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  1. I did most of the forgotten saga trophies on the ps5 first. When i loaded the save on the ps4 none of the trophies unlocked. I played through the game in the assumtion that maybe i need to kill an enemy or do some of the stuff again. The trophies popped after i got killed and send back to the camp (even the bossfight one)
  2. Is it necessary to play with the VR headset or can I get the trophies playing with a normal dualshock controller on a normal TV screen?
  3. I played through Odyssey a few years ago and got 100% of the game (i also did one NG+). Recently i went back and started a second NG+ and this time i could not complete the "a friend worth dying for" story line. More specifically the "siren song" quest, where you need to go into the grave and kill the siren did not work. I killed her, all the guards and i explored the entire grave but the cutscene that should play did not play. So i stopped playing and a week or so later the update with the crossover came out, so i started playing again, but this time i did not even have access to the grave, there was a massive wall where the entrance normally is. I tried breaking it with different abilities and attacks but it did not work. Am I the only one experiencing this (which could mean that the NG+ broke it) or do others have the same problem?
  4. I never had that problem. Try reloading an older save and do the last statue and the last overseer again. Also i'm not sure but Persephone might count as an overseer. If reloading saves and completing the story doesn't work maybe try doing it in the main game. I think you have acess after doing the Atlantis (Legendary Monsters) quests and the Heir of Memories
  5. You will need to fight the headless warrior a few times, after the third time defeating her she should regain her head and be friendly. In the second area you need to free the warriors at the end (might take 2 runs), then talk to the guy at the beginning and defeat the enemies. In the third area run toward the right side with the permanent merchant. Talk to the guy and kill all the druids next to the big tree. The next time he will wait at the beginning of the area and tell you to go to the merchant (the permanent one under the tower) and get 3 stones. After you got the stone he will be nearby and you can give him the stones. Then you need to do another run (so 3) and this time go to the left. He should be near the werewolves. Talk to him, defeat the enemies and you should have it
  6. I recently thought about buying both the ps3 and the ps4 version of the game because in some forum someone told me that the seasons pass is cross buy. However he said that if you buy the ps3 version of the seasons pass it is not possible to upgrade it and that you have to buy the ps4 seasons pass (and that its then possible to "downgrade" it and use it on the ps3 version). Is that true? If it is true does it also work on Advanced Warfare?
  7. I am from Middle Europe and i am currently doing BF2042 ps5 and ps4 (EU) version. If i want to play the NA version as well, can i simply buy a American disc or do i have to buy it digitally?
  8. Ok thanks. What is the difference to the European Version?
  9. I wrote Activision support and i got answered that "they are unable to add league play (back)", and that they will take it as "feedback and a suggestion". They also apologised for my inconvenience and hoped for my understanding
  10. I recently got my ps5 and i want to transfer my files from the ps4 version (100% of trophies earned) to the ps5. Are there still some glitched trophies that won't autopop or have they fixed it (the cross save guide is a year old now so it might not be accurate anymore)?
  11. Ok thanks. I played today and i got the trophies that didn't unlock eralier. The wingsuit trophy unlocked while i was still in the air and the 7 kills with the shield unlocked after my first kill with it. So if trophies dont unlock try closing game or play on a different day
  12. I started playing yesterday and so far played only solo against bots. I tried doing the "dead in their tracks" trophy, the rpg while parashooting and the glidesuit trophy but i could not unlock it even though i met all requirements multiple times. I did unlock "Showoff" and "Deadshot" though. Could be that certain trophies can no longer be unlocked or perhaps they were just temporarily glitched
  13. The first raid didn't pop, even after river raids, orlog didn't pop after beating 2 player. Settlement didn't pop after building armory and uprgading jomsviking hall. Ireland didn't pop story and completion trophies. Royal demands did not pop after completing 10 more and snake trophy did not pop after killing 3 animals in ireland and 20 snakes in England
  14. I transfered my files and most, but not all trophies popped. In the Main game the settlement trophies did not pop, i tried to see if building the new armory building fixes it but nothing happened. The first raid trophy also did not pop, even after doing a river raid. To my suprise the orlog trophy is also glitched and did not pop after i defeated the champion in the settlement. Wrath of the Druids is propably the most glitched one, i only got the sickle and the armor trophy. Even after doing reda quests (which popped the Francia and Ragnarok trophies after i did them in those region) didn't pop anything. Killing a random animal poped the Mythical animals trophy but did not give me the last snake trophy.
  15. Does this game have cross gen/ cross platform support (like invading a ps4 players game from the ps5 version)? And if so can trophies be autopoped?
  16. OK thanks. I'll see what I can do in regards do that. I know that there are some games (battlefield 3 and 4 I know of) that automatically sync trophies when starting them up
  17. I recently started a game on my account that i always played with my friend on his ps3. I have the game almost completed and only 5 trophies (plat not included) are missing. My friend wants to sell his ps3 and realised that my profile (and all played games) is still on the console. So i took a look at it and realised that i have about half of the trophies earned on that console, including the 5 trophies i am missing now, but never synced it to psn (i conected once or twice to play online and then always played offline for the game in question). If i do that now what will happen with the trophies i earned twice (aka. will they have the old or the new timestamp) have since i will have all trophies exept the patinum, will it unlock when i start the game after syncing or will it glich out and i will have all trophies exept the platinum?
  18. Sorry my bad I also double checked the ps3. I have both my primary and my secondary account on there and as it turns out the trophies in question are on the secondary and i also have lost my password so i guess i can't sync them. I'll still sync the games on the primary but hide them till i have completed them
  19. I was thinking more like downloading some form of modding software on the ps3, delete the trophies that would cause trouble but keep the rest, delete the software and sync it. Souldnt count as cheating since im deleting trophies and not giving them
  20. OK thanks. It a shame cause there are some trophies on there of other games that have since become unavailable so I'd really like to sync it. I guess I'll write a member of CRT and potentially try to find a software that would allow me to delete the problematic trophies from the console without touching the other ones
  21. I just tweeted at the treyarch Community account, telling them my situation and that "big leagues" as well as the platinum are currently the only two trophies unobtainable from a total of 1524 trophies and asking them if they can fix it. I guess if a few of you could answer under those tweets, retweet or like them, and say you want it fixed we might change something. https://twitter.com/RavieHd/status/1528379684106424322?s=20&t=JCF0DyNMCPSGoeB0rOWRrg
  22. I just tweeted at the treyarch Community account, telling them my situation and that "big leagues" as well as the platinum are currently the only two trophies unobtainable from a total of 1524 trophies and asking them if they can fix it. I guess if a few of you could answer under those tweets and say you want it fixed we might change something.
  23. How many people are needed to boost the multiplayere trophies and what would be the estimated time needed (for mp only)?
  24. I did the game on ps4 a while ago and now downloaded it on the ps5. After i opened it the trophies started autopoping, however not all of them. The shortcut trophy as well as all Mendoza and Carpatian Mountain trophies did not pop. After i closed the game and reopened it the rest of the trophy poped
  25. I am planning to start playing Sniper Elite 3 in a few days and in preparation i read a few guides. One of those guides mentions that the collectible trophies can be bugged. According to the guide it can happen that the game shows 32 sniper nests in the menu (but only 22 in the game) and 22 optional objectives instead of 18, hence making these trophies unobtainable and forcing you to delete the game and files and start a new game. However the guide on this side does not mention any glitches. Has it been patched?