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  1. Good news! But I’m glad that I didn’t hurry and spend any money I had a feeling it was just an April everyone can chill and take a drink.
  2. Mirror Edge I highly recommend you don’t go for the platinum or else you will tear your hair out I heard the speedruns are hard as hell...and btw I don’t have the platinum in that game but this year I will do it.
  3. Yeah R.I.P why they needed to do this! Tears comes down....😢
  4. #238 Call of Duty Classic Dutiful Soldier Unlock all the other trophies 11.09% Rare Enjoyment 9/10 Difficulty 8/10 Soundtracks 9/10 Time Estimated 25h Platinum time 1week and 3h Recommendation 10/10 Easiest trophy Just complete the first training course imao Hardest trophy War Hero for finishing the game on veteran My review this game was more than great I don't recall how I suddenly played it but hearing the good reviews from people is what got me interested. And since the PS3 store will close in June I said better to try now than before its gone forever. I got surprised and amazed by the FPS of this game it was actually not bad at all since it didn't crash or had any lag issues. The story was interesting and having a health bar is different from the newer Call of Duty games. I absolutely loved the missons and the soundtracks of them and it's not really easy to impress me.....actually this game turned out to be a favourite for me now! But hold my beers!.....Here comes the worst and most frustrating part of the platinum journey is completing the game on Veteran I can't believe how hard it was I died over 600 times and the thing is you have a health bar for the entire misson! If you have less than 50% health you will not get a checkpoint let alone dying in 1-2 shots. There is so many enemies they shoot their AK-47's like it's a sniper rifle imao....the rage was special in this run! So many hard missons this mode will really test your limit. Hardest levels are Pavlov's house, Ship, Pegasus day and Dam. But anyways I must say the difficulty of this game is a bit overrated by a lot of people even tho I messed up a lot I still pulled it off rather quickly and I believe any gamer with a good practice can beat this! Next platinum? ..........
  5. Dark souls: Remastered
  6. It’s only you who can answer this question remember do what you like! As for instance I like to play one game at a time and enjoy the feel when I 100% the game in the end.....I will never have 100% account but for me I’m happy with 95% and up at the end gaming is meant for fun no need to overanalyse and complicate such a things....go your own way! This is an example of a profile that I like @Jasko_SOA. A lot of challenging platinums and good taste in gaming also high percentage of completion. This is another 2 profiles @AsheBurns & @AsheRebel that are not as high in completion but it wouldn’t matter anyways since there is a lot good & hard games involved there. So at the end it dosent matter really find your own joy and try new things to see what fits you best good luck 😉
  7. I have completed veteran difficulty and yeah this game is very tough in this mode as others said having one health bar for the entire mission is what makes it challenging. Also dying in 1-2 shots dosent help either so you really must play smart and different from your previous playthrough on regular. Pavlov’s house made me really cry inside I have died over 100 times there in the checkpoint when you need to clear all 5 floors without dying what a nightmare ..not to mention many others missions like Ship, Dam etc. So before you even start this mode be prepared! It’s punishing and not easy but when you get to the end you will feel accomplished good luck 😉
  8. Fallout 4
  9. I love my PS3 a lot when I got in in January 2020 I didn’t even think that it was too late to get it in fact I played so many great games there! Same with my Vita it’s such a great little device to bring on with you when you travelling or away from your console I really liked it.... I knew this news would happen sooner or later I mean seriously after removing the whilist store nothing to be surprised for. So then it’s time to buy all the games that I’m interested in it’s still annoying how there wasn’t any sales in years....a game that came out in 2015 still cost 40€ is beyond insane and the question is how much I’m willing to spend for buying the last items..... R.I.P the store on its way slowly dying 😢
  10. I will pic Drawn To Death! You don’t have platinum in it but the game itself is rare I don’t see it often around.
  11. Death Stranding. Good game.
  12. #233 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Is That All You Got? Earn all the trophies! 21.38% Uncommon Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 4/10 Soundtracks 8/10 Time Estimated 25h Platinum time 1 week and 1 day Recommendation 9/10 a masterpiece Easiest trophy Back in the Saddle Hardest trophies The student surpasses the master / Immortal / Completing each misson on veteran My review finally after a long time I decided to give this game a try. I had it in my library for a while from PS plus but never really got the time to play it. So as far as most COD games the campaign ones are my favourite such as Cod modern warfare . To sum this up I really had much joy playing it the campaign on veteran was not hard compared to COD4 MW it was a cake walk that one shot misson, no fighting in the war room.....god I don't even want to remember how much I struggled! So this one was a breeze very good story, graphics are nice, characters are fun I really like the idea playing with a team at least they can help me kill some enemies imao. Here comes the hardest part in my opinion is for beating BX time under 19.75 sec in S.S.D.D! Jeez I was so bad I legit spend over 1h trying over and over....with a good practice and patience I made it through at the end of the day it wasn't too bad. Immortal for completing each misson without dying and reloading a checkpoint was not hard a lot of people just don't know how to correctly do it so here is my quick tips: 1. Every time you die restart the misson 2. If you leave the game don't press continue instead start from misson select otherwise it will count as a checkpoint restart 3. If you fail a breach restart 4. If you get no friendly fire in screen also restart. Funniest moment dying in the most stupid way when going for the Immortal trophy thankfully each mission is pretty short Best moment just completing the campaign what a story! Rage moment Trying to beat the S.S.D.D time under 19.75 sec.....I legit wanted to brake something so bad! imao 😂 Next platinum? I will check the sale and see what's good there....
  13. Yup that’s the only way...otherwise I really enjoyed this game.
  14. Alright thanks! Edit: Nope it didn’t work