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  1. Hi all, So I recently started playing BO4, with the intent of going for the 100%. As you know, there are trophies for unlocking different characters by doing these specific things in Blackout mode. But since the black market update back in November, we're now allowed to buy said characters from the Black Market with reserve cases. My question is, does buying these characters from the Black market instead of doing the unlock quests void myself from unlocking the trophies? So basically, if I buy all the zombies characters from the Black market instead of doing those quests in a Blackout match, would I still get the trophy? Or do I have to do them anyways? And same goes for all the other characters. I only ask because I heard that it doesn't, but I already bought Takeo from the shop so now I'm worried that I may have screwed myself over from getting the trophy. It seems stupid to ask but I just need some clarification. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. 100% from 11-11 Memories Retold Plat difficulty: 2/10 Playtime About 10ish hours or more cause multiple endings Enjoyment: 7/10 (Would be higher but replaying the final mission 7 times wears down on you very quickly)
  3. On PS3 it's Call of Duty: World at war and inFAMOUS. WaW was my first PS3 game and naturally I want to plat it... but my god I can't get over how Veteran is just downright unfair at times. Checkpoints are so scarce, grenade spam is ungodly, and enemies respwan faster than you can even see them sometimes. Then there's the three zombies trophies I'm missing which is to get a kill with 3 traps on Shi no Numa, get 75K on Shi no Numa, and get 5 packed guns in Der Reise. inFAMOUS because of it's collectibles. 350 of them yet 0 ways of telling which ones you have/haven't got. What a nightmare. On PS4 it's currently Furi and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. I don't really have the skill to get an S-rank on Furier in Furi. Idk if I ever will either. Black Ops 3 is just a buggy mess that's so bad I outright refuse to play campaign for longer than an hour or two. I kid you not when I say I legitimately obtained an accolade, only for the game to bug out and undo my accolade, forcing me to do it again. And then there's those annoying zombie trophies. Even with a good dedicated group, some of those trophies feels like it popped because it wanted to.
  4. It took me nearly 4 and a half years to get this. Only got it 'cause the game was taking up too much space on my PS4
  5. Open world / FPS games. Honorable mention to fighting games.
  6. Man of the People: Save the farmer
  7. The English dub of Ghost stories! I'm watching it because of its fascnating story that lead to its creation. For those that don't know, the short version is: - Japan adapts famous book series called ghost stories and does the anime equivalent of hiring an Oscar-winning cast and crew to make it. - Anime flops in Japan and later gets sold to the west during the boom in the 90s. - English dub writers are told to do whatever they want and basically turn it from a mediocre horror series to a hilarious self-aware black comedy. I'm halfway through and it's a blast. Even though I feel bad that the original flopped despite having all the right pieces, had it succeeded, we would have never got this gem of a dub.
  8. Gran Turismo 5 - Never gonna plat it because of the unobtainable online trophy. Even if it was still obtainable I wouldn't get it. It was one of the first games I played on PS3 and I quickly realised I don't really like racing sims. Crysis 2 - Again, unobtainable multiplayer trophies. Plus I didn't like this game so seeing it gone would be nice. Homefront - Again, unobtainable multiplayer trophies. Like Crysis 2 I didn't really like it either. I thought it was somewhat better than Crysis 2 but overall it was just forgettable. Battlefield 3 - I just didn't like this game. I thought the multiplayer had some bad balancing issues. The list itself is bad too with its God-awful MP grind and the co-op shit. And all the DLC is more annoying MP stuff that I have zero desire to go back and get. NBA 2k16 - Uggghhh I hate this one the most. A guy in my program at university used my PS4 thinking it was one provided by the school and loaded up this game and got a fucking trophy on it. Now it'll forever be stuck at 1% and PSN profiles will constantly remind me by showing me that big fat E rank on my completion.
  9. Most of my hidden games are indie games I didn't enjoy such as Road not taken, Warframe, and Outlast. I don't really have a reason to hide them other than wanting to artificially boost my completion rate a little. Maybe I'll go back and finish them one day and then unhide them after.
  10. GTAV by far. Multilayer is just a mess. It's practically pay to win and trying to do anything in the overworld just results in you dying because of griefers who feel the need to spawn camp you with their Hydra or whatever the new vehicle of the day is. It's also incredibly grindy, taking me I think over 300 hours to finish. Then we have the single-player which takes another eternity with it's 200 collectibles, 70 gold medals, and 100% game completion which took me god knows how long. I'm still proud of it though
  11. Got two plats this week from Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm and Ultimate Ninja storm 2. Storm 1 was a super easy game that only took about 20 hours spread across two days (2 days 7h to be exact according to this site). It was a lot of fun going back to one of my favorite PS3 games now that it actually had a trophy list this time. Overall, a 2/10 for difficulty, an 8/10 for enjoyment. Storm 2 was fun, but it made the mistake of being very grindy and having online trophies (EW!). While not hard either, it did get monotonous and soured the experience a little, especially in the online portion. Overall, a 4/10 for difficulty and an 8/10 (would have been 10/10 without the online and the grind).
  12. Don't get Cocky Kid from Dead Space 1. I spent maybe an hour or more for this stupid bronze trophy. The meteorites that spawn in are randomized, making trying to keep at 50% shields very frustrating as there's no clear pattern to follow.
  13. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja storm 2 Village Guardian: "Earned an S-rank in "Sand and Art blast""
  14. Gran Turismo 5 - Website shut down making one trophy unobtainable and thus, the platinum Deus Ex: Human revolution - I am abysmal at stealth games so beating the game on the hardest difficulty, not killing anyone or alerting anyone are just too big of a skill gap for me trophy wise. Killzone 2/3 - Server shutdown Crysis 2 - Server shutdown Call of Duty Classic - That game is brutally hard. To the point I don't think I'll ever be able to beat it. Homefront - Server shutdown Battlefield 3 - God awful at multiplayer games and that game is such a massive grind. I don't think I could do it even if I went hard on it. Too many things need to go right. Littlebigplanet - Share. Create. Play. - Hell no. While this site makes it more feasible. Just...no.