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  1. #262 Darker Skies Civilization Reborn 63.33% Common Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty 2/10 Soundtracks 8/10 Time Estimated 1-2h Platinum time 23h & 21 min Recommendation 9/10
  2. Hey, I've just read your post. I hope you get better soon.

    1. NurseTatiana


      Thanks dear I appreciate it! 😊

  3. #261 Horror Tales: The wine Completionist 77.66% Common Enjoyment 7/10 Difficulty 2/10 Soundtracks 7/10 Time Estimated 1h Platinum time 2 months & 2 weeks Recommendation 7/10 My review This was just a nice horror game it's basically a walking simulator with puzzels. There is some enemies tho and few areas are a bit tricky otherwise it was a short story and platinum takes 1h at most. A little note Life has not been the greatest lately so it's a reason why I have been slowing down in gaming quite a lot. I just start something, play for few minutes and turn it off after. But you know sometimes a brake is needed and it's completely fine to retire a bit. Happy hunting to everyone anyways I will be back hopefully ☺️
  4. :platinum: #256 Amnesia: Rebirth 🙂


  5. #256 Amnesia: Rebirth Reborn Collected all the other trophies! 8.43% Very Rare Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 5/10 Soundtracks 8/10 Time Estimated 15-20h Platinum time 2days and 23hr Recommendation 10/10 My review I got this game in the Halloween sale so it was nice to finally try it out! I played the first part Amnesia: Collection in 2018. I thought it was a really well made horror game. So this one didn't disappoint me. A good story and nice variety of levels and I liked the main character. Overall it was a great experience and pleasure to play it. The trophies are not bad at all except only one. Speedster trophy requires you to beat the game in under 2h and 15min but in the new patch they reduced it to 2h and 20 min. This is a brutal time limit like you only have 2 minutes of error for the entire run pretty unfair in my opinion. I tried twice and never got my time under 2h and 25min. I swear I was running non stop it was intense imao and still did not made it 😂 So I decided to use the glitch for skipping a certain area. It shaved off 18 min so in my third run I made it! I personally think the devs should at least put a timer or something at the screen! Next platinum? I was thinking to Finnish the 100% of Amnesia: Collection but after I saw the description of the last trophy I said screw it lol. Maybe Daymare 1998 😉
  6. :platinum: #254 Wolfenstein: The new Order GR


    As I already said. Very good game and I highly recommend it!



  7. #254 Wolfenstein: The new order GER Wolfenstein Master Collect all trophies 21.54% Uncommon Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 3/10 Soundtracks 8/10 Time Estimated 15-20h Platinum time 3days and 1hr Recommendation 10/10 My review the first time I played this game in 2018 I really enjoyed it. The story is really good. The game gives you variety of weapons and you can play in what style you want. Either stealth witch is probably the most preferable way or gun blazing right in the fight. Blazko is a definitely a favourite character as others aswell. Trophy wise nothing is too bad the perks are simple to farm. You have to complete the game in über difficulty and if you have played any Call of Duty game on veteran you will probably find this mode easier. However I highly recommend doing stealth in a lot of sections so you can avoid reinforcements from the commander. To sum this up I really enjoyed doing this game for the second time! 😉 Next platinum? I already got one easy plat after this so I forgot to write a review before getting it. Anyways it's Haloween soon so I will probably have a look at the store 🙂
  8. You have platted all six stacks of rage-inducing and nerve-wrecking The Evil Within. 👍



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    2. NurseTatiana


      Thanks! Keep at it! Watch some guides might help. Also flashbolts are your best friend.

