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  1. Does someone can give a link with all in one video please?
  2. Can someone help with netherite armor trophy please? Dante_Vergili
  3. Can you please explain what trophies I can got after downgrade?:)
  4. But why you need debug? Is it have some exploit?
  5. Quick Classic Mode. Does wins count in this mode for 100 wins trophy?
  6. Hey! Dose someone have tipes for Antipode trophy/ Or how easy to do it... Its too hard to shoot in 7 people /
  7. I have edition button. Playing in open game mode but trophies doesn’t pop. I don’t know wtf with this game...
  8. Are you have latest game version and have an Edituon button?
  9. I did downgrade game to 1.90 v before bedrock. Then I updated it. But button steel unubtainable.. 3 month ago I have edition button but I missed it. I don’t know why it’s happen..
  10. But how to do this anyway? I can’t do this trophies cos I have no this button... (
  11. How to do this button?
  12. Can someone help with 2 and 5 dlc?
  13. Does anyone know any ways how to get trophies for this game? And survivor. Cause bedrock edition have no that...
  14. I've found all items on extra life mod but when i played in normal mode i didnt seen some keys. Maybe on extra life you can found all items?
  15. and after completing the story? I steel can’t?