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  1. For me “take the pod” glitched after changing version. I’ve got PS4 100% and ps5 version after playing stack on 3/4 expeditions.
  2. You mean new horizon expeditions ?
  3. It’s glitched for me. Did all on PS4 and got the trophy. When I start on ps5 it stuck on 3/4. I redo all again twice and nothing. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. What about 2500 and 10k kills autopop? Is it good? Or need to do it again on local mode?
  5. But it has a glitches items on block C (or page 3). This is a afterbirth items but after repentance update one is blocked.
  6. And how to play with3 another friends?
  7. Can I transfer a save file or this game have autopop?
  8. Maybe trophies will be later.
  9. Are you steel helping?
  10. Hey! Can someone confirm, does it real to 100% on psvita now? And can I transfer PS4 save to psvita? For autopop.
  11. Hmm.. So can I transfer my PS4 save an get some trophies (I hope most hard of them will pop) then start playing on psvita and at last transfer save to ps3 and finish dlc ( all what unobtainable). Can I get 100% like that? ps3/vita have 1 trophy list?
  12. Can someone drop some good staffs?
  13. So, does it have autopop? Anyone can try this?
  14. Looking help with Zenith and Emoress of Light trophy. Have no save too..
  15. Looking help with any trophies on ps vita.
  16. Looking help with all trophies. If someone can trade something it would great!
  17. Gymkhana didn’t pop for me. And I did 32000 points again but steel no trophy. Someone got this too? :(((
  18. Can someone help with upgrades and others? I don’t understand what I need to do. I have all 99 lvl weapons. Strong is 550. All 4 weapons is max I think and I steel have trouble with 70-90 lvl enemies. what I do wrong or what I missed?
  19. Hello! Can someone give requests please? For achievements I need to do daily run? I know broken crown need to complete 5 run in a row. And what I need for others? 🤔
  20. Can I get 100% if I have game with comrade dlc version and I can play on it if I don’t start the game? And someone have a little guide for this comrades trophies? How and where I can do them.
  21. How some people got this trophy?
  22. I can’t get this trophy. When I start Open Tutorial - nothing happens. Just 20 min riding. That’s all. How can I get this now?
  23. Any tipes for now? It’s fkn Rng
  24. So, fastest way is..? What do you think?
  25. Yea, it’s so hard trophy. Maybe it has some hide way or something..