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  1. This trophy sucked so bad. I listened to lots of podcasts while I grinding this one out.
  2. There's already been lots of good mentions. Some I also think would be cool to have on your trophy list are FF7, Parappa the Rapper, GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas.
  3. 2016 - 22 Plats 2017 - 39 Plats 2018 - 51 2019 - 65 My platinum count per year has been going up but I'm not sure I can keep topping myself in 2020 😂. I'll sure try though.
  4. I recommend playing X. It's one of my proudest platinums, and one of the best FF games IMO.
  5. I've defeated Cerberos (Bad Dog! trophy), closed all the tartoros rifts (Gaurdian of the Underworld trophy) and collected all the keepers insights (Gathering More Strength trophy) and none of them have popped. This is so frustrating. I just wanted to finish all the DLC's so I could move on from this game. I've never had this happen to me before. Does anyone have any advice?
  6. Residents Evil comes to mind. You have to finish on hard difficulty and I remember beating the game like 5 more times to unlock the r st of the trophies. It was grueling.
  7. I agree. THPS3/4 and the Underground games were great. They probably won't be released again due to licensing issues sadly. I had fun getting the platinum in Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD which was a remake/combination of the first 2 Pro Skater games but sadly it's been removed from PSN now.
  8. Even though I'm PlayStation all day these days, I would have to recommend Zelda Ocarina of Time.
  9. My brother got his PS4 at launch and it's really loud. I waited a couple years after launch to get mine and it's quiet as a mouse peeing on cotton.
  10. I believe the target audience for the Life is Strange games are like 12 year old girls, so I'm not surprised I found the games to be pretty corny. No offence to those that like them, I'm just not the right demographic I think.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Good to know I don't have to rush to get it. I'll maybe just download The Wolf Among Us on PS4 and I'll be set.
  12. Just downloaded The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and am tempted to download the final season just in case.
  13. I hope we get a bit of a warning if they're getting delisted from PSN.
  14. I didn't find anything overly difficult. I think you can use some cheats in Vice City and San Andreas, but I'm pretty sure if you use cheats in GTAIII it makes it impossible to reach the highest criminal rating which you need for the plat. I recommend going for the hidden packages early on so you have have the weapon and armour unlocks at your hideout. I got used to playing without cheats and would just reload my save if I got busted or killed so I still had all my items.
  15. I had fun getting the platinums on the PS2 trilogy. Some things may be tedious for you to do like getting all the stunt jumps, hidden packages and delivering cars to garages. The Vice City platinum is a huge grind to get because you need to get the Godfather criminal rating. That trophy alone kills the plat for a lot of people so just be aware of that.