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  1. So I got this coming to me from gamefly, never playing a fighting game in my life.  I love dragonball z.  I was reading that you have to really have a joystick to get good.  Is that tru?  Also how is the community of this game to help new fighters and such?


  2. So I created a psn account with a name that I thought made sense, but realize now it doesnt.  My question is if i start the trial and get characters to 35 will the trophies then pop?  Has anybody done this if so then please let me know how this all worked out?  Or should I wait and take the risk of name change?



  3. 1 hour ago, Caesar Clown said:

    Just take some basic low level materia, slot it in some low level gear, then retrieve it and repeat. You don't have to put in 100 different materia, it can be the same one over and over.

    thank you, I didnt know that.  Thought u had to buy like different gear



  4. I just started this game but wanted to knock out the crafting trophies so I didnt have to worry about them.  I do some crafting but not really into it that much.  I plan on playing off and on for a while so I will not stress this trophy based on you guyz recomendation.  it took me 2 days of grinding to get all the 1000 crafting trophies.  this is the last crafting trophy I have left before I can concentrate on leveling my classes.