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  1. Through the Woods is a decent game and it's got an easy Platinum
  2. Since Platinums count for more points now, my country rank went up 94 spots. Noice!
  3. went from level 39 to 499
  4. Finally got to level 100. The hard get there's were pretty challenging sometimes but at least I still had fun with it. The grind to level 100 sucks lol. I caught up on a lot of YouTube and podcasts.
  5. For School II, do your best to keep the manual balance in the yellow middle zone before you jump out into a grind. Then when you jump out of a grind back into a manual it won't be too squirrelly for you. If you're in the red zone on your manual and you jump in and out of a grind, you're pretty much screwed lol.
  6. Good looking out. I just got it.
  7. I haven't played the game in a while but I remember finding the last chest I needed took a really, really really long time of looking. It was the last trophy I got for the game.
  8. Mine's Energy Balance lolol
  9. I was mostly a 360 gamer for that generation and enjoyed unlocking achievements. Im team PlayStation all the way now tho and I like the trophy system a lot better. I like how you can get the platinum trophy.
  10. Haha same. I was ready for that music video to be over
  11. What worked for me was to hold one handle of the controller with one hand, and hold the controller sideways in front of me. Then I would shake the controller sideways to and fro doing a saw motion. Basically like I'm sawing a piece of wood but I'm holding a controller instead of a saw.
  12. I wish I had a turbo controller for defeating 10000 enemies in FFIX. Would have made that much easier.
  13. Seems like a smart buy, especially with the PS5 coming around the corner.
  14. I too played a lot of easy games simply for the platinums and got burned out on it. I will still keep this account tho because those plats are still part of my PlayStation history. Moving forward though I want to populate my list with games I actually want to play again from now on.
  15. I feel bad for anyone who said they don't like Zelda or Mario.