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  1. Like I said I did follow a walkthrough but the biggest mistake that I made is sleeping few times to restock on ammo and parts...kinda sucks but not a big deal I will do again and just be patient for the crashes holy god so annoying sometimes I have to restart the game 2-5 times in an hour 😂
  2. It’s fine I will just do another play through and follow video again just in case not to mess up anything. I know about the cloud saves as I used it a lot for bossfights to not loose ammo but it was not a big deal for now since most of the collectibles are tied to all the trophies that I’m still missing. Thanks anyways! Edit: Also off topic how’s Max Payne 3 going along did you beat shadows rushed me? He have the best guide so follow it I did aswell but it was my fault for not paying attention.
  3. Thanks for the answer then I will play on normal mode just to not risk it and probably the playthrough will be easier since I will be killing people. I think it was fault from my part cause I remember sleeping a lot just to restock on parts/ammo for bosses etc but again I didn’t have a single idea about this thought I would get the plat yesterday.
  4. And the save data got corrupted recently after another crash. I think I will have to start the entire game again I just read now there is no way to get the trophy if a district becomes hostile before starting to collect the guns.
  5. So basically one the districts become already hostile without me noticing it I was collecting weapons from other people and everything was fine until I arrived to the hospital and saw that the guy who supposed to give me a key for a gun was already this a dead end or any other way to do it? It’s such a bad move of people who wrote the guide for not mentioning it I followed a walkthrough step by step and now here we go there is nothing to do about this. Edit: It seems like all the people there also need to be alive for guns not to mention the game crashed so many times yesterday and today so ridiculous....!! I had such a bad luck playing games since cyberpunk Any advice?
  6. The game crashed 4 times in a row when fighting some enemies in an area....It made some places so much worse because when you try to run it will crash!
  7. Very great and detailed guide!! Makes the game also more easier to understand along the way while playing it 🙂
  9. #222 Cyberpunk 2077 Never Fade away 7.09% RARE 0.3% PSN Rarity Enjoyment 6.5/10 Difficulty 3/10 Soundtracks 9/10 Time Estimated 70-90h My review first of all I was very hyped for this game after waiting for years. It got delayed many times so people was upset about it but we all thought that when we finally play it...It's going to be amazing! But nope at first launching the game played for few minutes and it crashed I was like why? Not to mention the graphics was awful felt like playing an early 2010 PS3 game and let me tell you Dead Space that was made in 2008 had better Fram rates maybe I shouldn't really compare but anyone could see the difference between any other game! I said okay let me keep going I bought it for 70€ thanks to my best friends that helped me buy it ❤️ I finished the story and everything was alright I did the kill related trophies that was easy enough checking guides here and there and I was already aware of the missable ones so I got them outta the way thankfully. The hell started when doing the NPCD/Gigs trophies I must say that was one the most horrible experiences that I ever had in a while! Many of them didn't spawn properly or either did register as completed in my list at all...let alone not getting the calls from the fixer I hated every moment of it most of the NPCD didn't glitch but the gigs are the ones that fucked up everything. After lot of tries of reloading the saves back and forward I managed to get the trophies for them except the one in the city Watson cause freedom of press Gig glitched and marked as only "leave the area" I supposed to get a reward after a call but nothing happened. I did lot of side missions, sleept in the apartment with no results....suddenly it marked as completed and was very happy for it one gig away from the platinum but haha nope. Tygers of toe Gig was already glitched for me without me paying attention.....I couldn't mark it in the map at all so I did everything that I could without any results....I gave up and said R.I.P the platinum all the amount of efforts and grind was for nothing why I'm doing this because I'm enjoying the game right? I was so pissed off, mad and honestly cried cause I felt like I was the most unlucky person ever to encounter this...upon creating a thread seeking for help without results aswell. I calmed myself down and said I can't ruin the new year day because of this so closed the game and came back the 3 January. I was ready to do the entire area again and to level up from street cred 29 to 49 what a victory in a matter of 5h I was abel to pull everything fast enough from scratch...thankfully I reached the end with a smile of my face I was so proud to get the platinum and had so many fears that it would glitch again. Finally!! 🏆 😊 Do I recommend it? No!! Here is the deal it's better to wait for the patches or play it on the PS5 if you have one the platinum journey is like a fortunes if you lucky you will not have so many gigs that may glitch on you or if like me you will suffer a lot which is not a good thing and not worth it trust me Next platinum? Honestly I don't feel like playing anything now after what I went through I said to try My name is Mayo 2 for fun but idk about it...I guess Blair witch but lets now go back to the 10-30h range plats that I used too and just have fun....hopefully 2021 is going to be a good year for many games to try out!!
  10. I didn’t get the trophy because yeah tygers toe gig don’t won’t show up on map and locked me from getting the platinum unless to do the area and everything all over again...R.I.P 😭
  11. Thanks for the suggest but unfortunately it didn't work for me so the only way is to start the entire map all over again.
  12. Oh really same thing happened to you what a bad luck I thought I will get the platinum before the end of the year haha this is so scripted.
  13. I did make a manual save after each one but had no idea this one would glitch on me.
  14. Here we go again another bug I hate this game so much the amount of glitches that I had to deal with have ruined my mood completely. One gig away from the platinum and look I can see this on my gig list but can't see it on my map it won't let me track it at all this is very odd I don't understand what's wrong I sleept/skipped time and same thing gig won't show up but it's on my gig list and can't track any advice?