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  1. The game seems to be selling (in the US here) at 20$ at most major retail stores (Walmart, Gamestop, Best Buy), picked up a copy from there. Might be worth checking retail stores in yall's area.
  2. Just wanted to join in the discussion. Loaded my PS4 save, only have 70% of the base game trophies done of PS4, was a little bummed when I loaded my save to see none saved over. Honestly though, in that same breath, it just allows me to play the game in an upgraded state now, gives me more incentive so, guess I'm grinding for that PS5 plat for sure.
  3. Bro you're a life saver. Life. Saver.
  4. Yeah man, I don't own the game but I saw your post and just wanted to say that there's always another day. Some games aren't worth the mental strain so I'm glad you're taking a break because, at the end of the day, it's just a game and a trophy. Best of luck to you in your future platinums!
  5. PSN - Gxxvin, would be stoked to join a level 50 crew if anyone can. Thank you in advance!
  6. I'd have to agree to an extent, 60ish percent of the way to the platinum and proper enjoying myself! Unfortunately, the story is all over the place and the lore isn't very enticing, but regardless, I'm more gameplay over the story and the gameplay is very fun, definitely a decent game!
  7. My most recent trophy is All trophies obtained, from Horizon Zero Dawn. Been working all week to finish things in backlog, revisited Horizon Zero Dawn, and finally snagged the platinum for it. I forgot how fun the game was! I'm thinking of 100%ing the game. Edit: It's actually the upgrading three weapons trophy from The Frozen Wilds, but I got those shortly after celebrating for the platinum. Buuuuut, if I have to be honest here, I guess my actual recent trophy is Fully Improved Weapons, from the same game.
  8. My favorite Call of Duty campaign by far, for the same reason as the first reply.
  9. Unfortunately, this hasn't happened to me, hope you find a solution. Everything looks, feels, and is great so far.
  10. In my opinion, yes, but this might be biased as a long-time Call of Duty fan. The platinum is pretty much dabbling in Zombies and Multiplayer, with a bulk of it being Campaign. It's fairly easy with some hiccup trophies in Zombies (Easter Egg ones, *shudders*) and Multiplayer ones, but the majority are definitely fun and doable. I have to admit though, CoD to me has always been more of a natural trophy journey because the game is so arcade oriented. Don't expect the trophy to be easy to get, you'll have to ACTUALLY be interested in the game, can't bullsh*t it, you know? Hope you enjoy it if you play it though! I'll be starting my trophy grind when it releases here, at about 11 PM.
  11. I actually love zombies and would be down to help you (or anyone else) out! Just let me know homie.
  12. Somehow someone's already playing the campaign and collecting trophies on the PS5 version...weird. I wanted to be one of the first for that sick plat (or at least the majority of the trophies, I'm pretty hype!)
  14. Thank you, eventually, days after posting this, I'm still pretty happy I got it over with. I'm working on MW2 remastered and need one more trophy left for it (Immortal, of course.)
  15. Goat Simulator just became my 5th platinum. Pretty fun game but only when going for trophies. As bad as it sounds, I'd have no clue what I'm doing without a trophy to achieve lmao.

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