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  1. 14 hours ago, ZachBoardyHD said:

    The thing that really irrates me with all of the Valkries is the more you take down their health the less damage you do when you're using the same attacks if that makes sense. For example with this video, when you activated the rage and got her health down to nothing, she wasn't in the defeated pose, which when finishing off rage you had to hit her even more though her health had already depleted to 0? Seems silly to me

    yes it was infuriating.  I hate this queen with all passion. It also felt from watching previous videos on web that she was slower then too.  I want to say she is def nerfed somehow.  Im just glad its finished, but not looking for the next crazy queen in the sequel though.


  2. More and more companies are getting more bolder with what they can get away with.  The digital cards EA gives out for example in ultimate teams.  It is just another way to pay more money to win a game, compete online, and most of the time complete a platinum.   I think that it would have been different if you were allowed to move your cards over to the next series but u cant.  you start all over again.  So all those cards that was purchased is now useless.  So u start again with the purchasing of the cards from scratch again.  


    Just a simple example.


    My thoughts are that if companies want to make them, then there need safe points to pass through for players, or create a whole new catagory strictly designed to Loot Boxes.  Some people do like them.  I am against children playing any game that requires money to obtain a loot boxes to keep up with everybody else though.  I didnt have to do that when I was a kid, why should my kids have too.  


  3. I bought this game for west Virginia apocalyptic landscape first, fallout second.  I haven't played that much of it, but the bugs I have come across haven't been that bad.  It does remind me of fallout 4, and I dont really think the graphics are all there either.  I believe they hyped this up to a degree that will be hard to actually live up to.  I do think that the game can grow in time though.


    I do agree that this is another example of putting out a game that was not close to being released.  Beta should have been months ago, not a few weeks before launch.  That would have given time for bethesda to see the issues and then come up with a decision to fix it.  I also believe that they prob should not have sold this game for 60 dollars.  this is prob more like a 30 dollar game at best right now.  The main issue with it is that the bugs are literally 2 years old.  Not acceptable at all. especially when patched a long time ago by players and not bethesda.  


    On the brighter side.  The lore is good and feel of apalachia is real.  I got hopes for this game.  Not a game I could play for hours at a time, but not the worst game I have ever played either.


  4. I have to agree with him on this.  Very similiar to the madden online.  If you get beat u get beat.  I just started this game and I suck really bad so far, but I have won a match and lost a match pritty badly. I went out fighting though.  lol


  5. Thank you for all the advice.  That queen was literally the hardest boss in recent memory.  Really the only one that gave me so much trouble.  I finally beat her by the skin of my teeth.


  6. I'm torn between God of War and Red Dead.  Red dead looks beautiful and is extremely deep.  God of war story was really amazing.  Only thing I don't like about god of war is the Valkyrie Queen fight, which I still have not beaten yet.  I think God of War should win it though.  Red Dead isn't truly complete until Red Dead Online starts, and when that does then It should be given the chance to run against next years games.


  7. 15 minutes ago, dimonemt said:


    What's your difficulty level? Anything but easy means very hard time with this boss.


    I was playing normal till I got too her.  Tried it once and got destroyed.  Brought it down to easy and get her close.  Ive watched the videos, just cant get her to go down.  just frustrating,  Love this game, but this boss fight just doesnt seem right to me.


  8. This 40% achievement rate is misleading.  I have tried for 2 effing days to beat this heffer.  There is no way this can be done.  I have full upgraded gear, weapons, runes, and can only get her to 1/3 down.  Im about to throw thiis effing controller though a damn window.  


  9. That happened to me, but I kinda think it had to do with the vault.  It wouldnt count in any of the computers in the vault.  Went to my next one in a building and it popped.  I got stuck on a loading screen though.  After like 15 min i just hard closed the game and went to bed.  


  10. All I am going to say is the queen is crazy.  I tried for 6 hours yesterday to beat her and still couldnt do it.  The difficulty between her and the others is insane.  Ive watched the videos, and I cannot duplicate it.  Had to put it away for a while before I smashed my controller through the damn tv.


  11. The conference so far looked really good.  Watched bits of it on twitch.  I love this game.  I just have 7 months to get to the expansion.  With so many dang games to play right now its going to be hard, lol.  Im on lamia server.  Getting this day one for sure.