    3. Lucy Kushinada

      Lucy Kushinada

      7 Stacks?! Ellie your insane! My hats off to you. :)

    4. NurseTatiana


      Thanks dear!! Now it’s your turn haha 😆

  9. #250 Milestone The Evil Within (PS3) Pure Evil Unlocked all the trophies! 4.50% Ultra Rare Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 8/10 Soundtracks 10/10 Time Estimated 50h Platinum time 1week and 1day Recommendation 10/10 Here is the deal guys and girls. I did platinum this game in all versions now over the years I played. It's total of 7 so that's pretty sick right? I will just tell one thing this is the best game ever for me!! The end now.....I will miss it very much and will always have a special place in my heart 💖 My review This game is a real survival horror for new players that didn't play it before. You really have to think how to pass certain sections and plan well. Even on easy I just don't think it will be a cakewalk. My first time I played it in 2015 I had so much trouble with a lot of chapters and having to reset because I run out of ammo. The enemies have guns! That's not a good news especially on the higher difficulties. Nurse Tatiana, Juli Kidman and Sebastian Castellanos are my favourite characters ♥️ The trophy list is not easy at all. You have to beat the game without spending any green gel and finishing Akumu mode! I think the rest are not bad at all anyone can pull them off without any issues. But the particular 2 trophies I mentioned are the hardest. The speed run is not hard the time is pretty generous under 5h. Akumu mode is brutal! Just to warn you be prepared. You take a hit from anything? You are dead. Not to mention the enemies are so fast. There is a lot a hidden bear traps that will kill you for any step you move. Chapter 6 is the hell on this earth! So hard and unforgiving. 11and 10 tho? Just take a seat that's even worse. So again your nerves will be tested to their limits in this mode if you decide to hop on this ride! Not spending any green gel is not bad just watch your resources. I think I have said enough for now good luck to anyone going for this game 😉 Next platinum? ......
  10. Watch Dogs: Legion
  11. I do have quite a lot of them and do I regret it? Absolutely not! I have also played lot of good games and so on. It dosen't matter at the end of the day as I also hit a point now where my interests kinda change. After I finish my 250 plat I will only play games that are worth my time. My trophy list will always remain unique to me for the memories that I had regardless. If anyone chases leaderboards or whatever more power to them couldn't care less. It's just gaming at the end of the day always remember that!
  12. Cod Vein.
  13. Very interesting profile! You have high percentage of completed games and majority of them are really good. You have littel amount of ultra rare trophies compared to your level but it dosent matter really since you don’t have any what so called “cash grabbed games” I do tho lol. So you will get a 8.5/10 from me. Also try to do GTA5 platinum you are pretty close after getting the 70 solid gold trophy 😌
  14. Nice work on those The Evil Within stacks 😍 I platted the PS3 version last year but I'll definitely go for the PS4 version at some point cuz I absolutely loved the game and the Akumu experience 😊 well done 👌

    1. NurseTatiana


      Thank you so much dear! 😊 The Evil Within is the first game that I got in my PS4 back in 2015 it will always remain special to me and one of my favourites! So I enjoyed getting the platinum in almost all the regions of it I still have 1 PS3 version left 🙂 As far for Akumu agreed it was challenging and fun! I will say go for it again don't hesitate! And Nurse Tatiana is my favourite character 😍

  15. #249 Dead Space GER The Final Frontier Earn all Trophies in Dead Space 2 - DE 5.36% Very Rare Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 8.5/10 For new players this version is slightly harder than the EU one there is no DLC suits whatsoever to help you though hardcore mode! But because it's my second time to platinum this game my rating would be like a 5/10. Soundtracks 10/10 Time Estimated 40h Platinum time 4days and 17h Recommendation 10/10 My review I already wrote one when I got it in my 225 milestone platinum so I will keep it short. This is the best survival horror game that I ever played and I can tell you it's not easy to impress on me by any means! Sorry but the evil within will always stay as my number 1 favourite I will rate this game as second and Outlast 2 is my third. A lot of the new survival games are not as good or a bit meh this one was a fantastic titel and it's the reason why so many people liked it back in 2010. When I platinum first time I thought about doing it again so I ordered the disc in hurry when I heard the PS3 store was going to close thankfully it didn't. I was a little scared about starting it since I used DLC in last version I knew this one would be a tough one but I got it pretty quickly! I planned everything carefully a week before so I knew how to deal with it. Hardcore mode you have only 3 saves for the entire game! No checkpoints. Anyways I died 2 times I made the exact same saves as the other version beginning of chapter 5, 9 and in 13 before the laser room. This time somehow I was pretty nervous even tho I already done it before I have screwed up so many times near my first save holy jeez need to get grabbed by every damn enemy and get small heart attack I scream LEAVE ME ALONE FOR GOD SAKE 😂 I really enjoy the tense of this mode. My first death was in decontamination room (Chapter 10) I somehow tried to rush the area before it and a dark slasher hit me they have very dangerous attacks. When I came back well I got raped there by all the monsters and had no medkits R.I.P they had their dinner finally I really hate this room it's so dark and hard to see. My second death was a funny one believe it or not I missed the QTE before the boss starts I took a sip from my cola zero 😂 and it was already late I was too slow to react. So to sum it all it was a great experience and I'm really proud to have the 2 versions done in my profile. I highly recommend it! Good times. Next platinum? ............