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  1. I liked it. Expected it to be an AA game over an AAA game and about to start my second playthrough and platinum the game! I think it's great! Unique and would love to see it expanded upon.
  2. That's all it would have taken honestly. Sigh, oh well, i'll suffer and get it eventually. Just have to keep playing. Maybe some of my friends picked up a copy and can try and just get through it with them.
  3. For Marvel Heroes: Treasure HuntingExplore all of the Treasure Rooms in each chapter of Story Missions. cool! It's going to stay at exactly that percentage...sigh. Before that it was the Smite platinum though!
  4. This trophy is honestly really annoying me. It's only going to get worse too. I've been playing for maybe only two hours, but have left and joined several games. Every single match i'm in a group that talks while in the main lobby about why they should choose a specific match because it's automatically a victory due to theri strategy. I also have yet to see one of the featured maps. I've been able to vote on one 2-3 times and each time they choose a map they can basically just abuse.(especially these maps where you get 3 of each type of explosive). This mode is a joke currently (sorry for being upset), and i don't know why they thought this trophy was needed. Could have even just been "play on 10 featured maps". It's going to get worse as people make more maps. They need a featured maps playlist where that's all you play.
  5. I could use help! zeothedeathgod. trying to platinum all far cry games before 5! Im only missing “changing lanes” but will help with what you need too!
  6. Releases tuesday. Hopefully $4 like on Steam. Haven't played it before, if anyone has, how is it? It looks like it could be very enjoyable.
  7. This year you don't have to spend real money. You can get them with odyssey points, but you have to be doing the quests in the event and be playing quite a bit. Explains it on the page
  8. There is post game, i don't remember, but i don't think you need to do challenge mode for the gold bolts? Can anyone confirm? In the original you did (for that bug spider thing), but i don't believe in the remake.
  9. Oswald though....
  10. Thank you!!! If this is correct all i'm missing item wise is Athena's kiss. And then the armors and swords. Thanks!
  11. Thank you! Yeah some items seem to be incorrect. Not sure what Athena's kiss is supposed to be in that guide but it's helping a lot for the weapons and all. so thank you so much!! Good to know about the horns too.
  12. Can anyone pass along the guide they are using? I'm stuck not knowing where to go. As for items I still need Weapon List:- Dragon Buster Rusty Sword/Excalibur - Obtained in Story Progression by defeating Ifrit and clearing the Temple of Mana. Demon Axe Mantis Sickle (Mantis Ant drop) Armor list: Dragon Mail Samurai Armor - Item drop from Samurai in the Temple of Mana. Helm List: Samurai Helm (Genie Head drop / Temple of Mana) Shield List: Dragon Shield Aegis Shield (Elephent Drop/Temple of Mana) Item list: *Athenas Kiss (Mudman drop) *Ea’s Kiss (Ghost drop) Unicorn Horn (Elephents drop/Temple of Mana) According to the guide i'm using. Unless Ea's Kiss is Ea's Tears.
  13. Ah, the forum I read said Ea's Kiss and Athena's Kiss. But if it's Ea's tears thats one less item I have to look for. I never got Ea's tears from ghosts though, I'm trying to remember, but I got it from two other monsters (playing the game right now)
  14. Ea's Kiss or Tears? Just wondering, I had gotten a ton of Tears, and not sure if the item is renamed or not. Can't find kiss anywhere. At the point of no return?
  15. I thought the same thing . I was pretty sure I had gotten 3 kills without reloading all by myself on 3 different ocassions and it never popped.