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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into that! I may get this plat yet, and who knows might go for the PS5 version if I'm successful.
  2. Resident Evil Village, just because of the trophy for getting S rank in all the mercenaries missions. Normally I would take the time to figure out the levels, and keep trying until I unlocked the trophy, but I found this mode so boring and not fun that I would start to get a headache. I just said screw it and quit. I really enjoyed all the main game trophies, and I think it's a bummer Capcom added that mode on and had it tied to the platinum. I hope they only do single player trophies in future games.
  3. I just committed to getting the plat for FF Crisis Core, but I can't wait to play this right after.
  4. Shovel wear sounds like a badass outfit you wear when it's time to do some shovelling in the garden.
  5. I remember the no death trophies being a little nerve wracking at times.
  6. I say realistically it takes closer to 40 hours, if you play at a decent pace. You COULD plat it in 20 hours if you absolutely rushed yourself and did everything very efficiently.
  7. Game: Maybe play some Super Mario Bros. on the NES Classic, maybe some Goldeneye 64 and Mario 64, along with whatever PlayStation games I'm playing since I'm mostly a PS gamer. Movies: Home Alone 1 & 2 are absolute classics, also Christmas Vacation, The Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special, A Christmas Story and Bad Santa.
  8. There's definitely many CHURLISH ma'fuggas out there that be hatin' on PS5 !!
  9. It's got to be RDR2. I started going for the plat at launch, but had to take a couple years off before going for the online trophies because it was such a long grind.
  10. Make sure you smash into the gate really hard. I know it can be tricky, because of the angle of the winding road as you come into the front of the house. I thought it was glitched for me too, until I hit it with some force on a couple different attempts, and it smashed open both those times.
  11. That would be cool if Silent Hill 1 came to PS1 Classics with trophy support along with this remake.
  12. I swore off these grubby showelware plats a while ago, but the name of this game is pretty funny on the trophy list. I made a rare exception to get it.
  13. I don't have a single trophy from 5am through 8am.
  14. I have a PS5, but my PS4 backlog is huge. I recommend just waiting if you have PS4 right now.
  15. Mine is either Resident Evil 4 (which should have had a platinum!) or Parappa the Rapper 2 because of the Everything in Stock trophy. I remember it being tricky to obtain.