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  1. This is exactly the problem I have right now. I can't get auto patrol trophy and gifts either. However, I can observe that someone got it recently.
  2. Can anyone tell me if it happens to him as well? It's been since last Saturday when net connection is not working. Any news about this issue or any way to solve it? Thanks
  3. Looking for someone who can add me to a 50 level crew or join to mine which is currently 41. My ID tyamant. My crew if you want... Space drivers
  4. Need someone to add me to his/her crew at level 50. It's only for the trophy. Then, I'll leave. Thanks in advance. My ID is tyamant.
  5. Achieved
  6. I've just sent them an email to the one you provided. Let's hope it'll work!!
  7. I'm experiencing troubles when unlocking this trophy as I get the requirements but the trophy doesn't pop up. I've tried both reaching the population required before finishing the last task and once the results are shown finishing the scenario. Any tips for this? How to let the developers to know about this bug?
  8. I have unlocked both male and female equipments except for the new licensed outfits. However the trophy didn't pop up. I'll try to buy the female new outfits but... Trying to buy male ones may be insane... I've calculated and they're more than 360.000 coins. I downgraded some time ago for the challenge in the academy, but now I'm with 1.07 I don't know what to do... This game is disgusting
  9. Hey , I've just got the school is out trophy!!! But I didn't even passed the last challenge. I only did the rest of the training games that I hadn't started yet and it popped in the middle of my last advanced training. I am surprised and pleases at the same time. Now I can enjoy the game to get the rest of the trophies. Thanks for all your help and answer me. Curious game!!! Note that I achieved the trophy with version 1.00 (without updates). The only problem now to get this is for me trophy is that I have lost my first career data, where I had most of the equipment already bought... But anyway... There's no other option.
  10. I tried many times the challenge 10 with patched version against Coco gauff. But it was impossible for me achieving the second set, due to many coordination errors. I'm not sure if trying the option of quitting out. But I would need further information to do this. What does it consist on?
  11. I definitely passed the challenge 5, thanks for your advice. However, I'm experiencing troubles when beating the last challenge 10. First I tried it with the updated patch installed (v. 1.05), but the exigency was overwhelming and I had to desist after uncountable attempts. Then, I tried the second option, uninstalled the patch and run the original game. However, it's happening that, although the level has decreased infinitely, when I reach the second set, the game crashes and stops counting my points scored. I've tried many times... And sometimes crashes and sometimes just doesn't count any point... Any suggestions to overcome this issue?? I'm really fed up of the game and I only need to finish this !!! Thanks
  12. Ive deleted the game. Bought physical copy. But... When I open my career... An error ocurrs. I guess digital copy save data is not compatible with physical data ones. So... I have to restart the career again... Unless you have any other solution
  13. I won the challenge with Nadal. However.. in career mode I've followed your advice and give 30 points to attack, but as the challenge can't be repeated without exiting the training, it's very boring and extremely difficult. Any tip for this stage? Besides.... Women characters barely appear.
  14. I'm disappointed because I can't complete this challenge. I'm at level 30 in career mode, but it seems impossible to beat any player in that kind of difficulty. Has anyone any advice that could help??? Thanks in advance.
  15. Still waiting for any news. Anyone of you knows about a new patch to solve this? Have you heard anything about it? It seems quite strange not having information for this issue.