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  1. Finally got round to installing this on my phone rather than relying on my laptop every other night. Outstanding work @HusKy. I sense beers in your future! 😊👍
  2. Loved reading about your BioShock journey dude. It remains one of my favourite series when I did them on PC many moons ago and doing the remastered collection on PlayStation will be a real treat for me, much like the Mass Effect collection as and when I get round to it. This challenge has certainly made me consider what I trophy hunt a lot more but I'm saving some thoughts up for an end of the year/challenge post.
  3. This was a great read. Love that there's some Zelda love on these forums. Link To The Past is probably my favourite but I've got a lot of time for Majoras Mask 😍
  4. Thanks, appreciate the reply. Guess I'll just wait until I come across someone with a copy. Highly unlikely to ever be the case I imagine.
  5. Great news. Ticks a few more off the list. I'll try and get it setup and see how we go. Thanks
  6. Sorry for the double post but I'm just intrigued by the maths of it all. Did some more Spyro tonight and my % jumped up to 51.66. Working on the basis that Bronze = 0.1% Silver = 0.3% Gold = 0.6% When I finish Spyro 2 my % will be greater than when I started, even though the trophy list wasn't being counted as I had no trophies already popped. My % gain will go from 51.89 to 52.26 which isn't the total value of the trophy list. It represents an increase of 0.37 whereas the list is worth 0.78. Anyway, I'm going to bed but will be interesting to see if my % exceeds 51.89% when I finish Spyro 2 because (I think) it shouldn't?
  7. Thanks brother. I'm cracking on now. I reckon if I look at the drop caused by Deep Rock Galactic and Untitled Goose Game I've probably done nearly 5% overall this year but hey-ho. Between that and a few games becoming unattainable this year, it was a bit of a gut punch. Still, picked up a copy of ModNation Racers so I can at least do the single player stuff 🤣 All heading in the right direction.
  8. What's your opinion of mint chocolate?
  9. This sounds like a lot of fun. Sign me up!
  10. Did anything ever come of this? Was anyone able to get online trophies?
  11. Of course my dude, didn't think anything of it. Gotta jump on that. Yeah, I'll hit you up for Resogun, no doubt 😅👍 In other news...I'm a little confused but here's what I think has happened. I played the Spyro Reignited Trilogy a couple of years back. Plat for the first game but all three games showed up on my profile. S Rank for the first and F for 2&3. Now in my mind, as they're on my profile and (I'm assuming) bringing my average ranking down (due to the F), I assumed they'd be bringing my completion percentage down too. Except I just started Spyro 2 last night and my completion percentage has dropped by nearly 0.50%. So I guess if the trophy list is on your profile...but you haven't earned any trophies in them, they don't count towards the overall completion percentage. This was likely old news to a lot of you but a gut punch to me. Won't be making 55% this year and will likely fail the challenge as a result.🤦 Hey-ho.
  12. So I've done the maths based off of some rough workings out. My current percentage is 51.89% If I complete Spyro 2, 3 and do the second playthrough of Bastion that takes me to 54.05% I'll only need 0.90% before the end of the year. Given I started on the low 49% and introduced Deep Rock Galactic in February, I've got a pretty decent chance of hitting my 55% target but also nearly a 7% increase for the year. Just gotta not cave to the temptation of God of War Ragnarok 😂
  13. Amazing on the Resogun and Uncharted Trophies pal. They're both ones I have to do. Been looking back over my full list this weekend and feeling considerably gutted that there are some things I'll never get due to servers being closed or games no longer being available. Guess it will be what it will be.
  14. So is this a no go for the online? I have played the game previously so know I'd enjoy it but not looking to get locked out of online trophies
  15. No issues from a difficulty perspective for me. Got the plat and I'd say it's easier than the first game. Can't speak for the 100%. Great game, great series.