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  1. I've wanted this for so long, this sounds like a great feature!!! Sony continuing on their console innovation, love to see it.
  2. I have good internet by todays' standards and PS Now still doesn't work well! So I agree, game streaming isn't practical yet.
  3. So, after the recent events surrounding a surge of valued PlayStation customers proving that PlayStation's legacy consoles and games deserve to be preserved, would it be possible for some sort of Backwards Compatibility? There should be some sort of solution to backwards compatibility on PS5, hardware based emulation may not work for PS3 games, but there has to be some kind of software based solution besides game streaming. Sony has some of the best engineers and tech specialists in the world, I’m sure if time was put into it, there could be a proactive way of playing these games on the PS5, instead of the dying PS1, PS2, and PS3 hardware! I know some people see backwards compatibility as a waste of time, but there are plenty of games only available on the previous generations that won’t stand the test of time due to aging hardware. There should be work put in to not only preserve these older games, but to give PlayStation users even more hours of fun being able to play games they may not have been able to play on previous generations! Does anyone have any knowledge or ideas of how they may be able to work around the PS3 cell processor debacle and provide proper backwards compatibility? Is it possible to do disc-based emulation with the disc acting as verification of owning the game, while being able to download an upscaled version of the game instead? Let me know! 😄
  4. Hey all, please play mine, and I will play yours back! and feel free to send me a friend request to grind the other trophies as well.
  5. I am halfway there at 25, if anyone would like to help out on my level! I will play back anyone who comments or plays or hearts my level. I will also accept friend requests and messages! "Test Drive" is the level I made in LBP2.
  6. Hi everyone, I will play, heart, and comment back on anyone's level who plays and hearts and comments on mine! Please play the level called "TEST DRIVE". Send me a PlayStation message or comment, and I will return the favor! Thank you in advance!
  7. I will be getting my PS3 back soon, in the meantime I will heart every player and level on the website of those who heart my level "Bryce's Quest"! I made it a long time ago... I was only 8!