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  1. Im new to this trophy hunting world, new born baby in fact, but I enjoy looking at all these peoples hard work. Not because I want to compare myself but to see how someone can do some of things that they have accomplished. I have noticed on here the top people do have a ton of plats. Mad props to you. What I do find puzzling about all of this is why someone gets 4 copies of certain plats for. Anybody that enjoys a game that much can always just replay one. The only thing that I can come up with is to increase the trophy count, which honestly in my opinion makes no sense to me.
  2. I am getting the renewal, perfect time for me since I just started this ps4 trip.
  3. not sure whats going with one of these trophies though, think it could be bugged. tried to watch the arena match and it just says Im observing it but nothing happens. Not sure what exactly its asking me to do with that.
  4. K that’s good, I’m a noob to fighters. Gonna take a leap of faith, lol
  5. Thanks guys for all the input, I am not changing anything. Thanks for all the compliments on the name. Took me a while to come up with it.
  6. So I created a psn account with a name that I thought made sense, but realize now it doesnt. My question is if i start the trial and get characters to 35 will the trophies then pop? Has anybody done this if so then please let me know how this all worked out? Or should I wait and take the risk of name change?
  7. I just started with psn and trial ends today. Based on what I am reading i will go one month then wait and get the year on black friday. Was just about to buy the year upgrade as we speak. lol
  8. thank you, I didnt know that. Thought u had to buy like different gear
  9. Is there a easier way to knock this out? Been trying to figure out which way to actually attack this trophy. Its the last crafting trophy I need before i can concentrate on just leveling everything. Any ideas or tricks would be appreciated.
  10. I just started this game but wanted to knock out the crafting trophies so I didnt have to worry about them. I do some crafting but not really into it that much. I plan on playing off and on for a while so I will not stress this trophy based on you guyz recomendation. it took me 2 days of grinding to get all the 1000 crafting trophies. this is the last crafting trophy I have left before I can concentrate on leveling my classes.
  11. Thanks for the info, been playing for a week, wasnt sure about that area just yet.