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  1. Rip
  2. Definitely Gonna get this 1 at some point the trophies look fun and doable. And I recommend the first one also. The graphics are good the bikes feel faster than mxgp and you have music while driving.
  3. I hope it comes with a platinum not a 100%list.
  4. @AWPertunity49 yo here's the best answer.Read it twice. Let's start a petition.
  5. Fighting exlayer Mxgp 3. I played both.
  6. Thanks ziggypossom. Good game coming soon. The music feels odd though. Sounds like 21 sauvage.
  7. Hey Everyone's experience facing bosses is different eh! I took the watchdog down 1st but am at my 15th + attempt VS Amygdala.
  8. Hardest boss when going for 100%.
  9. I missed hitman absolution and now black list. Too bad the cd I bought online took more than one month to arrive. Now I want to cry.
  10. Nooooo. Please LIFE is great. Screw this game.
  11. My favourite tekken 7 character is King. Who is yours?
  12. I played Dota with Traxex,Mortred and Chronosphere guy. Would definitely buy if it came to ps4,.
  13. I don't have the trophy myself. I think I'll take a loan from the bank and get Vesperarcade do all 3 versions for me but just the 480 one.Maybe.
  14. Hi is it for evangelist of the x? In network there is replay channel just under battle. There is elite channels, last replays and my replays. Your replays are stored on the server until you access them and save them to your hdd. When you saved at least one create a broadcast and you will be able to select the replay and people searching for a channel can access it.