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  1. The Punisher and Scarface-The World is yours!
  2. Gravity Rush Remastered
  3. Very nice profile! My question: Did you give up on Crypt of the Necrodancer or are you just taking a break?
  4. It has to be Trackmania Turbo!
  5. Budokai HD Collection.
  6. Congratulations for beating The Max! Now you might not need this piece of advice any longer, but for everyone else (since you mentioned getting stuck in the corner): If that happens to you: Do a MB grab (R2+O). Moreover, another character that I would avoid is scorpion, this guy is a nightmare imo.
  7. thx! As far as I am informed they have changed the trophy a bit, i.e. when replaying the missions you do not start with the shite horses and weapons they gave you back in the days, so it should be easier now, I could be wrong though. I would take that AC Odyssey btw. Will play it at some point.
  8. Demon‘s Souls! Never played it, only heard good stuff. Cannot wait till the remake/remaster comes to the ps4/ps5.
  9. If you ever have doubt, this is what helped me for every iron man trophy: I was thinking to myself: In the end it is a pattern that I/ my hands have to memorize. I told this to myself particularly after getting Missile Boy, because at first I thought I would never get this trophy. I even had a hard time getting past the first level lol! As soon as I got Missile Boy I knew that I will get the rest sooner or later You will as well! If you can memorize patterns in an x-hours run in Wolfenstein 2 , you can for sure do that with regard to the much shorter iron man runs👌good luck!
  10. AC Rogue Remastered 👌
  11. I think it is quite interesting that every person names every possible argument in favor of the disc version of the PS5, except this one/the most important one for trophy hunters: You can play the games without the latest patches! Don‘t know how the situation will be with regard to that topic once the PS5 comes out, but definitely something to keep in mind.
  12. Agents of Mayhem.
  13. Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.
  14. If I understood your question correctly, you want to know, if this game is buggy in terms of trophies when going for 100%? If that‘s the case: The only issues I had was that sometimes in coop-adventure mode the guy not being host was unable to shoot/see things. But that happened only twice and very early in the adventure mode so we restarted it and everything was fine. Other than that I had no issues.
  15. Currently everything else is more interesting than Wolfenstein 2 😔 Got TLOU2 today and I plan to get my Second Injustice plat because it is free now, but I will get there eventually, thx bro Regarding tomb raider: you did not miss anything, if you didn‘t play the latest game. Imo this was the worst of them, Rise of the Tomb Raider was definitely the best, I particularly enjoyed the Coop mode Edit: GOW for the psvita.
  16. Might be a stupid question, but: Can I use my save from the EU version of the game to make my life somewhat easier/get the plat faster in terms of the US version? If so: Would this be considered as something that‘s not legit? I plan to get my first stackable platinum combo, because I really enjoyed playing this game thx in advance!
  17. Wolfenstein 2! good job on that one
  18. Nicely done, my man! I got the I am Bread and the Surgeon Simulator Plat thx to your great guides, I might as well wipe the dust of the Witcher 3 and start playing it 😅😅keep on rockin‘!
  19. Nothing to choose from 😔
  20. COD WW2 I hate these Zombie EE‘s -.-
  21. What I did was to play / let the AI play the multiverse events that net you an ability. Also I played those that reward you with platinum/diamond boxes. Usually these contain an ability as well every now and then. If you get equipment only from these then simply sell it in order to have enough money to buy into one of these events again once they are available good luck!
  22. Arizona Sunshine.
  23. Red Dead Redemption. Edit: @Berendsapje was faster. I will take your Drive club 100% 😁