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  1. What do you think about changing PSN id? Maybe it will reset the progress cause you are a new member I think…
  2. I have an idea. What if someone change email and PSN ID and start the game? Maybe it will be a new save file cause you are a new member now? And you can do all expeditions again for the trophy.
  3. They make a ned dls soon, so i hope its 1st variant for patch. I hope it will..
  4. You need to jump and block it for this trophy
  5. How to do The Wall trophy?
  6. Good job! I did it too. We need more tickets like this!
  7. I dont know.. They are answering. But support dont know nothig. They say what i can delete my save from ps5 andits erace all my data. But... PS5 have no outriders save. Its cloud saving game... LoL
  8. Do i need PS Move or i can play with dualshok?
  9. Leave your comments here too. Dev must see this thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/outriders/comments/r0kbmk/just_take_the_pod_trophy_not_unlocking_on_ps5
  10. Does this work PS4 - PS5 ? And how this work. Does it autounlock trophies?
  11. I did it agony on a new character. And nothing… If someone can pls msg on this tread for more activity!
  12. For me “take the pod” glitched after changing version. I’ve got PS4 100% and ps5 version after playing stack on 3/4 expeditions.
  13. You mean new horizon expeditions ?
  14. It’s glitched for me. Did all on PS4 and got the trophy. When I start on ps5 it stuck on 3/4. I redo all again twice and nothing. Anyone know how to fix this?
  15. What about 2500 and 10k kills autopop? Is it good? Or need to do it again on local mode?