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  1. Does anyone know the best place to farm for gold parts? Im not getting many at all
  2. Does anyone know if some the kill trophies are glitched? I have had over 70 beast and blackout kills but still not got the trophies for 50 kills of each but I can see 2 people have these trophies The trophies are Beast killer soldier and Blackout killer soldier Anyone else having the same problem?
  3. Thankyou I got the plat after posting this and forgot to come back and update. But thankyou for reply
  4. I have just got the plat on this today after most of the trophies glitching on me. As I was playing it with my second account I noticed that that account was getting the trophies and not me on my main account. So I decided to delete all saves from both accounts and start over with my account as the second player. This seemed to pop all the trophies when it should and I got the million points trophy and my plat :) Hope this helps people who are struggling to get the trophies. Seems they are not glitched after all just mixed up lol ☺️
  5. Can someone please tell me how to get the trophy for watching all scenes in chapter 4? Its the last trophy i need and i cant figure it out. I have followed all the characters all the way through but it hasnt popped. Is there something im missing?
  6. thanx for letting me no m8
  7. they are well glitched m8