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  1. For me this game was a huge love/hate relationship and while its certainly flawed and is far from perfect, It will always remain one of my favorite ps3 games.
  2. Is crash warped the second one? And I heard the trilogy was hard but I assumed they were all automatically difficulty. Now that's and old game I've always heard of but never ever had seen a glimpse of gameplay. Had no clue it even had trophy support.
  3. Yea, It may not be a showstealer, but mafia 3 does look fun despite it's reputation of glitchyness. Correct me If I'm wrong but did the developers patch the out a lot of the bugs?
  4. That's another game i heard a lot of praise from, Guacamelee. Unfortunately I missed it when it was on sale last week
  5. I've heard great things of undertale and my childhood friend even told me it's a must play. And that was before it was ported to ps4. Next time it goes on sale I shall highly consider it.
  6. I'm so looking up the first one as I've never heard a game with the word fart in the title in my entire life LOL. And I don't have vr but i plan to get it in the future and I am curious about that moss game. Oh and bravo team.
  7. Wow that's a lot of stacks O_O
  8. Crap now i feel like a goof... Something tells me you too are a huge spidey fan lol, so am I. And ASM 2 is better then the first?
  9. For real I low key do wanna try ninja gaiden as it does look addictive even though it would destroy me haha. And Thanks!
  10. Ok so if I missed a topic like this already made in the forums please don't get mad I couldn't find it but..I was always curious are there easy AND enjoyable platinums? like I know theres tons of easy platinums being that every game can have a platinum, but there seems to be alot of games out there made simply for just being easy in itself. Oh btw i should clarify I'm not desperately looking for easy plats to raise my platinum counter, I'm only curious of what your opinions are. And maybe this could help anyone else looking for fun games to take break from some difficulty grinds or such.