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  1. And i was a passanger and enemy was driving for few meters before they noticed and filled me with for granades kills 10 and 30 popped right on time but not 50 kills one
  2. Same here...i downed enemy and finished him with crossbow and doing same with granades (so far they popping right on time) As for kills im at 1200/1000, cqb kills around 400/200, games played 190/101 and there seems to be problem with cruising with enemy trophy as it didnt popped for me even when i was driving with 2 enemy players
  3. Try after beating story
  4. So you can't send convoy to New York or Boston? Is that the problem?
  5. For everyone who is looking for faster way of getting common weapons! Travel to Vorago Solitude or Tycho Ribs and find Lost Legion Eternal and shoot him couple of times...he need to start mutate and as he mutate he will always drop white weapon. If he is killed before he mutate he wont drop anything. Only down side of this is that they are bit touger so its best to go at them with higher level (25+ shoould do) so you dont get killed quickly. Hope this helps!
  6. And how did you manage to harvest well over 100 hectares in 16 hours if u dont mind me asking?