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  1. I just wanted to share my opinion. I think most of you already read that you can't buy PS3 and Vita games from the App and the webshop anymore soon. I think that's another step how Sony wants to kill these consoles. One of a lot. Most people (also me) didn't recognize that there were a lot of steps before. For example ending the PS-Plus support for these consoles. But we can't just let them die and in fact it's our decision if it will. If we don't let Sony kill them, they won't. Think about all the games an unearned trophies. Sony will end the support for the PS-Store and the trophies. Maybe in one year, maybe in two, maybe in five. Nobody knows when but they will if we let them. So let's stick together and save these consoles. Look at Microsoft. They support all the Xbox consoles. If we don't to offer resistance they'll continue. They'll kill the PS4, PS5 and even the PS6 one day. Together we can hold up Sony. I will no longer support Sony if they no longer support us and our interests. What about you?
  2. I tried it about 10 times with Rome and 10 times with Russia and it didn't work. Seems like it's fixed.
  3. I was thinking a little. I have already (played) the Starter-Edition on my first PSN account (PSN1) with my first Square Enix account (SE1). BUT what if I start the Trial with a second PSN- and Square Enix account (PSN2 and SE2)? I could do all these grinding trophies (1000 Fates, 10000 kills...) and after that I could disconnect SE2 from PSN2 and connect it to PSN1. You would need a subscription to do all this high-level-stuff but I think it should work, shouldn't it? If anyone has the game twice and tries this, it would be really nice if he/she post his/her experiences here.
  4. It's no F2P. Costs 20$ in the US-store.
  5. Starter Edition = Standart Edition I can't find the game in my library too. It seems like the Trial is the same game as the full version. The difference is just that some functions (lv 36+, trophies...) are locked until you buy the full game.
  6. You're right. The version will be automaticly upgraded when you have the Starter-Edition in your library.
  7. Hmm... I'll try it out to download the Trial with another account and let you know if it works.
  8. Anyone knows if it's possible to start the Trial now, doing quests and become level 35 and then activate the 30 days of the Starter-Edition in a few weeks or months? So what I mean is: When do the 30 days start?