save a video once you have done it correctly once and then analyze it in order to memorize the starting location.

    Because what I found out: Even the best rythm is not going to result in a successfull completion of this level, IF the starting position is not right.

    I hope you get the idea.

    Good luck and keep us updated! :)

    Edit: Don´t use the sprint button on top! Also noteworthy: This level changes the more you play it. The gaps close too fast, if you let´s say play this level for too long. If you realize during practicing, that no matter how fast you are, you cannot make it to Meat Boy, then close the application and you are good to go again.



  6. 23 minutes ago, dieselmanchild said:

    I agree it’s like a never ending Christmas! I have just a little more time on you, I believe this March will be the 3 year point since I earned my first platinum and started trophy hunting. I only arrived on PS3 about 6 months before that, so I’ve been a very busy and satisfied gamer these past few years, cramming in as many classics as I can. 1f601.png


    I’ve got several games on the go right now, but my big project I’m chipping away at is Max Payne 3. I’m currently working on the multiplayer and DLC components (paranoid of servers going down and getting locked out of that plat lol). That game should be a pretty good litmus test as to my skills, patience, and ability to keep cool under pressure, so if I manage to platinum that then I will start taking a serious look at Wolfenstein 2. Until then it’s just a pipe dream. 1f61c.png


    Sounds like a great plan! I haven‘t checked what trophies you already have in MP3, but if you are still grinding Score Attack for level 50 I would advise you the following: Turn off the volume and listen to some good music while grinding exp😂Passos‘ voice was haunting me after this tedious grind lol.


  7. 13 minutes ago, r3viladdict said:

    Survival horror games that came for PS2 were definitely the best especially Haunting Ground, Silent Hill 2 & 3, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, and Obscure and a few ones like Kuon, Cold Fear & Extermination. I've played these many times; however, I tried to play Outlast and just don't do it for me anyway. I also tried Amnesia and I found it a bit of mehh. More kind of hide and seek style game. 


    You might want to check Remothered: Tormented Fathers and Broken Porcelain (wait for the patch). It is stalker based 3rd person survival horror. I'm also looking for more horror games to play similar to Haunting Ground & Fatal Frame. I'm thinking of picking up Blair Witch & The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan and Little Hope but 100% unsure about these games yet.

    Can recommend all 3 of the last ones you mentioned. All of them are a welcome change compared to nowadays‘ game releases. I must admit though that Man of Medan and Little Hope are not really scary. 


  8. On 27.10.2020 at 7:06 AM, P_Pigly_Hogswine said:

    I bounce in and out of this game constantly. Maybe it's just being in quarantine makes the open world feel more appealing, but I think I've stopped and started this game about six times now.


    Each time it's the same:

    • I'll get bored with the mission structure. It's always the same: go fetch something from a fort, return it to the quest giver, multiple quests available, more things/people to be fetched from forts. And there are seemingly never ending missions.
    • Just get bored with the overall game design. It's just box ticking. Go fetch this, go kill that. You're just an errand boy running around like some ancient Greek FedEx guy. Seriously, it should be called Assassin's Creed Odds'n'ends. Just a massive pile of random delivery lists.
    • The mercenaries. This is probably my biggest gripe with the game and while not boredom related as such, it certainly has added lots of time to my run in having to redo forts over and over. The mercenaries system is borderline game breaking. You go to fort because you need to get something from a chest for the 400th time, and in doing so, you kill the guards and congratulations, you have a bounty. You'll be fighting the fort leader and suddenly a mercenary just happens to know exactly where you are and comes running in. Then as you fight him, another mercenary joins the fight, and he has a lion. So now you're fighting a leader, a bunch of soldiers, two mercenaries and a lion, and then BRAAAAAMMMM the horn blows to announce that a third mercenary has shown up like it's that scene in John Wick 2 when all the assassin's phones start dinging at the same time. And they're all 16 levels above you. You die, and you have the start the entire fort all over again. It is just the worst. Sure, you can sneak around an go the silent approach, but a) sometimes you get sprung, B) slow and silent takes so much more time and after dozens and dozens of these fetch quest forts you just want it over with. It's just so weird for a game to punish you for engaging in its core mechanic.
    • I don't care about any of the characters or story. I'm playing Kassandra and I enjoy her (mostly because I find Alexios' voice acting so bad) but I just don't care about the story, and that's because it doesn't really have much to do with anything. You're not an assassin, you're not a templar, yes the story kinda goes into the Order of the Ancients, but weirdly the actual main story doesn't really cover that ... it's all in the Cultist missions which are optional. And don't even start me on how that whole Cult thing concludes. Kassandra (and I'm guessing Alexios) just doesn't seem that personally invested in the story. Like she's just there. One second you're fighting for Sparta, next you're fighting for Athens, you just do whatever the quest giver tells you. I never felt like it was Kassandra's/Alexios' story and you're just there to fetch things for other people and weirdly romance every second person. By chapter 4 I was just hammering on the circle button to skip all dialogue and choosing a gold response to move it along. The end of the main story is just baffling, but does something a lot of recent AC games do: the real bad guy just comes out of nowhere and is just another political dude you fight in a large area.

    Odyssey is a classic example of bigger is not always better. There's too many game systems at play, all cobbled together into this giant whole, and none of it actually makes the experience more interesting. It's like the created this giant map, then had to fill it with stuff. Great opening act, but it's just incredibly repetitive and boring from there.


    Despite it being the biggest AC game by a mile, it feels rushed. Especially compared to Origins which I loved. Odyssey feels like it was designed by an algorithm not people.


    For the record: AC2, Black Flag, and Origins were all spectacular. Odyssey is trying too hard to be The Witcher, Shadow of Mordor, and Red Dead and not enough time trying to be an AC game.

    Your post should have 1000+ thumbs up. What you just wrote down is 100% true, particularly the circle smashing habbit lol!

    Edit: I forgot to mention something that REALLY made me furious! 

    How can chicken be on levels 50+? Imo every chicken should be dead after a hit from any weapon, but nope... greek chicken seem to have trained with Spartans, so they are more resistent! lmfao


  9. 16 minutes ago, dieselmanchild said:

    Yeah they’re both challenging in different ways. NYMHC in Max Payne is only set to normal difficulty, but you can die so fast in that game even on Easy mode. You’re fighting a countdown timer, as well as a myriad of notorious glitches and freezes that can destroy your run, and quite a few spots where a mistake or misfired shot equals instant failure.


    Mein Leben is a much higher base difficulty, but you can also take as much time as you need, and it’s possible to stealth through many sections, (or even skip them entirely with glitches). However, it sounds like the AI is way more advanced and there’s just way more unpredictability at play and so many things that can go wrong in each battle. This one looks much harder overall.


    Obviously it’s really hard to compare both trophies when I haven’t unlocked or even tried either of them yet, but I see them as fairly comparable challenges and feel like if you can master one of them, then you can probably nail them both! If I could pull off a NYMHC run then it would definitely do a lot for my confidence and tell me with enough practice and perseverance that I could do something like that.


    Thanks for the tips btw! I’ve always been a little fascinated with this challenge and those who dare to take it on.


    I completely agree with you on that point that the AI is more advanced in Wolfenstein. 

    The AI in MP3 will not pull off any crazy shit and it is not as random as Wolfenstein 2 is.

    Moreover, MP3‘s no death run mode is set to normal. 

    It took me one try for MP3 , but 40-50 for Wolfenstein 2... this is subjective though, there might be people breezing through Mein Leben and struggeling with NYMHC.

    @JIVe_____ Do you remember how many attempts you needed each? Would really like to know that😇