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  1. Can't believe so many idiots waste their pennies on this for the third time...
  2. Ok, so there's no way to tell whether a random guy I play against in an online match is an ass or not after this thing is pulled out. Besides, this system doesn't have anything to rate down their behaviours or the way they play. Everthing I just said aside, why would they want to get rid of it? Is there a cost of it or what? Just let it be. So this thing sticks there for like, not even 2 years. That's how long it's alive? Great.
  3. Is this a safe bet for the first timers? Because I've never played it. And is the 2-month window good enough to clear out the entire base MP and the DLC MP trophies?
  4. Opened the game to play for fun and saw there was an update available. Installed it and opened the game afterwards and guess what? The progress issue has been fixed!
  5. No idea. Maybe it's got something to do with playing with other guys online or locally which might mess the progress. Secondly, there was a KK PlayStation Tournaments Event I participated in and got a diamond prize from. There was a couple of costume pieces I was awarded. That might have something to do with it but I coudn't quite make it to previous challenges as I didn't have a hand on the game at the time being. Hope to see more people coming across and have something to tell us about this thread if there's any of them having the same issue.
  6. Lazy ass trophy icons which are immaculately the same with GTS.
  7. So, I've been detouring the game over and over making sure I've got everything but the costumes' progress is stuck at 94% on me. Got gold in each and every one of the levels, got all 325 orbs. Bought every single piece of item in Zom Zom's store but nothing. What am I missing? If there's anything to do with the Knitted Knight Tournaments where you get exclusive costume rewards I'd be so pissed. Any ideas?
  8. Maybe your disc is scratched up bad. If this is the case, you might try another one. I know that game was used to bug on me time and time again as well. It also froze on me while connecting to EA Nation.
  9. I can't believe people playing this mess.
  10. The servers are plugged at the end of this month and I'm looking for 8 people to complete all the online reward cards. There a couple of parts where you need 8 players but the majority is good enough for 2 players. Can you people show up and do all the stuff before the game dies out. Thanks in advance.
  11. We might as well tag them on Twitter and ask if there's any progress made?
  12. I don't think so. It should be the game's base version only but hopefully there's someone concluded it. Edit: So it doesn't have the DLC.
  13. They should be back up soon enough. The devs are working as hard as they can. This time, hopefully, they will be unbreachable.
  14. That gives me a clue of they're doing whatever they can to fend off these attacks and I hope they won't let their guard down to stop this from happening ever again. I so hate those suckers. I can count so many games that deserve this tragedy on their head other than this rare gem.