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  1. I am currently at act 1 mission 7. I went and searched for the missing persons and found 6 of them. Now at this point the bonus mission should unlock but that's not happening. Do I need to progress further in the story or is my game bugged? Update: After i finished the first mission in Act 3 i got the phone call from the serial killer and the last investigation unlocked
  2. I started playing the game today. I breached at least 2 floors using the breaching charge from a dlc operator and the trophy did not unlock. Edit: I bought Thatcher, breached another Floor and got the trophy. So it seems that it's glitched if using DLC Operators obtained from the Deluxe Edition
  3. I think for the discreet trophy (kill all suspects without alarm it may need to be done without reloading checkpoint. I was doing the last mission today and tried going for the discreet trophy. The first time i tried doing it by blowing up the barrel and killing all 3 at the same time but that did not work. So i tried completly stealthing the area and after reloading checkpoint a few times i got the challenge for killing everyone without alarm (suspects included) but the trophy did not unlock. I restarted and did the challenge again but it did not unlock the trophy. Only after i killed all 3 of them silently without failing and reloading checkpoint did the rophy unlock.
  4. I recently did it and here is what I noticed. Sometimes the game will still count an alarm, even if you have restarted the checkpoint. You will see that it did glitch by the fact that the detection bar is unfilled but still red (this means that the game thinks there was an alarm but you broke line of sight which means that the enemy doesn't see you but still is alarmed). You can solve this issue by quitting to the main menu (some people report only complety closing the game works but in my expierence main menu is fine) and then continuing from checkpoint
  5. It appears that there is a glitch which positively affects the multiplayer trophies. In the VIP gamemode all the kills the host gets while he is the vip get apparently doubled, cutting the required time for the kill related trophies in half.
  6. I decided to tweet at David Vonderhaar directly about this issue, hoping that maybe our previous requests never made it that far up the chain. Hopefully he sees it and maybe he'll decide to change it. I read one of his tweets where he says he doesn't enjoy cod anymore because he only sees missed opportunities (perhaps because Activision forced them to make changes they did not like and they knew would be unpopular). He might see this as a way to help the franchise and give back to the players hopfully. But he'll likely not respond or write that he can't help us
  7. I decided to tweet at David Vonderhaar directly about this issue, hoping that maybe our previous requests never made it that far up the chain
  8. If I'm not mistaken one of the team member said that it is ultimately the decision of the sites owner. As it stands both he and part of the team are against whitelisting it according to how I understand it, but even if all users of the site and the team would be for it, the owner could still refuse, as is his right. Personally I would love to see this whitelisted, but I can also understand the other point of view. As it stands we can only hope that Microsoft will fix it once they have acquired Activison. The only comparable trophy I know of is the photo one in Battlefield Bad Company, that was also not obtainable for multiple years but eventually got fixed
  9. It appears that spec ops can be played already on playstation provided you have an account and copy from New Zealand and are in a different timezone
  10. How long is it supposed to take till the ai starts to move? i've been waiting for 10 minutes before dying for this stupid ai to go ahead and jump down the rope so i can go after. But nothing ever happens. Edit: After the new update which dropped today (27.10, smaller than day one patch) it seems that the glitch is fixed. The guys jumped down immediately after taking out the snipers and the last car on veteran
  11. So yesterday i completed the campaign on the ps5 version and started did the first 3 levels on the ps4 version. Today the day one patch launched and i downloaded it together with the updated campaign packs. However when i started the game after going online in the campaign menu there was the text installing... and after about 40 minutes it was still there and the bar did not progess. So i went back and tried fixing it by restarting the game, the console and the internet but it did not work. When i put the game in offline mode it did work however and i am able to continue playing the campaign
  12. OK so that's when the plat can be earned. Anyone know why only the ps5 trophies are appearing?
  13. Is spec ops available too or not yet? Couse if it is you can get the plat now
  14. I'm currently watching a stream and campagin achievments can be earned on xbox at least. So i assume they can be earned on PS as well
  15. Can the trophies (or at least some of them) be earned already via eraly access?