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  1. I'll need to start picking up some pals/folk to do the multiplayer stuff soon. Bar the 100 solo missions I think I've done everything I can do solo that doesn't include getting certain materials, finding alien bits etc etc. I would assume that working in teams and being able to tackle Hazard Level 4 and 5, you'd be able to level up faster.
  2. Nah, not at all. Tons of support from the devs, great gameplay, tons of replayability and it is fun. It will be around for years. Total aside, I think it's a totally great game to platinum if you accept it will take a few years. I love it and have done since I was playing it on the PC. I've been playing a mission or two every couple of days and that's good enough for me
  3. I think you're already insane pal. SMB Platinum? No thanks, hard pass. Best of luck!
  4. I've literally just come off losing back to back attempts at solo Hazard Level 4, both times due to some really stupid crap on my part. All I can suggest for this is focus on one and keep moving. I play as the Scout so the zip wire helps get around
  5. That's basically it. The more avenues they've got to get Gamepasson, the more their revenue increases. How do they do that? With Consoles and Exclusives. I'm not sure why anyone thinks they'd do anything else really? Sony would do exactly the same thing in their position, as would Apple if it was about phones or Tesla if it was about cars. It isn't about giving everyone the opportunity to play the games you love regardless of the platform you want to do it on. It's about profit margins. That's not being a cynic. That's me being a realist.
  6. When it comes to exclusivity, where games will end up and who ultimately will lose out, Microsoft's answer will always be: "Buy our console". They're a business. They want to sell consoles, among other things. It's as simple as that really.
  7. For my sins, My Friend Pedro. Only four more S-Ranks to go and it's done. That and Control, mostly
  8. Played Battlefield 3 for 24 hours straight for charity. Twice. Raised nearly three grand in the process. Had a nap and then played it again that evening. Loved that game!
  9. I'm planning on going back through all the Uncharted games and doing the DLC. It's one of my favourite series - my PS4 is the Uncharted 4 limited edition one Good luck with Demon Souls. That's a big fat 'nope' from me! Yeah exactly. I've got a lot of PS3 games to go back over and some of them I played for reviewing purposes so I never really tracked what I was getting or when but it will be good to finish off the ones that I can.
  10. Update number two! It's been an alright week! Update #2 Starting Completion: 49.21% Last week Completion: 48.86% Current Completion: 49. 14% Goal: 55% Nearly back to where we were at the turn of the year, thankfully. Completed Games Star Wars Battlefront II Current Games Assassins Creed Unity Carrying on picking up the collectables. Still sitting around 75-80%. I've started the riddles but it's abit dull to be honest and I'm ready to be done with this. Dead Kings DLC will likely be done at a later date once the platinum is achieved. My Friend Pedro Just got to S-rank every level. Got a bit drunk the other night and managed to bust out four S-ranks. Only got six left to go and then I will be celebrating by deleting it from my hard drive 😁 Control Getting further along with this and working on the side mission and collectable trophies. I think it's going to be a relatively easy and enjoyable 100%. I reckon it will be done by end of February at the latest. Deep Rock Galactic Going to be a long, long term project. Won't be done this year but will keep chopping away at it. Did the roller-coaster trophy the other night and just trying to get the trickier ones here and there so it's done. Loads of fun but won't be getting finished in 2022. New Games Nothing new started this week! Just want to say, I'm really loving this event - it's the first one I've done and the community is really supportive and a lot of fun generally That's it! Happy hunting everyone!
  11. Hope the test either comes back negative or if it is positive, it isn't too severe Well done this week. 👍
  12. I can confirm a similar strategy worked for me. I didn't move my dwarf either and just danced. I did it more or less in one sitting while watching TV 😁
  13. Star Wars Battlefront II - 4.45% Rarity. 40th Platinum. Difficulty 4/10 Enjoyment 8/10 Not as hard as it was on release and just a bit of a grind in certain places but overall, plenty of fun.
  14. No worries at all. Like I say, would have been my first and I took one look at the instructions to writing a guide and knew I wouldn't have time for it. Helped maintain a gaming website in the past so if you want anything proof-read or looked at for editing, happy to help 😊 Good luck and can't wait to read the finished product.
  15. Yeah I've got quite a few that I'm going to need to go back and finish will be good to get some of them done. Others, however, will just never get finished. Annoying but is what it is. Oh really? I'd heard the trophies were buggy but the game was kinda alright. I liked the idea of driving about and wrecking stuff but I'll give it some thought before diving in. Thanks I LOVE Dead Space. Got the artwork book for Christmas. I lost a bunch of progress due to a corrupted save which is why it is sitting unfinished. That and I originally completed it on the 360. I'd never go near number 2 because one of the trophy requirements is pretty insane. I've neve played 3 actually. I'm very excited for the remaster of the original.