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  1. lego ninjago the movie : you don't need to play the level again, seeing the animations, etc. to get 100% collectibles from the stage. after finishing the level for the first time, it becomes part of the open world map lego star wars the force awekens, easy and fun lego Lord of the rings, to many side quests, is boring
  2. I recently bought DLC director's cut, trying to give the game a second chance, but it's still difficult to find people online, so I gave up
  3. matchmaking borderlands 3 is broken, all different chaos levels, VHM vs TRUEVHM modes ...very rare I find people online. it's been more than 1 year that I can't play in 4 people, the maximum I can is 2, a lot of people abandoned the game.
  4. I have a question regarding multiplayer,: you can play with someone random from the internet, such as remnant from the ashes. or you can only play with your PSN friends, like minecraft dungeons with the end of ps4 communities, some games have become hard to find people online for quick matches.
  5. remembered the % chance of hit of Xcom2
  6. on my way to platinum, there's something that's been making me very discouraged, the loading times on fast travel. I decided to make some trophies, such as: Orlog Champion > Beat all the Orlog players Slam Master > Complete all the flytings The Hidden Truth > Obtain all video fragments and watch the hidden truth video Master Hunter > Defeat all Alpha animals (Base game only) Dreamcatcher > Destroy 10 Curse Symbols (Base game only) with this mistake, I ended up making a lot of unnecessary fast travel, which is annoying and ended up making me take a break from platinum in Valhalla. I should have focused on this trophy: Completionist All the Way! > Complete all territories so the other trophies would come naturally, doing 100% of one map before going to the next map.
  7. a question, to unleash the bigbang attack just use the elixir? to not have to wait all the time,
  8. I don't think so, because at the sony psnstore, there's no longer the basic version of the game for sale, there's only one, the director cut
  9. farm on Frist City>>> Side Alley, when the large white monsters appers, die and repeat
  10. I had this problem yesterday with my pS vita, I replaced the battery with a new battery, started psvita, set the date and time and started the game. my first trophy after changing the battery came with no date, I had to turn on the wifi and connect my account, the next trophy came with the correct date and time. I now have 1 trophy written "missing timestamp"
  11. it really is a very big game, odyssey with 80 hours I platinum. valhalla I’m already 120 hours, and I haven’t platinum yet,
  12. yes, u can plat on solo, i started play in 3 weeks, really easy, only take time to collect trophy
  13. tnx