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  1. Well, in the end I'm working alone. It's working. And yes, it's a little hard to match with friends without a good internet connection. I tryed with a friend and we were not able to play together. It always gave us error.
  2. In the Free Edition is impossible to use only one character because they change every week. Well I'll try. Thank you for the advices ^^
  3. Really? Can I grind 300 victories easily even in this way? Thanks for the advice. If you know someone who need to boost this game give him my PSN
  4. Hi everybody, I'm searching for people to boost the trophies of this game, I've already opened a boosting session but I still haven't find anyone. At same time I saw people who are playing in this days so I wonder if someone know how to contact them;
  5. Thank you very much for your reply. Now I'm ready to start this challenge ^^'
  6. Excuse me, I need to understand better... I play the Free Edition and gain the trophy of 300 victories. Then I start the Full Game with all saving data from the Free Edition. Will the trophy pop-up or I must win 300 ranked matches again to obtain the trophy in the Full Version too?
  7. Thank you! Yes, I already tried the boosting session's power and... it was awesome! I managed to complete the online trophies I needed ^^ Thank you!! ^^ Thank you very much! I love this family ^^
  8. you can say it for sure, I too am playing DMC5 on PS4 and the only trophy I miss for platinum is the one where you have to get the S grade in all missions in every mode... Difficult but not impossible ^^' sooner or later I'll make it ^^'
  9. Thank you! Now I'm working on 2 platinum trophies: Tomb Raider on PS3, and the same game on PS4. The only problem is to find people who can help me with the online trophies of the PS3 version 😅 in the meantime I'm working on Devil May Cry 5 😎 I think it is the hardest platinum I ever face with Thank you! 😊
  10. Hi everybody! I'm AlatarielRyuji13, videogame player since my childhood and trophy hunter. My goal is to make friends and obtain platinum trphies. Also I love to collect videogames and consoles... I know I'm creazy, but I really love videogames! 😍