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  1. Haha same. I was ready for that music video to be over
  2. What worked for me was to hold one handle of the controller with one hand, and hold the controller sideways in front of me. Then I would shake the controller sideways to and fro doing a saw motion. Basically like I'm sawing a piece of wood but I'm holding a controller instead of a saw.
  3. I wish I had a turbo controller for defeating 10000 enemies in FFIX. Would have made that much easier.
  4. Seems like a smart buy, especially with the PS5 coming around the corner.
  5. I too played a lot of easy games simply for the platinums and got burned out on it. I will still keep this account tho because those plats are still part of my PlayStation history. Moving forward though I want to populate my list with games I actually want to play again from now on.
  6. I feel bad for anyone who said they don't like Zelda or Mario.
  7. I think I just pressed random buttons on that stage and I got the cool rating. Trying to play it more ally didn't work for me.
  8. This trophy sucked so bad. I listened to lots of podcasts while I grinding this one out.
  9. There's already been lots of good mentions. Some I also think would be cool to have on your trophy list are FF7, Parappa the Rapper, GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas.
  10. 2016 - 22 Plats 2017 - 39 Plats 2018 - 51 2019 - 65 My platinum count per year has been going up but I'm not sure I can keep topping myself in 2020 😂. I'll sure try though.
  11. I recommend playing X. It's one of my proudest platinums, and one of the best FF games IMO.
  12. I've defeated Cerberos (Bad Dog! trophy), closed all the tartoros rifts (Gaurdian of the Underworld trophy) and collected all the keepers insights (Gathering More Strength trophy) and none of them have popped. This is so frustrating. I just wanted to finish all the DLC's so I could move on from this game. I've never had this happen to me before. Does anyone have any advice?
  13. Residents Evil comes to mind. You have to finish on hard difficulty and I remember beating the game like 5 more times to unlock the r st of the trophies. It was grueling.
  14. I agree. THPS3/4 and the Underground games were great. They probably won't be released again due to licensing issues sadly. I had fun getting the platinum in Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD which was a remake/combination of the first 2 Pro Skater games but sadly it's been removed from PSN now.
  15. Even though I'm PlayStation all day these days, I would have to recommend Zelda Ocarina of Time.