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  1. I want to 100% this game, however it tells me that the DLC trophies are not available in my region and I can't download the DLC. Is it possible to change my region to any other country, buy the DLC and get he trophies and then change my region back?
  2. There is a location under Nuketown, where it spawns all the time. When you come from the main part of the map you will notice that there is a pipe of some sort that leads in the underground. Get there and go right. There should be the Juggernog
  3. Can you please help me to get 3 stars in the stages 2-8? I've been trying them over and over again, but I always fail. For example in stage 2 I always reach the boss after around 6 min and 40 seconds. I think the trick with the shield if Asgard doesn't work anymore. I was in a round where one of the players used it. We got the message "Stage failed" and it didn't count toward the 3 stars. Edit: Well I tried it again. It didn't work in the stages 2,6 and 8. In stage 10 I got the 3 stars. Stage 10 was the only one where I myself defeated the boss. I do not know if it only works this stage. It could also be, that only the player that did "kill" the boss gets the 3 stars or if you have to finish all stages, starting from the one where you defeated the boss in one run.