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  1. Already bored to death with the MP. It's a pass for me, until they Improve the MP.
  2. Oh god more Gummiship Trophies 😱
  3. Will Anthem have Microtransactions? I like the whole Iron-man flying suit gameplay. But I am not quite sure If I am gonna buy It, because you know EA.
  4. After the whole Star Wars Battlefront 2 scandal and how they been handling criticism, no wonder why many people hate them so much.
  5. I could see them making DLC costume packs but Other then that yeah seems It's over for DLC trophies.
  6. I Don't know. All Insomniac Games said was this will be the "last" DLC for the city that never sleeps expansion.If Insomniac Games plans to make another DLC I hope It's longer like 7-10 hours.
  7. Silver Lining so far has the worst suit selection In my opinion. The previous DLC had better suits.
  8. Nice I also need to get the Amazing Spider-man Platinum Trophy.I remember that game being decent and fun.
  9. 100% agree with Mysterio. There Is so much you can do with him.
  10. Did any of those other games have online trophies?
  11. -Persona 5 -Nioh -Medievil
  12. I would love Crisis Core Remastered.
  13. Yeah Final Fantasy X was one of the best FF games out there. Last good FF game In my opinion,after XV came out which I thought was good, despite the flaws It had. Sadly we are never gonna see XV at It's maxium potential because of Square Enix and the way they operate.I Don't expect anything good from them after what happened with XV.
  14. I wish we could.We still can't even get the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 + Platinum after all those years because of two trophies that are not possible to get.I tried talking with Team Ninja but nothing happened.I would not be suprised If Square Enix does the same.
  15. Thank you NekoRave