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  1. @Septomor Seeing so many reports about the 0.5, decided to give it a try. It has been running here flawlessly (PS5) for almost two hours now, never missed a pixel detection point, menu navigation or clean race bonus.
  2. 0.8 has been a solid improvement on the pixel detection at the replay screen.
  3. lol for starters, Polyphony has no power over your Sony account. Second, this isn't breaking any terms of service, it is using official software as intended. And third, they can't police this, you simply can't prove how I pass inputs to my console and even if you did, again, there's nothing out of order in automating button presses. Christ, how people are naivee.
  4. @Septomor the timing method worked three times. Stoped when the botched the start procedure and started doing donuts =). Probably due to some network issue.
  5. Tried both methods: the pixel detecting always fails for me at the second detection point, as it did with the previous version. The timing failed to hit X at the results screen. EDIT: the timing method hang at the results screen because it was looking for the purple bar. As soon as I brought the window back, worked fine, avoiding the replay loop completely. I am. I'll see what I can do!
  6. Downloaded and I'm on it. Will report how it goes. And again: thank you so much for this!
  7. Actually, the time based script had a great advantage: you could use the computer while it ran. The color picking has been unreliable here, and you need to leave the Remote Play window on all the time.
  8. @Septomor is it possible to update the tutorial? The GUI has a bunch of features now and I'm at lost as to what everything do. I'm running the latest version, but I can't get it to pass the first race: it keeps trying to play the replay instead of clicking "next race". Any idea as to what should I edit to fix this?
  9. You are batshit crazy if you think this will lead to a ban.
  10. What? Old GT games either payed you more or had much lower prices (if not both). We are talking about getting credits necessary to special cars, that's the issue: the game is designed in such a way that you can't get enough credits by normal play. Take the McLaren at 18 million now: it would take 23 hours to get that amount. In older GT games, a session between 1~2 hours long would net you the necessary amount to get the most expensive car in the game. More context here and here. So either present facts an numbers to defend the honor of poor corporations or just shut up.
  11. Works flawlessly here and I have everything unlocked. You are doing something wrong so the inputs are no matching on your end.
  12. This won't solve anything because nobody cares about online petitions. And the problem is the game designed to be insanely grindy. Removing MTX alone won't fix this.
  13. yes, it was. I play with most of them off, so it wasn't matching.
  14. Which assists are you running?
  15. Nvmd, I'm an idiot.