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  1. Got my Plat today by using gadgets and the Stark Suit with the Spider Bro mods and extra damage Maxed 2 of the combat challenges and then it was simple cleanup!!! I know the game was probably very easy but it was quite a long journey for me and I'm still quite proud about it TY all
  2. I never Platiniumed any game before, and I dont consider myself a great gamer.... But considering that people seem to find even these taskmaster challenges easy, Ill give it a shot.... I have like, you know... 70%s on HZD, 52% on God Of War, around 70%-ish on Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls... etc.... If I like a game, I'll put good efforts in it but never really went out of my way to get frustrated or mad enough to attempt a Platinium...but for this one, Ill make an exception. Bottom line: I'm not top notch gamer, probably not the worst either... I just play to have fun mostly
  3. Thanks!!! I'll nail my first Plat 😁
  4. Hi community, I'll explain my situation very briefly: I'm a noob gamer attempting to get my first platinium. On Spider-Man. Regarding the tips and tricks of saves for upgrades and suits and all that stuff: I have 32 tokens at the moment. And I cant improve ANY score on any challenge. I'm willing to do New Game+ to be able to get more challenge tokens by repeating some combat challenges to get 2 tokens and all. My question is: will that work and I can do saves on NG+ to get the Platinium for the base game?