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  1. My Top 3: Spider-man,Red Dead Redemption 2 and God Of War.
  2. I hope Bethesda can change.But the more I see stuff like this......I don't know If they can.
  3. That's cute😄,Sicho you don't need to watch the links If they bother you so much.Most of these things from the links have already been said by me and others. So you are saying,everyone like Youtubers and Critics should not be taken seriously If they talk about the problems/Issues Fallout 76 has? ok sure man. I am not forcing anyone to watch them.Just posting links to people who are Interested In having a look at Fallout 76 and what Bethesda have been doing so far😏.
  4. Extended Review Discussion.
  5. Well shit.
  6. At least now people won't give them a free pass. They have to try harder next time.
  7. Mostly Water, thanks for asking. Well after playing It,I was suprised how Impressive the gameplay was compared to RDR1 and how different It was.Took some time to get used to the new controls, but overall I like the realistic gameplay along with movement/animations very Impressive how far they come.Sure at It's core It's RDR of course, but It Improved, and that's all I ask for.Feel free to agree or disagree. It wasn't a bad thing as long as It was good.If Fallout 76 had Human NPCs with good quest and a great story with or without other players, but also Improved the Issues from Fallout 4.I would welcome the game and support It.
  8. I might as well link this.
  9. Why couldn't they at least make something completely different and better Instead of reusing Fallout 4 assets? my main Issue Is nothing has changed and the same Issues from Fallout 4 are still there.Fallout 4 came out 2015 right? Fallout 76 feels like Fallout 4.5 Multiplayer mod. I am aware of Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 being on different consoles. I just expected something new and different just like how Red Dead Redemption 2 feels like a new completely game compared to Red Dead Redemption.
  10. Sorry for expecting and wanting something better.Yes we all were asking Bethesda to make a Multiplayer only Fallout amirite? last time I checked people either wanted both singleplayer and multiplayer or some sort of coop In singleplayer.You do understand right? Wouldn't you agree that Fallout 76 could have at least Improved a bit more from Fallout 4? Yes I am aware It's a spin off and when I was talking about Red Dead Redemption 2 I was talking about how much has changed and pretty much Improved In general, It felt like a completely different game.Why can't Fallout 76 at least Improve and be complete different compared to Fallout 4?
  11. "Maybe your issues will make more sense when you wage them against Fallout 5".If they keep doing what they are doing, there won't be a Fallout 5. If Fallout 76 sells well In the end, we will get the same problems over and over. "Bethesda isn't CDPR or Rockstar. You might want to have proper expectations".I expect high quality from every other company after all It's 2018 and everyone has stepped up their game.I am not paying 20 dollars or more for Fallout 76......hell no!
  12. I see no evolution from Fallout 4 to 76. All I see Is slightly better lightning. In short Fallout 4.5.I used Red Dead Redemption as a example of what they should be doing. If Elder Scrolls VI or Fallout 5 comes I want those games to do just like Red Dead Redemption 2 and be a completely different game compared to the previous title.Sure Red Dead Redemptions first title came a long time ago. It's how much Rockstar games evolved with their previous title and how far they come with the sequel, and how completely different It Is.Bethesda didn't try with Fallout 76 and It shows with the reused assets from Fallout 4 and such which Is a shame.I was hoping for something better but oh well. You have a point on the older games. We both can agree at least the engine has Issues and It needs to be sorted out.
  13. I said I just wanted a game similar to Fallout 2 In terms of Story,Characters and dialogue but with Fallout 4 gameplay and engine done better."Their current engine has been redesigned so much" really? Because what I seen so far Is just Fallout 4 Multiplayer mod gone wrong (pretty much sums up the game).Until I see a "real" Upgrade/Update from them and not the same crap from Fallout 4 I won't buy any of their games.Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, look how much that franchise evolved. That's what I call a upgrade.
  14. I just want them to take the time to look at the problems/Issues and fix them.They been using the same engine far too long and many of the Issues from Skyrim and Fallout are still there. Yes I expect there to be problems with a new engine,but that's the only option they got now. They have no choice now thanks to Fallout 76.