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  1. Can I get 100% if I have game with comrade dlc version and I can play on it if I don’t start the game? And someone have a little guide for this comrades trophies? How and where I can do them.
  2. I can’t get this trophy. When I start Open Tutorial - nothing happens. Just 20 min riding. That’s all. How can I get this now?
  3. Any tipes for now? It’s fkn Rng
  4. So, fastest way is..? What do you think?
  5. Yea, it’s so hard trophy. Maybe it has some hide way or something..
  6. Looking for nitro item for Don’t Look Back trophy. Can someone help?
  7. What’s the best way to get 1:0 trophy? I’m almost give up... :(((
  8. Does this glitch working now?
  9. Does anyone have a good team who can help with second raid? its too hard to find 8 ppl.
  10. I hope what someone will find some glitch how to do it faster... :/
  11. It’s steel doesn’t work...
  12. do you know some clans which can help?:)
  13. How some people got this trophy?
  14. Does someone can give a link with all in one video please?
  15. Can someone help with netherite armor trophy please? Dante_Vergili