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  1. Not gonna lie, the last chapter was really annoying. Particularly because we didn‘t drop any medkits from defeated enemies during the last part. Thanks again to my coop buddy @IronEden-13. Now lets pray they don‘t add any more bs like that 😅
  2. Did anyone see what the Re-Verse trophy list looks like?
  3. Looks very interesting! I will probably wait though, at least until Resident Evil 8 is finished This list reminds me very much of DBD. Hopefully at least some of the stuff is boostable.
  4. Here we go again 😃🔫 does anybody know when this annoying DLC policy will end? Is this the last season?
  5. Does this game have couch coop only or can you play with a friend online as well?
  6. So happy to see that you decided to play this game 😁 don‘t worry, it is not too bad actually. If you need any advice, just leave a message bro
  7. Congratulations again man! And thanks for the kind words. Moreover thank you again for approaching me asking, if I am looking for a coop partner for Badland; I could not have wished for a better buddy to tackle this beast 😇Looking forward to clearing more games together, maybe Badland 2 one day.
  8. Badland Platinum Trophy. Finally finished with Badland. Thanks again to my coop buddy @Eqill5, who was just as stubborn and persistent as I was
  9. Short piece of advice: You do not need to get all DLCs necessarily for 100%. You will need to play quite some missions with other people anyway, therefore it makes sense to communicate with your coop partners who will buy what kind of DLC. You will get the trophies, even if you don‘t own a DLC, but if e.g. someone with that DLC invites you. Good luck, I really enjoyed this game and despite the crashes and glitches it was a lot of fun😇
  10. This doesn‘t suit your requirements, however I would advise you to go for something crazy to make it more special. I got Wolfenstein 2 as my 100th platinum and it was very satisfying
  11. Wow, I thought EA is lazy with the trophy images regarding Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, but this right here is next level sh*t lmao. Even the trophy names are the same as the description for the respective trophy. I do not even know this game, neither will I get it, but I had to write this, since it is hilarious 😂.
  12. Hey guys, I would need some advice on this one. Technically, I have completed all of these side missions required for the trophy and also got the related trophy for completing every side mission. However, I didn‘t get the trophy called mother knows best. I deleted the game, re-installed it and loaded up a mission - no success. Then, I deleted my save files, started a new campaign and completed every side mission that is relevant for the mother knows best trophy, i.e. the ones that you get from the radio before the mission begins. I ignored every other side mission - no success. I am now re-installing the game hoping for the trophy to pop when I enter the main menu for the first time, as this was an advice that I read on another forum. I am just curious: What am I supposed to do, in case the trophy still doesn‘t want to pop? Did anyone face similar issues? Any piece of advice would be highly appreciated! Thx in advance Edit: Re-installing the game for the Second time didn‘t help either, still the trophy doesn‘t want to show itself Edit 2: Deleted the save file again, started a new campaign and did all missions in one go without turning the console off - trophy popped.
  13. Cannot really agree, but maybe I‘m just lucky to have found an exceptionally good coop buddy @Eqill5. Imo badland is all about patience and dedication (as many other rare plats, obviously.) However, it is nowhere near the difficulty of games like Wolfenstein 2, Super Meat Boy, Cloudberry Kingdom and of course Crypt of the Necrodancer just my opinion.
  14. League of clones-Complete 300 missions in COOP. This is probably the biggest obstacle when it comes to getting the platinum in Badland. Thanks to my brother @Eqill5! We did it!
  15. Of course it‘s worth it. Beauty is a term that is welcome even when it comes to gaming Just look at these profiles and tell me you don‘t think they‘re beautiful lol @JIVe_____ @Eqill5 @Compl3tionixt100
  16. 1) You named the right levels/parts that you have to practice a lot. Unfortunately I cannot remember which parts were included in New Orleans, but I would suggest the Panzerhund ride section more than any other level. I found this even harder than the courtroom or anything else. Also after that nazi firefighter guy you will come into an area through a tunnel, I believe it was that train ride and everything after it. I hade huge problems there at first, especially when that Zitadelle spawns towards the end, so you might want to consider that part as well. 2) Do you mean the conveyer belt? That part is not too bad imo, just try to not miss a lot of enemies when shooting at them. I had more health & armor than most people on youtube that did the glitch to kind of skip it. Generally speaking, skipping is not worth the time in this game, apart from the Section F revisited skip.
  17. Judging by the reactions PSNP has a very mature and awesome community, I like
  18. Hey, I have heard a couple of times that this game is not 100% offline. Is that true? If so, what trophy exactly needs online access and how long does it take to finish that one? Thx in advance
  19. I try to, however some things are out of your control, e.g. Mafia 3 released before the 1&2 remakes. New DLCs are also something that manipulates the order so to speak.
  20. Managed to get it solo today after many failed attempts and 12 attempts where I was already in between the last 2 saw blades. Attempt number 13 eventually was a success. One piece of advice from my side: I don‘t know if that even helps or if it still comes down to luck, but I was wondering, why I never got out of the two saw blades in the end. I had a closer look and the razor blades from the left saw are moving upwards, whereas the right‘s blades are moving downwards. In all failed attempts I was holding the stick constantly to the right when trying to escape. In my successful attempt I held the stick to the left in the beginning, maybe that resulted in the clone going upwards/out of the blades more easily. Anyway, it is done now🙏🏻
  21. Thank you for all these videos! I always had a look at your channel when having trouble with some of the single player missions. I will definitely come back to your playlist when starting with the coop part Good luck with Crypt btw
  22. We? are you one of the developers of this game? If so, do you plan to remove the daily anytime soon?
  23. Thank you my man! Same goes for me: I forgot two very nice and talented german-speaking people : @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y: If it wasn‘t for your SMB tipps and tricks thread, I would probably not have the plat today, so thank you very much @Bizzy_Montana_: Very talented, high persistance, high completion rate and a very nice person On top of that he put my favorite plat ever as his avatar, so that‘s a bonus point
  24. PSN ID: Jasko_SOA Systems: PS4 & PS5 I don‘t accept blank requests. If you want to discuss what company shares are going to explode in the future let me know. Please only mature people lol