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  1. Shit, same. Just... yikes.
  2. A damn masterpiece from the looks of it
  3. What was the money glitch, if you don't mind sharing?
  4. Do you happen to remember where the blueprint for the purple golf balls is?
  5. Nah, I already tried it after I saw the update and no luck 😔 Looks like I really am just gonna have to run through the game on Lovecraft. I wouldn't have such a problem with it if the first time I started such a run I hadn't ended up hitting a bug in episode 1 that kept me from progressing, really killed my will to start over and keep going. Ah well... maybe someday...
  6. I've asked a couple times in various places now and have yet to get a straight answer. The only trophy I'm missing is "Shielded by Madness", and I've been told that fulfilling the requirements for it on H.P. Lovecraft difficulty and then finishing the game (as per what is for some reason the plat's description) will unlock it, but I have my doubts. I'm willing to do a playthrough on H.P. Lovecraft if that's what it'll take, but I'd really rather not since I have no guarantees it will in fact unlock and if there's any other possible solution here.
  7. Level Max and the plat are at 1.6% on PSN now (0.7% for the EU version) - dare I hope that they may finally be fixed?
  8. I did a quick runthrough of episode 5 grabbing all the documents after I downloaded the update hoping to finally unlock Shielded by Madness, but no luck.
  9. Hard to really say without a trophy cabinet set up.
  10. I think Low Baller may be bugged now too, just qualified from a round of Jinxed with 1 person on my team left and didn't get it.
  11. Update: I'm finding some resources online now that suggest you have to actually talk to the "ghost" of a character you've previously lost... however, the couple of times I've managed to do that I've been killed by them in turn. Is there a way to avoid this or tell whether they'll kill me or give me the achievement?
  12. So no matter how many times I pick up items dropped by a character who died, I can't seem to get this trophy... is there more to it that I'm missing, or I am just really unlucky and getting a glitch? I can't seem to find any helpful information online, so I'd really appreciate any help.
  13. So what's the story on this? Is there more to it than just the 8 documents or do you just have to hope you get lucky and that it won't glitch out on you?
  14. So most of the trophies with a 0% on here have some people who've gotten them that aren't registered to the site, but the exceptions are "Idylls of the King" and the plat (obviously). Anyone know if these are just because nobody has gotten around to getting them yet, or are they unobtainable?
  15. Now, it goes without saying that all the boss fight themes are absolute bangers, and therefore it's a tough question, but which one is your favorite? For me it's gotta be Sayu's theme. I've got a big soft spot for lyrical songs in games, plus the last verse always gets me pumped up.