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  1. PSN: NerfTheLhaDerp07 Feel free to add me! Just say you're from PSNP.
  2. I love it how the Developers took the time to launch it globally on all their released platforms. Seeing as there are only 2 of them on the team, just proves their passione for the game and their love for the fans. Also, yeah Atlas is a very big pain especially when you have to face him as the last council member. The small arena doesn't help in dealing with him.
  3. The Sky Palace Update for the game is live now! Here's what were getting: ----------- Quick Overview ----------- New Sky Palace stage Wind Sovereign Shuu joins the Magic Council Over 20 new arcana and 20 new signatures Endless Mode Over 35 new relics 3 new outfits New enemies And more! Read more here: Let's get discussion going! I for one am excited for this update because new arcana, new relics, new outfits, means new synergies!
  4. Wait, so you need to S Rank the Missions too? I thought the trophy bugged on me after S Ranking all story missions.
  5. Asia PS Plus line-up is stacked. Seems like US got the short end of the stick.
  6. Friday the 13th.. nuff said.
  7. Typoman 😅
  8. #4 - Typoman: Revised An indie game that had a lot of potential but went to being dubbed as a clone of the popular game Limbo. I started the game and just right up-to the 1st chapter of the game, I left it for a couple of months. I then went right back into it for the sake of the Platinum. I finished it, netting the needed trophies that warrants only a 2nd play-through for the 5 death run. Or so I've thought because while doing the 5 death run, I was stuck for a couple of days in restarting over and over again because of one difficult platforming section at the end. I practiced it over and over again and went to restart the game again. Needless to say, I've completed it with a rush of adrenaline. My hands were shaking and sweating symbolizing that I've conquered the 5 death trophy of the game. The only thing left to finish is the Mini-game, the Antonymizer, I went through this ON and OFF for a couple of weeks because it was just plain boring. You had to craft 163 WORDS to complete it, this task isn't difficult, it's just tedious and takes away the fun from the game. Having gone so far, I had no choice but to grit my teeth and bear with it through to the finish. Enjoyment(Campaign): 7/10 Enjoyment(Mini-game): 1/10 Overall Difficulty: 5/10
  9. Anima: Gate of Memories To summarize it, the game is just bad mixed in with wonky combat controls, horrible voice dialogue and a cliche plot. What turned me off the game was the difficulty in navigating the freaking skill tree. How could you even mess that up, it just goes all over the place when you navigate. You were going from the branching skill on the left but it goes to the skill on the right of it, or below it. Spending 5 minutes navigating the skill tree is just bad. It takes away the immersion to an already bad game. Though I regret buying it, I still need to finish playing through with the game for the platinum.
  10. PSN ID: NerfTheLhaDerp07 Feel free to add me, I'm only online during the weekends because of my work. Need some friends to talk and play games with. Games: • Monster Hunter World • Red Dead Redemption II • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven • Journey