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  1. I've just got to get 2 more MP trophies, the craft 25 ammo and get to rank 50 then I'll have the platinum. I still love the game but doing the exotics mission for 100% game completion and the 70 gold medals nearly broke me. It also took 18 minutes before the 100% trophy registered so for nearly 20 minutes I was in a state of shock until it popped. There are some great guides out there, I wouldn't have been able to get as far as i did without them. I was seriously impressed when I realised how much time and effort they must have put in to the guides.
  2. Thanks for this and to everyone else for the other added tips that helped speed it up a bit. The rewards at the end are pretty decent. Now I can enjoy exploring the map without wondering if I've missed a few small items 👍
  3. Yeah there's another variant of sage, I tried same as you but the orleander one is poison and doesn't count. It's good for making poison arrows though. The other sage was a bluey purple colour I think. Can't remember where I got it from though.
  4. I'm still in chapter 2. Huntings taken over along with other challenges and I'll do the occasional mission or just explore and speak to strangers. Enjoying the game and I've not found it grindy yet. I get why people might "rush" it, they want to see the ending then come back for trophies once they've got a better feel for the game. Me personally, I was gutted when the first game ended so I maybe that's why I'm taking my time with this one. I'm just delaying the inevitable so far and getting as many trophies as I can along the way.
  5. Damn, now I feel like a fool. On the upside you just made my hunting so much easier. Can't believe I never noticed the little stars next to the species when aiming at them!! Thanks!! 😁
  6. The second one with perfect rabbit pelts drove me mad. I imagine some people found it easier than I did. I didn't realise till late how essential the binoculars were in this challenge.