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  1. Thanks to @OhDearGodRun for another lovely banner! Would you just look at all that Despair? Oh, this definitely tickles my pickles! Whoa, did I really just say that out loud? The wait is finally over! The time has finally come! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED ALREADY! Upupu Productions* proudly presents: An event by @Monokuma Featuring: - @Monokuma - @cr1s - A couple of special guests (maybe, hopefully... the more, the merrier! Wait a minute, did I just say "hopefully"? It's alright, you'll just pretend you never heard that word coming from me, right?) - And a bunch of other characters but who cares about them, amirite? DESPAIR-A-TON #1: DANGANRONPA EDITION! DECEMBER 1-31, 2018 And there you go, @Honor_Hand and everyone else! I'm sure this comes as a huge shock to you all! I know you have some questions about this event, but no worries, for I have anticipated this and prepared what you naughty beings like to call a "FAQ" for you all! FAQ: Q: Why "Despair-A-Ton"? A: Are you kidding me? How the hell is this a "frequently asked question"? Fine, I'll explain... Because it's an event that features Despair... A LOT of Despair. Capiche? Next! ... Okay, I guess I should explain a bit more. Well, there's not much to it. It's basically a series of themed events, and the "Despair" (theme) is different every time. Oh yes, there are different kinds of Despair out there, and they should all be experienced by my beloved test subject @cr1s! This time it's Danganronpa, next time it'll be... Now, now. It's still too early to reveal it. #Soon Q: What's a "Danganronpa"? A: WHAT? I MUST EDUCATE YOU ALL! Danganronpa is the series that stars me, the one and only @Monokuma, as its lovable bear mascot! Developed by the genius minds at Spike Chunsoft, it's a long and exciting battle between Hope and Despair! A truly memorable journey that deserves its own event. Of course Danganronpa had to be the opener! Choosing another theme for the very first Despair-A-Ton would've been quite ironic... But yeah, Danganronpa in a nutshell: Q: When will this event occur? A: These questions... I've already answered that! Don't tell me you missed it! I'll say it one last time: DECEMBER 1-31, 2018 Q: What will happen during this event? A: Stuff... But seriously, I'll get to that in a bit. Man, you're all so damn impatient... @[email protected] Q: Will there be spoilers? A: Don't fret. I know how much spoilers (and by that I mean the lack thereof, obviously!) matter to you all, so I'll make sure not to mention any spoilers during my commentary! I wouldn't want to lose my favorite audience because of something like that! Q: Cats or dogs? A: Yeah, okay... Question time is over! And now, let's shed some more light on this event! Also, bears. RULES: Rules? What rules? It's basically just @cr1s playing the Danganronpa series again, right? ... WRONG! There are 4 rules that @cr1s must follow during this event: - All of the existing Danganronpa games shall be played back-to-back (and in order, obviously) and platinumed on PS4 during the aforementioned time period (no, I won't say it again...). That means the following games: Danganronpa 1/2 Reload (i.e. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair) Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (NA version) - No other games shall be played while the event is still running; - No breaks shall be taken in-between the games (sleep and work are obviously excluded. I gotta let my test subject "rest", after all. ); - None of the dialogue shall be skipped. Just because @cr1s has already played the series before doesn't mean he can speedrun them! Now that would make me one angry bear, and believe me when I say that you wouldn't want to see me angry. Fear the true power of @Monokuma! Breaking any of the above rules will result in a severe punishment for @cr1s. It basically involves me yelling "IT'S PUNISHMENT TIME!" followed by a gory scene. Oh, yes! It's called "punishment", after all. I'd also like to remind everyone that the Danganronpa games are still part of the Fall 2018 list. Much to my dismay, @cr1s is currently at 11 completed games, so merely getting the Danganronpa 1/2 Reload would allow him to secure his second victory against me! I'll do my damndest to ensure this won't happen! And that's pretty much it, unless I missed something else. Will @cr1s manage to platinum all games in the Danganronpa series, or will all that Despair eventually break him? Without further ado... LET THE GAMES BEGIN! PROGRESS: - 45/45 Trophies - 100% - 36/36 Trophies - 100% - 25/41 Trophies - 54% TIMELINE: Check back for daily updates! * Not a real company. Or is it?